Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tables Scraps: What's the Deal?

Let's face it. Even if we say we don't give our pooches table scraps, it's inevitable to give him a taste of our favorite meal (except chocolates, of course.) Well, here's the thing about table scraps.

  1. Rich, oily and spicy foods will give your dog indigestion.
  2. Small bones can puncture their internal organs.
  3. You're encouraging the act of begging.
  4. And it will definitely upset his diet. Some dogs will no longer want to eat dog food once they have a taste of bacon... or rice, for that matter.

Anyway, if you can't really resist giving Fido some scraps just remember these things in mind.

1. Don't give him something which is supposed to end up in the garbage bin. Our dogs are not food dispensers. As a rule of thumb, if it's not fit for human consumption it's most likely not good for your doggy.

2. Don't feed it to him while your still sitting beside dining table. This will initiate begging. Remember those times when he'll just stare at you while you're eating, I know some are guilty of giving in to the temptation.

"But it's just one scrap," you may reason out. Aha, your doggy now knows your weakness!

3. No to fats, spices and oily stuff. This is a big no-no. You'll usually end up with a dog having smelly poop or an upset stomach. Fatty foods can lead to pancreatitis, gastrointestinal problems and indigestion. You don't want to hurt your doggy, right? Dogs don't need much fat in their diet at all.

4. Save the big bones for Fido. Some have said uncooked bones are great treats. I don't mind using cooked or uncooked bones, as long as they're fat juicy ones. Just remember that uncooked bones are better because it has no seasoning and preservatives.

Since one of our city's famous delicacy is beef stew, I seldom visit those who cook them and ask for their giant bones. They usually boil the bones in water to create great tasting soup. Once they're done, those bones are, most of the time, being thrown away.

The problem with uncooked bones is they're messy to eat. So you should try putting it in an area easy enough to clean.

Note: Lastly, if you're overly concerned with scraps and don't want him to feel left out, settle for home-made treats. They're healthier and better for him.

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