Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Aftermath (09/27/09)

That morning, after the flood subsided, I was shivering and extremely hungry. My masters were so busy in cleaning up the mess that has surrounded the house that they had hardly noticed us pets. Finally, Mistress saw us and started scavenging for any food she may feed us.

Mistress tried to look for my dog food but to no success. My other colleagues were also dead hungry because they were also unable to eat anything since yesterday. Fatigue and stress was taking its toll. The added hunger, coldness and wetness were worsening our physical coping abilities.

In her desperate attempts to giving us anything edible, she took some Sky Flakes crackers that were dry because its container floated during the onslaught and gave each of us two pieces to temporarily silence our grumbling stomachs.

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