Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dog Puddle Clean Up

According to logic, the way to clean up a mess is with soap, water and some disinfectant to kill the germs. Surprisingly, this is not necessarily true for dog owners.

I saw this in a forum but couldn't track the original source.

I remember my first days having a puppy, whenever he makes a mess inside the house (since I didn't do potty training back then), I'd get some soap and water to clean it up and wipe on some disinfectant on the area. But no matter how much I try to remove the smell, he still goes back to that exact place even a couple of days later.

The reason why this is happening was because he still smelled his pee on it. So the first thing we have to do is to remove or replace the faintest scent of ammonia. Ammonia is sometimes found in cleaning products and DOG PEE which means you'll have to scratch those from your list when dealing with a puppy puddle. The moment he smells ammonia he'll think, "Oh that's where I left my liquid present. I'll go back there to leave some now!"

To block the smell of ammonia, pour vinegar on Fido's pee and be prepared to use towels, paper towels, newspapers or a mop. My vote's on the paper towels. I used up all of my mom's tissue paper (*^_^*).

Feel free to use any cleaner, just remember to take note that products with ammonia are a big no no. To remove the stains, soda water/ carbonated water/fizzy water can help with those. Visit your pet stores or check for them online to know where to buy them and what brand to choose.


  1. Hi Sir! I already rolled over for you :-)

  2. I'm not a sir, evil rolling beagle! I'm a miss. Grrr. Thanks for rolling over for me. I was wondering when I could teach that trick. I haven't started with sit.


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