Sunday, November 8, 2009


MARK THIS DAY, UNKNOWN HUMAN. I bit you because you were standing in front of me.

I bit someone because that's what I usually do when someone when messes with me or unjustifiably annoys me. But apparently Mistress did not feel any kind of justice to what I have done to protect my space. Our neighbor was just standing there across my tempted teeth and I bit her. I couldn't help it... although I shouldn't have.

When my master arrived home, she got the news. She went to our neighbor's house and was almost treated with a cold shoulder by victim's mother. She tried to assure them that I already had my anti-rabies shot. Nonetheless, they were still stubborn and refused to trust what she said. Oh well, they'll see in a week or two.

NOTE: According to Organic Pet Digest, if the animal is found to have been properly vaccinated, it should be observed for 10 days. If not, it should be held for up to 6 months and vaccinated at least one month prior to release.

Here are additional references to learn more about rabies:

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Monday, October 26, 2009

So Tired... Long Walk

So my master finally decided to take me out this early morning. We went inside the subdivisions oval walk (Golden Valley) and went around it for one and a half times. It felt like an olympic size race course.

I even met a gray poodle who became my friend because it kept on following. Of course, I felt hostile because it kept on following me wherever I went.

"Seriously, get your own master to walk you, Mr. Poodle!" Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture of him (I overheard his female master call him Popoy.). This is how I look as of this moment with my signature pose because my bigger master decided to wet the entire floor.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tiny Demon Dog

WARNING: Tiny Demon Dog on the Loose!!!

Deformed Cream Puff... Two Candles Atop...

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I am Buchi, Hear me ROAR... bow-wow-wow-wow

Starting today, I have decided not to fill my blog with testimonies and lengthy statements.


Be afraid... be very afraid...

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Mommy Got Me Some New Stuff

First of all, I apologize for my master's late posting of the previous blog (including this one). It was supposed to be posted before the internet connection got all crazy.

Typhoon Ondoy has devastated a lot of lives-including mine. In addition to almost drowning, I also got hungry, wet, cold and dirty. I also lost some of my valuables which I requested- by barking two nights long- be replaced.

Demanding Much? Nuh-Uh! I'm not an adult dog to be contented only of my master's love and affection. I'm a seven month old puppy fighting for what I deserve. I have specific needs, too!

During Ondoy's onslaught, my collar, leash, vitamins, puppy chow, water bowl, and metal comb got flooded away. We tried to find it but to no success. So instead of grieving on the losses, Mistress bought me some new stuff.

I'm sure the picture will suffice. P.S. I included the prices for convenience. All the items were purchased in Robinson's East (Handyman and Pooch "Park or Sumthin")
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Layered Boot Cut: My Master's New Style

Apparently, Master has gotten so annoyed of seeing the dirty fur on my paws. I love running around especially on puddles or little bodies of water (I'm still referring to natural and artificial puddles). And she always gets mad at me because I soil and wet the fur on my legs.

One day, before a bath session, she just picked me up and placed me on a table. While my younger master was holding me to prevent me from squirming, she shaped my fur into this boot like figure. She calls it the layered boot cut because she used a hair scissors hence the vivid haircut layers.

If you're a decent enough pet-lover,(PLEASE!!!) do use dog clippers. It's less tiring on both our parts because all you have to do is "shear away". The snip here and snip there is something my master does for fun and most likely because of our financial constraints as well. I'm sure she's making fun of my look at this moment.
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

I’m Free…Free

I guess the heavy swimming I did last Saturday paid off. I kept on barking but no one came. So I pounced again and again on my cage and it miraculously opened itself.

I trotted and ran around under the rain and rolled around ‘til my fur got so dirty. Now, I look like cute mud. But my freedom was short lived.

I miss my mistress. So this 4 A.M., I scratched on the door hoping someone will take notice.

After some while, I saw mistress above me. I tried to enter the house but she stepped on me GENTLY. Because she was probably still mad at me, she clamped my back skin like a doggy mommy and almost threw me in my cage.

Oh well, at least I had my fun.
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I’m Getting Desperate

It’s been almost a week since the dreaded flood covered my home. I haven’t gotten out of my cage because there was major clean-up occurring. In addition to that, there was rain and a stronger typhoon following the one that had just passed.

I feel so hot because I haven’t taken a decent bath. I haven’t eaten that much because my master was feeding me dog food all the time and I’m missing rice a lot.

