Friday, June 15, 2012

How to Keep Your Dog Happy

We interrupt our Friday posting schedule for this content brought to you by Nutrecare.
However old or young your dog is, a healthy dog is a happy dog. Recently, a good friend of mine came home one day with Fenna, a beautiful cocker spaniel from a rescue centre. Unknown to me, she had been planning this for a while and had everything ready and checked by the centre’s trained employees. 

When I was first introduced to Fenna in my friend’s lounge she hid behind the sofa for the entire two hours. The tips and guidelines my friend was given  by the centre and it’s resident vet to keep Fenna happy and healthy have been working like magic, and after just eight weeks she is already transformed into one of the friendliest and most loving canines I have ever met. 

For any dog, worming treatment is important in order to keep them healthy and happy by keeping them free from parasites. Drontal Plus claims to kill more varieties of round worm and tape worm than any other wormer and Fenna has no complaints so far. Used in conjunction with a flea treatment, worming regularly (every three months is recommended) can save trips to the vets and also helps to keep your house free of worms. 

Diet is vital to keeping your dog healthy, as with the wrong food your pet is probably missing out on the nutrition it needs. Fenna is eating a dog food called the Royal Canin’s Hypo-Allergenic Veterinary Diet, which helps to reduce ingredient and nutrient intolerances, from which she has previously suffered. Advised by the rescue centre’s vet as a cheaper but nonetheless viable alternative to the food Fenna had been eating whilst in the centre, my friend says she loves it and can’t get enough of it, just like you would expect from any normal dog food. 

Finally, play time is not only fun for both canine and owner, but it can also provide time to get to know your pet and see their mood change for the better. Dog toys are a great way to add variety to their day, especially if they have to be alone for a while and could do with something to keep them occupied. Fenna loves to play tug-of-war in the garden with anyone who visits! 

Have a happy weekend, everyone! Don't forget to put your toys in their baskets to help your moms, okay?


  1. Those are good points to keep our canine pals happy!

    The room where Boomer and gang are is also the boarding room so the air filter is there to trap whatever allergens, fungal spores and also viruses to keep the environment healthy for everyone. :)

  2. Nice informative post. Have a good Friday!
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Lots of useful tips! Fenna is a sweet girl - we are glad she has found a new forever home :-) Have a good weekend! woofs and licks from Magic xx

  4. Lots of great information there. Thank You!

    You have a great weekend too!

  5. Hi Fenna,

    You're so sweet - really happy that you're enjoying your new forever home buddy!! :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  6. Good advice here! Fenna looks like a sweetheart!
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. loveyour informative posts. we learn so much.

  8. Very informative! Have a great weekend!

  9. Hm, interesting about the wormer! Over here worming is recommended yearly, if no signs are showing.
    Nola's Mom

  10. If I was as happy as my dogs I would consider myself very lucky, LOL!
    Lynne x

  11. Fenna is super cute!

    Always love reading informative posts because you never know what you might be missing, and new information is learned all the time. Thanks for sharing!

    I am a bit concerned about the worming, though. That seems too often to worm - every three months? That is a lot of meds to be giving to a dog. I think dogs are like humans, you don't want to over-medicate because you just don't know how a dog's body is reacting to the meds. I have Suka's stool checked for worms periodically and only if worms are found will he receive meds.

    K and Suka

    1. I have noticed that to. But that's also what my vet says. Especially since we live in a place where it isn't so clean... and we have the ocean periodically coming to visit us plus we have our neighbors' chickens and ducks entering our premises aside from other animals that we do not own.

      Although, I have to say, I only do it twice a year... sometimes even once.

  12. My real name is Sweet Pea, but the mom calls me Oui Oui because I always say yes to a play session. I did a post about all of our names and nicknames, too. See for the full version. It starts with my story so you don't have to search for it. Twinkletoes is another of my names. We wonder about Haopee! How did you get that name?

  13. Toys and food will make any dog (or person) happy!

    Your pal, Pip

  14. Good to know!

    Your friends,

    Murphy and Stanley


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