Friday, October 7, 2011

Newest Updates on MyDogsLove.Me

After having been battered with criticisms of asking in the Google forums what went wrong with my blog, I decided to make some major changes to make it look simpler. I'm hoping that this time I got it right.

Before the criticisms:

1. Introduced myself into the Alien World of Google Webmaster Tools.

2. I did the Fetch as Googlebot Diagnostics and Sitemaps.

So here's a list of the newest updates on MyDogsLove.Me.

1. Change the header to make it look more appropriate to majority of the topics written.

2. Removed the wallpaper which I made for 2 hours. (SOB :( )

3. Change the Facebook page's profile picture

4. Change the Google profile picture.

5. I finally figured out how to remove the annoying pop-under and slider adds- had I been attentive enough in the first place, I would have figured out sooner.

6. The Twitter bird is no longer hovering all over the place.

7. My labels are no longer directed anywhere other than my site.

8. Changed the placements of some gadgets and widgets.

9. Removed the widgets and gadgets which were taking up unnecessary spaces.

10. Finally created pages for the Disclosure Policy and the Privacy Policy.

11. Changed the blog template.

12. Removed cubey which had been cute but practically useless.

13. Changed my mail to

14. Replaced the "Back To Top" button with a little doggy.

If you have some recommendations, sharing your inputs would be deeply appreciated.

I'll be adding another 2 pages in the near future on my Photoshop projects meant for this blog.

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