Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Layered Boot Cut: My Master's New Style

Apparently, Master has gotten so annoyed of seeing the dirty fur on my paws. I love running around especially on puddles or little bodies of water (I'm still referring to natural and artificial puddles). And she always gets mad at me because I soil and wet the fur on my legs.

One day, before a bath session, she just picked me up and placed me on a table. While my younger master was holding me to prevent me from squirming, she shaped my fur into this boot like figure. She calls it the layered boot cut because she used a hair scissors hence the vivid haircut layers.

If you're a decent enough pet-lover,(PLEASE!!!) do use dog clippers. It's less tiring on both our parts because all you have to do is "shear away". The snip here and snip there is something my master does for fun and most likely because of our financial constraints as well. I'm sure she's making fun of my look at this moment.

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