Saturday, October 15, 2011

Choosing A Dog

Having a dog isn't easy as it sounds. As there are owners who've felt blessed and lucky to have met their perfect pooch, there are others who've felt that getting one was the worst decision in their lives. Just like a regular human dreaming of their ideal person, owners-to-be also have an in mind an ideal breed.

Whether it's because you saw celebrities having cute miniature dogs or your friends having a scary Doberman, this shouldn't be enough for you to decide what breed you'd best be with.

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A smart and caring owner should consider multiple things before getting a dog such as the size, the neediness for attention, the energy level, the maintenance, and other physical aspects. Finding a dog is not like finding a date. If your date goes bad, you could just end it with a polite turn down. This is not what it's like when getting a partner which can likely be your companion for a decade.

So don't be one of those who've based their choices just on pictures alone, do a full research on the breed. The Internet is a vast cloud of information to search for answers. Go to Youtube for videos or type in your breed in Google Search ( just make sure you didn't search for images alone). Take time before you get one, this will save you a lot of frustrations and give you solid expectations.

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