Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mommy Got Me a New Cage

Two days ago, Master bought me a new cage. I'm glad she got a blue one. I was praying so hard she wouldn't pick something pink- just like how she originally selected fuchsia for this blog. She finally realized that the old bird cage I used to live in was no longer inhabitable for me (Talk about animal cruelty!)

Note: Contrary to the fact that dogs were born color blind, I beg to differ. At birth due to my weak immune system, I have contracted a disease called the "color wheel syndrome". It's like a pokerus (pokemon virus) which is a very very rare condition. (To know more about the pokerus, look it up in the web. To know more about the color wheel syndrome, ask me!).

That's all for now, folks. In the mean time, please enjoy the short picture strip Master made of me.

Oh, by the way, she cut my hair again. Now, I look like a deformed cream puff. It's pretty obvious that she has no whatsoever talent in cutting hair.

P.S. I decided to transfer this article into my blog since I will be deleting the Buchi's blog

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