Sunday, November 8, 2009


MARK THIS DAY, UNKNOWN HUMAN. I bit you because you were standing in front of me.

I bit someone because that's what I usually do when someone when messes with me or unjustifiably annoys me. But apparently Mistress did not feel any kind of justice to what I have done to protect my space. Our neighbor was just standing there across my tempted teeth and I bit her. I couldn't help it... although I shouldn't have.

When my master arrived home, she got the news. She went to our neighbor's house and was almost treated with a cold shoulder by victim's mother. She tried to assure them that I already had my anti-rabies shot. Nonetheless, they were still stubborn and refused to trust what she said. Oh well, they'll see in a week or two.

NOTE: According to Organic Pet Digest, if the animal is found to have been properly vaccinated, it should be observed for 10 days. If not, it should be held for up to 6 months and vaccinated at least one month prior to release.

Here are additional references to learn more about rabies:

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