Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dog Saves Dog

I'm pretty sure some of you have already seen this in Youtube. I saw a Facebook picture about two dogs, the other not leaving his dead friend. And whoever came close to them was greeted by a bark. For non-pet lovers, this is quite a surprising act. But for dog owners who've taken care of their pals for some time, it's loyalty well-earned. I was hoping to find its video in Youtube. To my dismay (which will be explained later), I found this one instead.

Here's one of a stray dog saving his friend from getting killed. The other stray dog had been hit in a highway in Chile. His friend gently pulls him to the corner with his paws and not with his teeth.

Unfortunately, according to the caption of this video, the stray dog that was hit died eventually in the vet's.

Some extremists have asked what made dogs different from cows and pigs which are also being brutally killed for their meat. Here's my answer. For one, there have been dogs who've saved lives of people and pets. Second, once you take care of one and treat him like a part of your family- and not some domesticated animal like a chicken or cow, they act the part and keep you happy (sometimes, even drive you crazy).

The video above just shows how much of heart a dog could have.

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