Saturday, October 3, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy Affected Me Too (09/26/09)

While my masters were busy securing their stuff, I saw how the water rose in front of my eyes. Just beyond my cage, the flooding water grew murky and muddy. It was rising so fast which got me scared because I was still stuck in my cage. Then, finally, one of them let me out.

Even when they had placed me on top of the washing machine, it wasn’t enough as it started to wobble and float. A couple of hours passed and finally they decided to leave the house- WITHOUT ME!!!

The other dogs were freed from their cages as well. One of the older ones kept on crying out because was trapped between the strong current and the gate. Good thing the gate was there. If not, she could’ve been taken by current easily.

I, on the other hand, was placed on the top most portion of this area- above the cabinet. I saw one the bigger masters throwing one of my dog pal on top of the roof and the others on the mango tree. Then I saw the master walking away.

The water had risen near the level I was staying at. I was so hungry back then that I couldn’t help but jump and paddle my way through all the floating debris. After some hours, my masters finally came back. I was caught by one of them struggling to stay afloat. I was pretty lucky that she was there. I probably might have drowned a minute sooner.

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