Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I typed in the word dog in Google Search and was lead here after a couple of consecutive clicks rooting from an image of an inhumane act of dog meat trading. I love dogs and I'm really mad at people who do so because of poverty. I know this is how life rolls but is there no other way to protect our canine friends?

DON'T EAT DOG MEAT! or at least, STOP DEFENDING IT. No matter how justifiable it is for the sake of feeding hungry families, ANIMAL CRUELTY IS STILL CRUELTY! Here's one of the pictures I've linked from a Philippine site combating dog cruelty. Feel free to visit it when you have the time.

Another site I found disturbing (because of the dog butchering video it had and information on countries that are, most of the time, culprits of these inhumane acts) is http://www.siriusgao.org/.

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