Sunday, November 6, 2011

Working on the Doghouse: Week 3

Since our construction is only done during weekends, its been three long weeks now. Last night we discussed about placing in a little ladder so Bob can also get up the tiny balcony/"sunbathing" area we've created. You'd think with the term balcony, it'd pertain to something grand. It's actually just a wooden plank to add more room so the dogs can rest anywhere.

Today we'll be working on the secure door and stairs. Maybe when I get back after visiting Buchi, I could also add a roof on the balcony area to protect them from the elements.

"Together we can do this. Go Goggies Go!!!"


  1. This will be good for the pups.

    I have some bad news :-( Cheeky is now in heaven. Windy and I are both still mourning his death. It happened in the morning I celebrated my birthday.

  2. Lainy, what happened? No wonder he hasn't visited. I was thinking he was just busy entertaining his other puppy friends.

    I'm sorry to hear that. When Shark died, I was devastated. And yours happened to be on your birthday.


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