Saturday, September 29, 2012

Silly Saturday: Procrastinating on Awards... Again

So I've decided to finally finish what was due a long time ago. I have two awards and a lot of stories to share but unfortunately, no pictures to show.

Anyway, let's cut to the chase and get back to business. The first award would be the One Lovely Blog Award.

The requirements for the One Lovely Blog Award are:
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself. 
  • Nominate other bloggers you admire. 
  • Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know.

The next award would be the...

The Beautiful Blogger Award requirements are:
  • To copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post. 
  • Thank the person who nominated you and create a link back to their blog. 
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award.

First of all, we would like to thank Ian from Sheba's Life Story for these two wonderful awards. Forgive me for taking a long time to post it here.

Next, the seven things...

1. I love coffee. I have a habit of drinking cold coffee twice a day. My day feels incomplete without it.

2. My hobbies include watching Anime, Sci-Fi movies and TV series'. I am a big fan of Zombie movies, games and The Walking Dead. This all started when I first watched Resident Evil 1.

3. Chooey and Buchi are walking buddies on leash. Whitey simply follows us off-leash.

4. I miss Peanuts but I know she's in good hands. I asked for an update about her and the description given to me  was, "Her fur is green because she likes rolling over the grass and running all over the lawn.". I have yet to see how she looks like.

Awww, Peanuts! You're too smart for your own good.

5. I eat four meals a day. ^_^. Breakfast, lunch, snack time, dinner! The house I'm currently living in usually serves fish and vegetables, which is why I'm eating healthily right now.

6. The dog tricks Chooey knows are Sit, Up, Down, Bark, and Bang. Buchi knows Sit and Down while Whitey knows Sit  and Beg... Rin knows how to whine like she's talking.

7. According to my mom, Ginger, Coal and BD have grown fat. She wasn't aware she was feeding them too much. She thought the 2-3 cups of dog food was to be given every meal when it was meant for an entire day's consumption.

I would like to nominate the following awesome blogs. These bloggers are just some of my newest friends and I'd love to introduce them to everyone.

1. Susie and Sidebite. I have to admit, I hardly know what's in Susie's mind. I just love reading about them and seeing their Oh-So-Cute Scottie pictures.

2. Urbanhounds. This is one of the blogs where we can actually see who Mom and Dad are. All the little puglets, Bob, and Norby, of course, have such beautiful city adventures to share.

3. The Dougall Diaries. One of the newer family members of our blog community, Dougall and Floydie are such an adorable pair. The pictures in their blog are enough to give you a dose of doggy cuteness.

4. Scrappy of Yorkie Tails. IS A GIRL. Yes, dear friends, just like our adorable beloved Pip, Scrappy is also a Yorkie who is often mistaken for a little boy.

5. Fuzzy Tales. Even though I'm a dog lover, I do visit cat blogs, too. Nicki and Derry often post the best cat boxing/tussle/wrestling shots. That's enough to make my day.

6. Colby of Puppy in TrainingA lot of you are familiar with our puppy expert. If you need some puppy advice or are just in the mood of seeing many puppies wearing the cone of shame, his website is the place to go to!

And last but not the least...

7. Lisa of Dogs N Pawz. Dogs n Pawz is quite an informative site. It's a bloggy and webby combined. That said, I have to thank her for giving me the opportunity to read the Follow the Dog Home book I've reviewed recently.

Thanks again, Ian.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dog Blood Blisters... Another Trip to the Vet

I was supposed to post this last week but since I had been busy, I wasn't able to keep you guys updated.

What person wouldn't get worried seeing this?!? We're in the Marikina Veterinary Clinic again, by the way.

For the record, this is the first time I've ever seen a blood blister! The vet had mentioned it to me in Tagalog ( the primary dialect here), which I'm not very good at. A friend of mine (his name is George), who I had explained my concerns to, told me thoughtfully what it actually was in English. 

I went down to check on Buchi that morning and found him bleeding through his fur. He sleeps in his giant "crate" which had me wondering how in the world he got it.  So without wasting time, we once again went to the vetty!

So here we are again riding the tricycle to the Marikina Veterinary Clinic.

I thought after the aggression issues that he and Whitey have been having, I'd have a time of peace even for some short while... but no, this had to happen!

Fortunately, Buchi has learned to be a good patient. There he is getting his ear hairs plucked.

Our tiny veterinarian checks him out and removes the fur in the bloody area. He then gets injected with antibiotics in one back and front leg.

All in all, we spent about 350 Php (approximately $9) on this vet visit.

As I've mentioned before, the Marikina Veterinary Clinic provides the best veterinary service EVER. We were only charged for the treatment which was basically the blister clean-up and the two shots Buchi got. Consultation is, once again, free.

Update: It's a lot better now. Now, I can take a deep breath again.

