Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Sleeping on Lap...mmmmmm

Sleeping on Chair and Dolly... mmmmm

Sleeping on Leg... mmmm

Sleeping on Warm Tummy... mmm


  1. I'll be posting a video of those two paws two days later. It was a sight worth seeing.

    She had her first vaccination and is now ready to face the outside world for the next 10 days.

  2. Oh such cute photos! Thanks for dropping by our blog. My sisters names are pronounced Eefa (Aoife) and Keeva (Caoimhe). They are Gaelic Irish names which is why they are spelled strangely. My humans have ancestors from Ireland and they love the Celtic names. At least mine is easier to pronounce! Love from Magic xx

  3. Snoozing, snuggling, snoopies...what lovely bunch of coconut cuties...I just figured out who you are from your recent comment. When I click on your name you blog does not appear, so I did some super investigation and voila..found you and connected your blog. Clever puppy I am....Happy New Year!!!

  4. So sweet!!

    Sweet Dreams,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. Hey! Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. I've added you to mine, too. :)

  6. Hey Magic, that's some pretty far out pronunciations for their name. I love them. The Caoimhe was the most difficult to fathom of all! Gaelic Irish, you say. Cool!!! Of course, yours has the best one ever.

    @Bassetmomma: I hope Freddie gets better now... I know how it feels to know Santa is leaving.

    @Sophie: Well, I know you're a pretty smart dog. After all, you have really cool humans who take care of you. I can't wait to see those videos your Daddy Ron will take of you.

    @Snoops: Lol, and it isn't Jan. 2 yet and you're all around prancing and enjoying your snow days at home.

    @Tegan: Welcome! You have a great blog. I love learning stuff from fellow dog lovers.

    Huggies and Cheese to all,



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