Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bob: Spider Dog

I was able to take a decent picture of Bob. I'm glad after a dozen failed shots, he finally looks at me for his million dollar portrait. The other shots were so blurry and shaky.

He's currently doing the spider dog. Shark used to do this, with his tail wagging. By the way, Bob is Shark's younger brother. He's a couple of generations younger-like two years, more or less. At the moment, they're living at our wooden balcony because I don't like them staying out where I couldn't see them.

We call this pose the spider dog. Almost every morning, we find him up there. When he sees us coming outside to greet them, he gets down and wags his tail. Shark used to that when he was still a puppy. Milk ( our other dog) likes to do the "spider dog" differently. She stands on her hind legs and inserts her nosy in one of those triangles. Hopefully, I can take a picture of it.

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