Of course, she cleans my cage but I wasn’t allowed to roam around as the moment she takes a hold of me, she places me on a ledge beside the windows where I can hardly move. I budge I fall. One time, the moment she opened the cage, I leapt towards her but she pinned me between her waist and arms. I struggled to free myself so hard scratching her in the process (which actually left a mark) but she didn’t budge.

Right now, I just want to get out of my cage and lie down the cold ground. Because I was so noisy, she went out to check on me even when the rain was pouring. She cleaned my cage, gave me water and additional food. But I felt that this wasn’t enough. Every time I see her leave, I bark and bark to call her attention. She probably got so annoyed by me because she spanked me and held on to me by my neck. It actually hurt. I’m sure she heard me whimper. I guess she had her reasons. I saw her in her pajamas so I’m assuming she was about to sleep already.

The moment she set me down on the ground, I ran around and plopped my fur covered frame on the wet ground. I thought everything would be all good until she placed me back inside the dreaded cage.

So right now, I’ll keep on barking and whining ‘til all hell will break loose. I don’t care who I wake up. I’ll bark and bark ‘til I grow tired… and fall asleep.

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The Aftermath (09/27/09)

That morning, after the flood subsided, I was shivering and extremely hungry. My masters were so busy in cleaning up the mess that has surrounded the house that they had hardly noticed us pets. Finally, Mistress saw us and started scavenging for any food she may feed us.

Mistress tried to look for my dog food but to no success. My other colleagues were also dead hungry because they were also unable to eat anything since yesterday. Fatigue and stress was taking its toll. The added hunger, coldness and wetness were worsening our physical coping abilities.

In her desperate attempts to giving us anything edible, she took some Sky Flakes crackers that were dry because its container floated during the onslaught and gave each of us two pieces to temporarily silence our grumbling stomachs.

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Typhoon Ondoy Affected Me Too (09/26/09)

While my masters were busy securing their stuff, I saw how the water rose in front of my eyes. Just beyond my cage, the flooding water grew murky and muddy. It was rising so fast which got me scared because I was still stuck in my cage. Then, finally, one of them let me out.

Even when they had placed me on top of the washing machine, it wasn’t enough as it started to wobble and float. A couple of hours passed and finally they decided to leave the house- WITHOUT ME!!!

The other dogs were freed from their cages as well. One of the older ones kept on crying out because was trapped between the strong current and the gate. Good thing the gate was there. If not, she could’ve been taken by current easily.

I, on the other hand, was placed on the top most portion of this area- above the cabinet. I saw one the bigger masters throwing one of my dog pal on top of the roof and the others on the mango tree. Then I saw the master walking away.

The water had risen near the level I was staying at. I was so hungry back then that I couldn’t help but jump and paddle my way through all the floating debris. After some hours, my masters finally came back. I was caught by one of them struggling to stay afloat. I was pretty lucky that she was there. I probably might have drowned a minute sooner.
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Dirty Doggy: I'm taking a bath

After 2 weeks of non-stop rain and strong winds, I finally get a glimpse of glorious sunshine. I'm glad my master finally decided to get me out of my cage. I was getting so cramped in it.

I felt that my fur would turn blue if I had stayed longer. Of course, I didn't have the camouflaging abilities of a chameleon but not leaving a cage for almost two whole weeks except during the daily clean-up was killing me, literally speaking. After all, what dog doesn't need its daily exercise? Some dogs walk, I run and roll and chase the chicken wantonly.

With this momentary freedom I was given, I took immediate advantage of it. The ground was wet but it didn't stop me from running. I even sprawled on the wet ground occasionally. I knew I was getting a bath anyway.

Here's my newest picture. I hope the cuteness factor can overpower this filthy image.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Doggy Dilemma: Icky Ticks

After dealing with the mange, now I'm having a new problem. This time, I have fleas- small and big ones. They cause me to itch alot and It's starting to annoy me!!!

I scratch in the morning. I scratch at noon and even at night time. But the itchiness worsens during the midday because it's very hot. I'm not sure if it's because they woke up late and would prefer to eat a bloody brunch or purely because my temperature's higher at the peak of the sun's daily rotation.

Could somebody help me out?!? My master is currently using a soap (Bay-O-Pet Flea and Tick Soap...something) which was recommended by our neighbor but we're still unsure of its effectivity because it's been raining for the past couple of days and it would be too cold if I'd be given a bath.

