Monday, November 14, 2011

Milk my Old Barker

I mentioned in one of my previous post how my pack has a barker, a leader, and subordinates. For the next few days, I won't be posting too many articles about how to take care of dogs. Instead, I'll be featuring a couple of mine.

Featured Goggy Number 1 is Milk.
Her real name is "Gatas", which my mom really hates. Translated in English, the term "gatas" means milk. So, for the benefit of everybody visiting this site, let me introduce to you Featured Goggy Number 1, Milk.

Name: Milk

Age: Approximately 6 months old ( or older)

RFA (Reason for Adopting): A neighbor had asked my mom if it were possible for us to take care of her since they could no longer feed their dogs. And my mom who takes pity on everything except I, the caretaker of all the dogs, took Milk from them to live to with us. Her old name was Angel, by the way.

Skills/Talents/ Special Traits: 
  • She knows how to sit when she sees a treat. I was trying to teach her the "Sit" trick but instead, she sits before I say the word seeing the carrot treat on my hand.
  • Smart, feisty, playful and giddy
  • Housetrained outdoors
  • Does the Spider dog like Bob, but does it less often

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