Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Buchi the Shih-Tzu has Grown

I'd mentioned earlier that I was going to my sister's. Their house is currently under construction. The moment I arrived, I immediately found Buchi trotting on their unfinished balcony doing his guard dog duties. He's been great at it, barking at anybody who he sees entering the gate.  Most Shih-Tzus have big barking voices, by the way.

I was lucky I caught him in a good mood. Now, I have  an oh-so-cute picture of  the doggy that growls at the clipper when it's turned on. He's supposed to be a princess type shih-tzu but I doubt with his size he's still considered one. Opening introductions aside, meet Buchi.

Featured Goggy Number 2 is Buchi
Name: Buchi

Age: More than 2 years of age

Birthday: March 1, 2009 ( according to his little immunization book)

Special Skills/ Traits/ Talents: Monstrous Barker, Cute and Cuddly, Over Protective of Territory, Not yet Neutered, a Humper!!!

RFA (Reason for Adopting): I was set to own my first dog. There were two of them to select from. I chose him because he was the quiet type. Little did I know he was already weakening because of the mange and stress (probably). He also got me and my niece itching for weeks because we didn't know what he had.

Previous Illnesses: Sarcoptic Mange, Corneal Ulcer due to the scratching

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