Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8 Tips on Dog Jumping

Have you ever experienced being jumped at by your dog? Isn't it annoying at times especially when we're about to go out and they excitedly approach us and jump up at us? They jump at us when we go outside. They jump at us when we leave the house. They even jump up other people as well.

It is said that the jumping up behavior is one of the top complaint on dog problems. I, for one, am experiencing it with my mongrel Shark and it annoys me because he doesn't stop even when I do the knee trick. So I've searched a bit and found some tips that may help other fellow dog lovers having this issue with man's best friend.

Picture Reference: Ninja Pet

Don't get the dog excited. Sometimes dogs tend to get fired up when we approach them and show that we're hyped or excited to meet them. When you come home and he doesn't jump, give him a reward- a dog treat or a loving pat on the head will do.

Exercise. One way to lower your dog's high energy is to exercise him/her by walking them for at least 30 minutes a day. But not all of us has the time, right?If you can't walk the dog, playing with him may be enough. If you have a lawn, throwing his favorite squeaky toy or a ball so he can make a run for it is also good exercise. As much as possible, rough-housing should be avoided because the dog may think that you love doing it.

Don't get the dog started with the habit. At early stages of puppy-hood, it is best to avoid allowing them adopt the manner. He might eventually think it's a good think and will continue to do so. If the puppy jumps up at you, gently push him away and say "No" or "Off" firmly.

Avoid entrances. Try to situate your dog away from the door or the gate especially when you have guests. Even well trained dogs cannot resist the excitement of meeting more bustling people coming into the house. If you want to have him to greet them, make sure everybody's settled in.

Level with him. Whenever you approach your pal, try to lower yourself to his level so he won't have a hard time reaching up at you.

Let him talk to the hand. The next time your dog attempts to jump at you, spread your fingers and put your hand in front of his face but don't let it touch his face. Like humans, they dislike having alien hands touching their faces.

Back it up. If he attempts to jump up at you, take a step back. A dog's mind is prone to confusion and your action will most likely distract him, hopefully making him rethink his way of greeting as well.

Jingle the can. I've seen this in a lot of dog training tips in TV. What they do is take an empty can of soda, clean it up and put some quarters or pennies or something that can fit in the can's opening to make a rattling sound. Every time the dog jumps at you, jingle the can. It will serve as a distraction and an annoyance. Eventually, your pooch will understand that his jumping is not a desirable action and is annoying you as well.

Nudge him. I'm not sure if this is advisable for non-professionals but some people have been advising it as well. This is a last resort really. Once you see your dog running towards you or approaching to jump, slightly raise your knee so it's at the level of his chest. He'll eventually understand that your waist is a no-paw zone. Once he gets the idea, make sure you reward him with treats or praise.

Picture taken from: http://illustrated-dog-training.info/Puppy's-Early-Training.html

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