Update 2: I've been hearing some really sad news from our Bloggy friends. Freddie Spaghetti is having a really bad case of hip dysplasia while Poppy Vic of Zoolatry and the Magnificent Mango had just passed away. Please find the time to visit them and show our blogging community's support. 

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our First Book Giveaway Winner is...

Drum Roll Please!!!

It's Mr. Kevin!!!

Congratulations!!! We hope that you read this book to all your kitty friends.

I would like to thank everyone who joined our first blog giveaway and who helped in spreading the news. Concatulations. LOL ^_^
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Our First Book Giveaway : Follow the Dog Home

This Monday, I had talked about the lovely book written by Bob, Samantha and Kevin Walsh titled Follow the Dog Home. 

We won our copy from DogznPaws. Thanks again, Lisa.

Last month, I was emailed as to whether I would be interested to sponsor a book giveaway to you guys... And of course, I said yes in a heartbeat! My bloggyville friends have given so much to me that I've always wanted to do something in return.

So with no further ado, let me present to you the opportunity to own this wonderful heart-warming dog book. This contest will end next Sunday 12:01 AM EST. 
Note: Although it breaks my heart to limit the coverage of this giveaway, the rules require the winner  to be residing within continental US or Canada.

Edit: I extended to contest because I will be going on a business trip tomorrow until Saturday afternoon. Good luck, guys!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Almost Wordy Wednesday: SM Pet Express in Cubao

Here are some of the shots I've taken while visiting SM Pet Express in Cubao again.

Meet SM Pet Express' Mascot! Last time, he was wearing a very nice tuxedo.

Not only does Pet Express cater to our pet pal's material needs but they also provide grooming services.

They had shelves and shelves of different dog foods.

I love that I can choose from a wide selection of dog food bowls.

...and dog collars and harnesses. Unfortunately, no Gentle Leader.

A Portrait of Kong-ness

This is much cheaper than Advocate- the medication given to Buchi back when he had mange.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Follow the Dog Home : A Book Review

A month ago, I had entered DogznPaws' contest winning myself a book written by Bob, Samantha and Kevin Walsh titled Follow the Dog Home. We finally received the book last August 28,2012 after claiming it in our local post office.

Thank you for the book, Lisa! We loved it so much.
Follow the Dog Home talks about 3 generations of dog ownership and how these dogs have made a significant difference in the Walsh's lives.  Yes, non dog-lovers may find it hard to relate to but it's certainly a book worth reading (with emphasis on well-written plots, amazing stories, comedic experiences and heart wrenching page-turners). 

If you read it and you're a dog lover, you'll most likely find yourself nodding, laughing and crying at each dog chapter. If you read it and you're just a book lover, you'll appreciate the vivid descriptions, hilarious and dramatic aspects of each dog plot, and the smooth transition from one storyteller to another recreating the same moment in their own point of view.

I would have loved sharing my favorite stories with you but they were too many to mention. And that would just beat the logic of making a review. Although I have to say, my two favorite stories are those of Dannie and Susie.

In Honor of Our Mischief Monday Tradition... 

Looks like dogs, cats and pawrents aren't the only ones capable of mischief.
I had my niece reading Dannie's story (just the last 2-3 pages of it) and this is how she reacts. Why you may ask does she have a blanket on top of her head... Well,  that's because she, like her aunt, couldn't help but cry at the frustrating turn of events. 

So here's my personal message to the Walsh Family: Follow the Dog Home, written by three generations, made two generations of MyDogsLove.Me cry. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

Book Image Source
You can purchase this wonderful book at

Snoopy's Dog Blog

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dog Aggression: My Dogs Fought Again!

These past two weeks, I haven't been online much due to being busy with dog responsibilities and life in general. For starters, it's getting harder to carry three dogs to the third floor compared to what I'm used to which is two (Buchi who's 6kg and Chooey who's 3kg).

This is the stairs to the third floor.  Twice a day, we would go up there and Rin would wait for all of us to come  play with her.
Note: Please bear with this very long discussion/rant/where-the-hell-did-I-go-wrong experience. Apparently, I have to study one of my posts again entitled 8 Ways to Abate Dog Fighting.

The Stairs

Today, Whitey (weighing approximately 12 kg) decided to follow me while I was climbing up the flimsy wooden stairs towards the 2nd floor. We all know that some dogs can be acrobats in nature but Whitey was scared to death when he stopped on the 6th step. I didn't want to leave him there because it was already a long fall down. So with Buchi in one arm, I held Whitey's collar until we all got up to the 2nd floor.

The Prelude to the Fight

Two days ago, I left Whitey, Rin, Buchi and Chooey playing by themselves while I was cleaning their potty spots. A little while later, I heard growling and snarling from Buchi and he initiated what I call his "Death Sentence".  Buchi, whose aggressive issues I haven't fully addressed yet, began to growl at Whitey and bite him!

