Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rest in Peace, Shark

Yesterday I had talked about dog poisoning. Today, Shark had a seizure 2 hours prior to his death. I felt devastated and sad that I didn't want to post anything today. He had been left in the animal hospital for observation. I though since they'd said that the prognosis was good, he was going to survive. Today was a shocker when I heard the news.

The doctor had told my beau that Shark coughed blood before his last breath and I couldn't bare to imagine it. In the end, after paying the vets for their services, I did not have the guts to have him brought here at home to be buried. We paid for his burial with the promise from the doctor that he wouldn't be cremated.

I'm not going to prolong this post as it still hurts to know that we lost one of the best pets in the world. I haven't even taken a video or a decent photo of him. Rest in peace, dear Shark.


  1. Oh! This is sad. I am sorry to hear about Shark's passing. I know no amount of words can heal the pain :-(

  2. Thanks Lainy. We've been grieving for some time now and as awful as it may seem, life must go on. I've decided to focus writing about dogs in this site.

  3. sad to hear ur loss...death is inevitable, and those left need to continue living...

    btw, thanks for dropping by...

  4. You're welcome.

    Yes. Death is a painful moment for the ones left behind. Thank you for your visit.


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