Friday, September 23, 2011

Dog Language: Dog to Dog Gestures

Have you ever seen two dogs confront each other and wonder what they're communicating about? How many of us have wished that we could talk to animals like Eliza Thornberry or have a talking dog like the ones we see on TV. Well, I've had it with second guessing. After doing a little research and some observations with my own dogs, here's some things I've taken note of.

"Nothing beats the heat like a snow dog on the beach."

Mouth Open, Tongue Hanging Limply, Soft Droopy Eyes, Ears Forward - "Chillax!". Relaxed Doggy

Low Moaning or Barking with a Low Whining Growl- "Anybody there?". Anxious Doggy

Loud, Repeated Barking, sometimes with a Growl- "Get away from me or I'll bite You". Aggravated Doggy

Screaming Whine- "Ouuuuuuuuccchhh," or "Okay okay! You win!". Beaten doggy by other doggy

Belly Showing after Rolling Over- "Don't hurt me, Big Daddy!" or "Rubby Me Tummy! (if Fido does it in front of his master)". Deference Postured Doggy

Looming Over Another Dog with a Wagging Tail- "Do as I say!". Dominant Doggy

"You might be tall and pretty but I'm cuter. Kiss my paw, or I'll pee on you!"

Long Howling- "Dooooooooon't leeeeeeave meeee heeereee alooooone.". Lonely Doggy due to Separation Anxiety

Head Low, With Booty Up In the Air, High Pitched Bark or Soft-Playful Growl- "Bring it on. I've got ball.". Doggy in Play Mode

Head Down or Turned to Side- "You are the boss of me.". Submissive Doggy

Yawning- "Boooored" or "Stressssed". Stressed Doggy

Eyes Watching, Teeth Bared, Ears Flattened, Tail Horizontal Wagging Slowly- "Come here and I might give you the bite treatment.". Intimidating Doggy

Head or Paws Resting on Paw Pal- "I'm your boss.". Dominant Doggy

Skipping or Hopping- "Hellooo.".Excited Doggy

A mix between excitement and fear. A cupcake is a marvelous specimen to behold, but a puppy... with eyes as expressive as this one is priceless.

Wide Open Eyes or Staring Sideways, Jaws Tensed or Tongue Licking Lips, Panting, Tail Tucked Under- "I'ma scared.". Fearful Doggy

Fur Raising at the Back or Neck- "Bring it on. I gonna beat you to a pulp!". Threatening Doggy

Low not so Threatening Growl- "You're in my territory. Now, I'm giving you a chance to get out.". Territorial Doggy

Low Whine or Short Barks- "Alert! Alert!" or "Danger! Danger". Wary Doggy

Head Raised, Tail Raised Up Straight, Body not Moving- " Ooooohhhh, What does this button do?" or "What was that!?!". Interested Doggy

Now that you've read the basics, all we need to figure out next is how to read their minds... or at least figure out which of them stole the juicy steak on top of the table awhile ago.

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