Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More About My Pirated Dog Miga

Here's Miga again, visiting us, chewing at her favorite spot.

One of Miga's outstanding qualities is her hyperactivity and curiosity. She's also very bold and inquisitive of her surroundings. She's the perfect embodiment of a purebred native dog or as we call it in the Philippines, an "Aspin" or an "Askal".

The first time she visited our home, she went directly inside the house, halting the moment she saw the little mice we've trapped. She kept on barking at it with a wagging tail. I was actually wondering what she was thinking in her mind- whether she was planning to play with them, eat them or drag them out to save them.


  1. What a pretty dog...from that picture she looks a little like a German shepherd.

  2. Guess what, Y&R. She's now staying at our house. She's no longer living with our neighbors. It's so weird and odd how this little doggy is starting to capture our hearts.

    By the way, I thought her how to sit yesterday. She did well on those first tries. I'm hoping to teach her something new soon.

  3. I can't imagine she would eat them!!!! She looks a sweetie :)

    haopee, I have so much trouble getting onto your blog! Usually when I try, I get diverted to another website??? It's never the same site, but varies. :(

  4. Hey Carolyn. Thank you for informing that. This is most likely because the Google Spiders haven't crawled on the site especially when searched through Google.

    I really appreciate you telling me.

    @Nola: Yes, she is isn't she? She's really active and a super fast learner.


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