Friday, September 30, 2011

Dog Trivia

So you think you know everything about dogs? Here are some facts I dug up to add to the basic knowledge we already know about our pet pals.

From what family do dogs come from?

Dogs, wolves and foxes come from small tree-dwelling, weasel-like mammals existing 40 million years ago.

Biggest Dog?

English Mastiffs, because they normally weigh at least 200 lbs. The biggest English Mastiff currently recorded is Zorba from the U.K. weighing 343 lbs measuring up to 8 feel and 3 inches long from nose to tail.

A close second, when it comes to breed, would be the Irish Wolfhound.

Tallest Dog?

The tallest dog recorded is that of a Great Dane named Gibson. He's as tall as Michael Clarke Duncan standing at 7 feet.

The last I've searched for however is named Giant George (as of 2010). At the bottom is the picture of him meeting the world's smallest dog Boo Boo.

Smallest Dog?

That's a no brainer. When it comes to breeds, it's definitely the Chihuahua. To be exact, the most recent in the Guiness Book would be Boo Boo the 4-inch long-haired Chihuahua.

Zach Wilson for AOL News
Boo Boo and Giant George came to New York's Central park to launch the 2011 edition of the Guinness World Records book.

Most Intelligent Dog Breed?

There's a reason why Lassie was born a Collie. Border Collies are the top 1 in the brains department. Border Collies herd sheep because they're the only breed smart enough to have it in them. These dogs need constant companionship and praise for the hard work.

Due to being extremely adorable, the blogger has been rendered incapable of creating a caption.

Cutest Dog Breed?

As per request, although this has not been verified and will never be verified just to have it as a fact in this blog, the cutest dog breed would be that of the Welsh Corgi.

Because of overloaded viral cuteness, Google is no longer allowing the Corgi flop to be seen elsewhere other than Youtube.


How far can dogs hear?

250 yards away, that's how far. For sounds undetectable by human ear, the answer would be 25 yards. Dog ears can hear vibrations from frequencies up to 30kHz while cats can hear up to 25kHz.

Do puppies dream?

Yes, they do. If you hear your puppy whimpering and twitching while sleeping, most likely he/she is in dream state. Dreaming is good for them as it helps in the development of their nervous system.

Scent or Sight?

Humans have better visions than dogs. They are, at times, even considered color blind. But the nose knows all. It is a thousand times better than ours. As how a dog senses an object, it is by movement, followed by brightness and lastly, shape.


Dogs and humans are the only species with prostates. A dog's heart beats 70 to 120 times a minute while a normal human heart rate is at 60 to 90 bpm.

Dog Aides/ Service Dogs

A dog has a sensitive nose which is why they are widely used as service dogs for patients with seizures. They can instantly smell chemical changes in the air, especially when the owner is ill or about to have a seizure.

World's Most "Pup"ulated Countries.

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