Anyway, Master and I have been researching about ticks. I've discovered that the most common tick infestations in Asian countries are caused by Brown Dog Ticks. If you want to read more about them, here's a good reference about those darned parasites:$file/372.pdf?OpenElement
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mommy Got Me a New Cage

Two days ago, Master bought me a new cage. I'm glad she got a blue one. I was praying so hard she wouldn't pick something pink- just like how she originally selected fuchsia for this blog. She finally realized that the old bird cage I used to live in was no longer inhabitable for me (Talk about animal cruelty!)

Note: Contrary to the fact that dogs were born color blind, I beg to differ. At birth due to my weak immune system, I have contracted a disease called the "color wheel syndrome". It's like a pokerus (pokemon virus) which is a very very rare condition. (To know more about the pokerus, look it up in the web. To know more about the color wheel syndrome, ask me!).

That's all for now, folks. In the mean time, please enjoy the short picture strip Master made of me.

Oh, by the way, she cut my hair again. Now, I look like a deformed cream puff. It's pretty obvious that she has no whatsoever talent in cutting hair.

P.S. I decided to transfer this article into my blog since I will be deleting the Buchi's blog
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Itching Like Hell

I itched all over and I kept on scratching myself with my nails and even my cage (just scraping my body all over the small bars of the cage). I was currently under confinement because I couldn't be with other dogs.

It was very traumatic. My skin had crusty flakes all over like thick dandruff (I know, sounds ICKY right!?!). My master changed my beddings everyday and bathed me with antifungal soap. She was hoping that I get even just a tad better with all her effort. She even bought me an 18 watt tiny electric fan because she learned that the mange becomes itchier in hot weather.

But after two weeks of antifungal soap, vitamins and antihistamines, it kept worsening. Until it came to a point that I had a small lesion in my eye because of my scratching (like a Corneal Ulcer).

My master decided to bring me to another veterinarian because the previous one just kept on assuring her that everything was fine but this happened.

The City Veterinary Clinic was like doggy hospital heaven. The doctor took a look at me and cut the hair that's in front of my eyes. Her male helper cut my paw nails and tied a tiny rubber band around my hair. The doctor advised my master to have my hair ponytailed because it was starting to bother me.

Here's my consultation statement with a total of 1230 php which was twice the amount my master paid to my previous vet. (VERY EXPENSIVE... OUTRAGEOUSLY UNREASONABLE)

Note: Advocate: 360 php/ vial not per pack. 1 application/ vial

In the end, it was all worth it. Because within a week, I got better. And my wounded eye healed without any permanent damage.

Incase, some of you are curious of what Advocate was, here's a picture of it. It was very effective to have removed my mange within a week's time. In the Philippines, not all solutions posted in the internet to make us dogs get better from problems like this can be purchased here. This can be found in most veterinary clinics.

Of course, as the phrase goes, consult your vetirinarian first before making any important health decisions.

Here's more information about the product:

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Sarcoptic Mange

Sarcoptic mange, commonly known as canine scabies, is caused by the parasite Sarcoptes scabiei. They are contagious to human at a different strain. This is how it looked like when viewed at the microscope. They just kept swimming and swimming under the lens. (Of course, my vet and master was the one who was able to view this, not I.)

So my vet gave me the following since I was just a 2 month old puppy and I couldn't be given any strong scabicides.

  1. Vitamins (LC VIT- 60 ml/ 120 php)
  2. Antihistamine Syrup (80 php)
  3. Antifungal soap (Dr. Kauffman)- since I was too small, too weak and too young for the real thing.

Was that all? YES!!! And she told my master that it will all depend on the her patience towards my battling this ailment.

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My Hairless Tail, Mange Symptoms

My master's manipulative persuasion had me thinking that it wouldn't be a big deal. But now that I'm seeing this, it's really embarrassing.
For those who are curious of what had happened to my tail, SHE cut the darned hair around it because I had sarcoptic mange. The vet diagnosed me by obtaining a skin scraping and looking it through the microscope. (100 php down the drain)
Symptoms were:
  • Me being weak (I always slept. Master thought that it was because I was just a pup) 
  • Itchy, itchy, itchy 
  • Crusty flakes found all over my body 
  • My 2 masters having rashes all over their upper torso. wrists, arms and thighs (Because they used to put me on their laps).
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Buchi's, my first Shih- Tzu's, First Picture Taking

This picture was taken last April 2, 2009. My master took a photo of me before my mange had worsened. She cut my fur because my skin grew flaky. I'm glad they didn't show my bald tail. I still looked cute here.
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