Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pros and Cons of Getting a Dog

We've all heard of how cute and irresistable puppies can be. But most of the time, people who dive in to the opportunity of getting one do not prepare themselves of the responsibility that's at hand. This is the reason why most dogs end up in shelters.

Before you get a puppy for yourself, make sure you're informed. Know how to choose the healthier one and research on the breed you want to care for.  Learn the breeds maintenance, possible genetic defects and temperament. Make sure to consider your lifestyle. It's already a fact that once you get a dog, some things will definitely change. So to lessen the stress between you and your new doggy, look a breed that will suit you and not just your dream dog.

Now, why get a puppy?

1. Companionship
2. Unconditional love

3. Loyalty
4. Stress relief-  This doesn't necessarily mean you can emotionally or physically hurt them.
5. More outdoor time and physical activities
6. A reason to meet other dog owners like yourself
7. A way to interest your kids in having responsibilities

If you're a type of person who's hesitant in caring for a dog, you might as well not adopt or get one.

Although lovable, huggable and simply adorable. Puppies are:

1. Time & effort consumers
2. A big responsibility
3. Costly - You'll have to consider vet visits, vaccinations, appropriate dog food, their sleeping quarters and your favorite shoes you accidentally left outside for him to chew on.
4. Emotional heartbreaks- When something bad happens to him- be it on the first couple of months you got him or 14 years later, when he's old and suffering from arthritis

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