Saturday, October 3, 2009

I’m Getting Desperate

It’s been almost a week since the dreaded flood covered my home. I haven’t gotten out of my cage because there was major clean-up occurring. In addition to that, there was rain and a stronger typhoon following the one that had just passed.

I feel so hot because I haven’t taken a decent bath. I haven’t eaten that much because my master was feeding me dog food all the time and I’m missing rice a lot.

Of course, she cleans my cage but I wasn’t allowed to roam around as the moment she takes a hold of me, she places me on a ledge beside the windows where I can hardly move. I budge I fall. One time, the moment she opened the cage, I leapt towards her but she pinned me between her waist and arms. I struggled to free myself so hard scratching her in the process (which actually left a mark) but she didn’t budge.

Right now, I just want to get out of my cage and lie down the cold ground. Because I was so noisy, she went out to check on me even when the rain was pouring. She cleaned my cage, gave me water and additional food. But I felt that this wasn’t enough. Every time I see her leave, I bark and bark to call her attention. She probably got so annoyed by me because she spanked me and held on to me by my neck. It actually hurt. I’m sure she heard me whimper. I guess she had her reasons. I saw her in her pajamas so I’m assuming she was about to sleep already.

The moment she set me down on the ground, I ran around and plopped my fur covered frame on the wet ground. I thought everything would be all good until she placed me back inside the dreaded cage.

So right now, I’ll keep on barking and whining ‘til all hell will break loose. I don’t care who I wake up. I’ll bark and bark ‘til I grow tired… and fall asleep.

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