Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Frightened/ Scared Doggy? Try the Tellington Touch

I just read a pretty interesting way of calming your frightened dog. This is called the Tellington Touch. The name itself originated from Linda-Tellington Jones. Her passion for animals started since childhood. She first worked with horses and is now demonstrating it on dogs.

What is the Tellington Touch?

It's a variety of simple -more often- circular motions with your fingers in stroking the ears, rubbing the gums and more. Other actions involve lifting and massaging specific body parts of your doggy.

How does this apply when your doggy is scared or anxious?

So first of all, take note that the TTouch should not only be done whenever your dog experiences fear. He might end up associating it with that feeling. It should be done prior to his episodes.

The reason why I wanted to talk about this was because I've already used it with Bob before I even heard it existed. He really enjoyed being rubbed at the ears and for a moment, he even forgot his mangy itches.

How do you perform the TTouch?

One of the simplest TTouch is by stroking your dog's ear.

1. With one hand on each ear, situate the base of his ear between your thumb and forefinger. 2. Then, very gently stroke it towards the tip. 
3. Let your hand move right off when you reach the tip.
4. Repeat the sliding motion until you cover the entire area of his ears.

The process mostly advised by vets when your doggy is frightened is the one below.

1. Hold your dog's neck gently to support his head.
2. Softly stroke the length of his ear (from the base to the tip) with your thumb opposite your fingers in a sliding motion.
3. Repeat it until you cover the different portions of his ear.

You'll notice its effects when your dog starts to relax. The Tellington Touch can calm most frightened animals (like horsies and kitties).

Having a hard time imagining how to do it?

Here's a video of Linda Tellington-Jones herself doing it.

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