Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mommy Got Me Some New Stuff

First of all, I apologize for my master's late posting of the previous blog (including this one). It was supposed to be posted before the internet connection got all crazy.

Typhoon Ondoy has devastated a lot of lives-including mine. In addition to almost drowning, I also got hungry, wet, cold and dirty. I also lost some of my valuables which I requested- by barking two nights long- be replaced.

Demanding Much? Nuh-Uh! I'm not an adult dog to be contented only of my master's love and affection. I'm a seven month old puppy fighting for what I deserve. I have specific needs, too!

During Ondoy's onslaught, my collar, leash, vitamins, puppy chow, water bowl, and metal comb got flooded away. We tried to find it but to no success. So instead of grieving on the losses, Mistress bought me some new stuff.

I'm sure the picture will suffice. P.S. I included the prices for convenience. All the items were purchased in Robinson's East (Handyman and Pooch "Park or Sumthin")

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