Whitey would rather stay away from Buchi than confront him.
Whitey, who did not want any part of this, tried running away but a persistent Buchi came attacking him. Eventually, the gentle giant (Whitey) let out his gladiator side and attacked Buchi- pinning him to the ground with his teeth firmly gripping Buchi's leg.

I hosed them both and Whitey took flight. But Buchi (one of the stupidest bully dog I have ever met) attacked Whitey again (even after he'd been whimpering in pain under Whitey's firm grip). Whitey was no longer playing games. He caught Buchi's neck between his jaws.

Note: It's not that I think Buchi is stupid, but he really outdid himself that day.

Hosing them again didn't work. I had to pull them apart and you'd imagine how hard that could have been with two dogs in a heated fight without having any assistance and in bare hands.

Buchi's Rehabilitation

I have been trying my best to address Buchi's aggression. And so far, a "Tsst" or me calling his name has had some positive outcome. I can stop him from peeing on every single pole he comes across, as well as his humping with those sounds. He also no longer growls at his "old enemies".

I trusted that all would go well with me introducing him and Whitey again. And it was, for more than a week, in fact. But this happened...

The Fight

I truly had no intention of bringing Whitey up the third floor, especially when Buchi was still recuperating from his limp leg. But he followed me up the flimsy wooden stairs which brought me no choice but to bring him up along with Chooey and Buchi. Rin was already in the third floor.

I have noticed Buchi's tension when Whitey's around. I should have checked and double-checked the signs he was showing. I even placed him on top of the table so as to avoid them from clashing since I didn't have anyone else there to help me if they fought again.

You could see that Whitey is all about the submission.
Feeling sorry for Buchi, I put him back down and watched them like a hawk- following Buchi's every move. It happened so quickly. Buchi lunged at Whitey again in an epic fight of David versus Goliath (where David gets eaten!).

This time, Whitey did not restrain himself at all. He fought back and attacked like a raging bull. I was able to pull them apart (with me raising Whitey's entire body from the ground like a mother carrying her pup and Buchi still struggling to bite the hand that was stopping him from attacking his mortal enemy). But Buchi  didn't give up so easily. While I had Whitey off the ground with one hand, Buchi took the opportunity to twist from my grip and bite Whitey again. In response, Whitey shifted his weight and once again PREYED on Buchi.

Without anyone on the third floor with me, I could only stop them from doing further damage but Buchi's skin was still on Whitey's jaws. Fortunately, my brother-in-law (bless his soul) heard the snarls and growls and came up to see me almost kneeling on the ground while trying to think of a way for Whitey to loosen his grip. I asked him to hose them and he did. The moment Whitey let go, I pulled them away from each other and my brother-in-law took Whitey back to the first floor. In the mean time, Buchi was trying to attack my hand for holding him.

And look who comes down with battle scars and teeth scrapes. This is the second time Buchi has ignored my presence in the fit of aggression.

Things I have learned today:

1. Stopping a dog fight takes a lot of physical energy. This said, I have great admiration for Cesar Millan who's done this with both big and small breeds.

2. Not all dogs respond to hosing. Whitey ran away the first time but he never did so again.

3. Buchi still has a very very long way to go. I will no longer risk having them together unless I am with someone who can assist me if I start correcting this behavior.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mischief Monday on a Tuesday: A Rin-ny Day

Okay, so we haven't been around for some time. Busy, busy and all.

Before I start with anything, I'd like to warn you that this mischief isn't about the dogs but the CCTV company I talked with yesterday. So before anything else, let me showcase some solo pictures of Rin.

As you could see, Rin loves the camera. She doesn't avoid it like Peanuts or Chooey.

She even comes close to it and creates her own photo effects such as WARPING.

Her inquisitive side allows her to have me catch pictures like this. And no, we aren't promoting the beer bottles at the bottom.

This is her NOSE POSE. Are you guys familiar with this?
Rin hates the flashy beast but she's never experienced that from me, so even when I raise my phone's camera to catch her in action, she doesn't bother with it at all.

Now for the mischief part, have you ever experienced having your computer remotely accessed by tech support people because you couldn't fix the problem yourself?

Well, this was what happened to me yesterday. I was setting up the CCTV of my sister's home when I was stuck at logging into it. Without a manual to read or a software to install, I had to call their tech support.

While talking on the phone, the tech guy kept asking for my name and number. I didn't give my number because I didn't know them. I just wanted to know how to fix the problem. But they kept on insisting that they even messaged me in TeamViewer still asking for my number.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Note: TeamViewer is an application used to access a computer remotely with that same application in it installed.

Okay, now for the mischief part. These guys were very insistent that they still messaged me even after fixing my CCTV issue. And yet again, I tell them that I don't give my number to strangers. Trusting that they had the courtesy and respect of most technical support agents, I left TeamViewer on while I was talking to my sister.

The next thing I knew, they had activated the laptop's webcam without my consent and was watching our every move. THE NERVE!!!

Snoopy's Dog Blog

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