Friday, June 1, 2012

Frustrating Friday: Family Dog Killed by a Police Officer by MISTAKE!

I would like to thank everybody who  liked our Wordy Wednesday post. It was supposed to be Wordless but the captions felt essential.

Now, for a more pressing agenda, I would like to tell you a very frustrating story about a dog named Lillie who was shot by a Forth Worth, Texas police officer who's still currently unnamed (probably because he'd be crucified by pet owners for making the biggest, stupidest mistake ever).

First of all, this guy responds to the wrong house address. He then shoots the family dog who he claims he thought was a pit bull and was charging at him!

This is Lillie, the so called pit bull look-alike!
And this is what the department had to say about it.
Here's what Officer Daniel Segura with the Fort Worth Police Department had to say about the shooting:

"The officer responded as an assist unit in the investigation of a copper theft offense that occurred in the 4900 Block on Norma st. The assist officer started looking for suspects in the surrounded area from the offense location; he stopped at 4717 Norma where he made contact with an adult male, the officer waited by the driveway when suddenly two dogs started barking at the officer and in an aggressive manner charged towards his direction. The officer ran towards a pillar and asked the male repeatedly to call back the dogs. The officer jumped on top of the pillar and continued pleading the male to call the dogs back. As the dogs were getting closer to attack/bite the officer, the officer fired his duty weapon striking the dog closest to him.

 No arrests were made in reference to the copper theft call."
The Fort Worth Police Department hasn't apologized for their mistake yet and that annoys me. They could have at least promised that this trigger-happy incident would never happen again.


  1. Poor little Lily.
    That officer was clearly some kind of moron. First he gets the wrong house and then shoots their beloved dog who anyone can see is a sweet docile dog.
    That statement is obviously a pack of lies too.
    I hope Karma is waiting for him somewhere - idiot!
    Lynne x

  2. We did read about this. What a silly police officer. I can't imagine how anyone could mistake Lillie for a pit bull. Or even a look alike. Sheesh.
    Man up, Fort Worth Police Department and apologize!

  3. What a sad story - poor Lillie :-( woofs and licks from Magic xx

  4. Oy! I hate reading stories like this. RIP Lillie! :(

  5. I read about this story and it makes me sick. Also, that he's somehow justifying his actions by saying he thought the dog was a Pitbull - as if that it would make it OK?? Ugh, the whole thing is disgusting and tragic.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Poor Lillie! this was just a tragic accident all ways round!

  7. That's so sad - poor Lillie - RIP buddy…..

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  8. This is just beyond say! Poor Lillie :(

  9. Hi guys! We've passed on an award to you and your fur family! Check out this post for the entry!

    Have a great weekend!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Dogs N Pawz

  10. That is so sad! I feel very angry at the stupidity of that officer :((

  11. Yes, I read about this. It is just sad and horrible! Poor Lillie, and her poor family, too. I can't even begin to imagine. :(

  12. Some humans can be such dumb dumbs. Poor Lillie and her family.:(

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  13. What kind of idiots ate they training to be police officers!
    Poor Lillie!
    This is so sad and so sick. Couldn't the office read the address?
    Maybe he needed his eyes checked out!

  14. Not an uncommon story, sadly. :( There is a FB for a dog called Cisco who was killed in similar circumstances:

  15. That is so sad, looking at that picture of that sweet family dog. It made me think--we have a fair amount of loose and some aggressive dogs in my neighborhood. What can I do to prevent something like this happening to us.

  16. What an idiot! The dogs were at THEIR property, the officer wasn't supposed to be there. He was just doing what he is supposed to, defending his domain, as I am sure any person would have done if an unknown visitor who looks aggresive would do when they would enter their house. That is NO reason to shoot a dog. Idiot idiot idiot! Very angry! He should be put in prison. Being a policeman should not ben an excuse for no punishment. Being a police man should mean you understand behavior of anything you are protecting. If you don't understand dogs, or are afraid of them, don't shoot them, deal with your problem, YOURS! As is a dog in so much tention (when an intruder is entering his space) can be called back by a simple word. Hate Hate Hate!!! Poor Lilly


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