Wednesday, December 7, 2011

5 "S" on Potty-Training: A Crash Course

It's a dead given that most of us don't have that much patience in teaching our doggies the proper way of potty. So, here are some steps I use in order to speed up the learning process.

Aside from consistency, some techniques do help in increasing the familiarity of a ritual. I'm sure most doggy owners have used these, but let me just share it to those who are interested.

The Poop Position by Chuck D, CC-BY-2.0 
1. Same Spot- Try to use the same spot every time your puppy needs to go. Assuming you've already learned his pre-potty signs, always go to that same spot where you want him to pee and poop. Either in the yard or a litter box, your puppy will smell ammonia (or his urine) and will immediately recognize that this was where he last went.

2. Same Time- Well, you don't need to be right on the dot. But a schedule can greatly speed up his understanding of the potty schedule. It doesn't matter if whether it's directly after eating or an hour later, just stick to the schedule as much as possible.

3. Same Door- This wouldn't be a problem if the house has only one door to reach the backyard. Using the same door at potty time is a good way to teach the puppy how to signal you when he needs to go. Once he is old enough, he'll probably stay near that door once he needs to go.

4. Same Process- Don't just stand there and expect him to go potty by himself. Lead the way and direct him to the spot. A leash during the first couple of weeks can help in making the puppy understand where he has to go. It also prevents him from going somewhere else or scooting away.

5. Same Post-Potty Praise- Always remember that dogs incorporate the owner's direct reaction to their deeds. If you think he did a good job for going potty in the same spot and schedule, praise him! A good dog deserves his rewards.


  1. Good advice, as always!
    Kisses and Tail Wags,
    Dachshund Nola

  2. I think I had it pretty easy with my pups they learned pretty easily, and fast. I also taught them to a ring a bell when they need to go outside. I think one of the biggest mistakes, is when owners incorrectly try to correct their dogs indoor mistakes. i have read the only time you correct the mistake is when you catch them in the middle of doing it. If you correct them after, they think you are upset that they urinate or poo, as in your upset they have a bodily function. They don't understand you are upset because they went inside the house instead of outside. Also, just a firm no is all it takes for them to understand you're upset, ive known people to use harsh methods that upset me.

    Anyway, I always enjoy your, it's why I'm always leaving long comments! :)

  3. Thanks, Nola. How's Boston's baby bump? I feel I've missed a number of posts on your blog.

    Hey Yuki! That's great advice. Some people think that showing your pup's nose on his mess can make it learn. Well, it may have worked with others but it isn't the way for your pup to respect you as his/her den mother.

    A friend of mine uses the rubber band and shoots it at the nose of their retriever so he learns his lesson. As much as I want to disagree on how they do it, corporal punishment is still present in my country. Otherwise, this dog is pretty loved.

    P.S. Thanks. I wanted to try your bark treats but I'm really not a big fan of white choco.


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