Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Best Destinations For a Dog Getaway (Guest Post)

If you usually leave your dog with friends, family or a boarding kennel when you jet off on holiday why not consider taking your dog along with you next time? While you’ll find that most destinations will generally welcome dogs, these are some places around the world that will make your four-legged friends feel like they’re right at home!


It should come as no surprise that Israel – the country that launched the very first television channel for pooches - is a nation of dog lovers. This is particularly obvious in its biggest city, Tel Aviv, where there are designated beach and park areas specifically for dogs (don’t worry, they’re still welcome everywhere). You’ll spot every kind of breed wandering the streets here, and many have awesome custom haircuts to cope with the heat!

happy to pose by Victor Bezrukov, CC-BY-2.0

The French certainly love their dogs - so much so that they don’t think twice of seeing them in shopping centres, restaurants and other public places. Even in Paris dogs are a common sight – in fact they even have city workers that drive around on a motorcycle sucking up dog poop (they call it a ‘moto-crotte’), although you’ll probably feel a bit wrong leaving your dog’s waste on the pavement. If you’d rather get away from the city there is a wealth of countryside to explore. While many of the National Parks ban dogs you’ll still find many trails leading out of towns and villages as well as along the coast.

Ah, Paris by Jon Hurd, CC-BY-2.0
The Netherlands

While you won’t find people employed to scoop up your dog’s mess in Amsterdam it’s still a great place to take your dog. There’s a special area in Oosterpark specifically designed for dogs while Vondelpark is another great place for you and your pup to stretch your legs. Meanwhile, in the large open squares around the Netherlands you’ll often find locals relaxing at a café with their pooch, so you can feel comfortable taking your pet where you please. 

Dog in Window by Mingo Hagen, CC-BY-2.0

As you’d imagine with a country the size of the USA there are plenty of dog friendly areas, but the one that trumps them all may be Key West at the southern tip of Florida. There’s a tremendously laid back vibe here, perhaps in part thanks to its proximity to Cuba, so if you enjoy relaxing strolls with your dog and easy access to delicious fresh seafood you’d have difficulty finding somewhere better.

On the other side of the country you’ve got San Diego in California. There are no less than four dog beaches here, so you can feel free to unleash your pooch and let them run and play to their heart’s content.

Lady Momma by Wonderlane, CC-BY-2.0
New Zealand

While there is a quarantine period for dogs entering the country, if you’re going to travel to the other side of the world why wouldn’t you want to take your pet with you for the adventure of a lifetime? There are dog friendly cities throughout New Zealand on both the North and South Island, so you can easily travel through the country with your dog by your side. While dogs aren’t allowed in National Parks you can bring them into many of the country’s beautiful Forest Parks as long as you keep them on a leash. And of course, as you’d expect from an island nation, there are miles and miles of beautiful coastline to explore.

Sunrise + Dog by studio tdes, CC-BY-2.0
Pack your Pet Passport

Remember that if you’re planning on going away with your dog it’ll need a passport just like you. This will involve having your dog microchipped, vaccinated against rabies and treated for tapeworm – just ask your vet for more details and then start preparing for a proper dog’s holiday.

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Finally, for road trips, travel safely with your dogs with award-winning dog travel products from Kurgo  

Author's Note:

This article was written on behalf of helpucover, a trading style of Cardif Pinnacle Insurance plc, an insurance company that offers a range of cover including Income Protection, Pet Insurance, car GAP insurance and Gadget Insurance.

Visit us online at http://www.helpucover.co.uk
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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas, Maligayang Pasko

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Dog, Cat, Bird, Turtle, Rodent and Pet-Lovers everywhere in the world.

I'd like to thank everyone who has been a part of our lives this 2013. We have smiled, laughed and cried with you- through thick and thin. We may have been busy with other things, but you are always in our mind.

Hopefully, 2014 will be different for MyDogsLove.Me. We hope to visit as many blogs as possible to get to know others in the bloggy community.
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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

No Ideas for Fundraising? Take A Look At These 8 Tips! (Guest Post)

Today's guest post on Animal Charity Fund Raising is brought to us by  RSPCA Choices.

Stalls at the Chiltern Dog Rescue Society's annual event at Cholesbury - geograph.org.uk - 1455300
Stalls at the annual Chiltern Dog Rescue Society fund raising event at Cholesbury
Every single day of the year can offer an opportunity to make a positive impact in the life of some loving animals that are affected by who knows what, without them doing anything bad. We all need to do our part and organizing a simple fundraising event is something that every single person can do. The problem is that if you never did this in the past, there is a pretty good possibility that you do not know what to do. 

Here are some simple ideas for fundraising:
  • Celebrate a birthday, party, wedding or any other milestone moment by letting people know that a charitable donation is possible instead of a gift. RSPCA Choices allows this with ease after you set up your own page and highlight the charities that you support. 

  • Organize a Theme Day at your office. Make the theme close to an animal charity and ask for a donation. Alternatively, organize an office party where the invitation is based on a charitable donation of any amount. 

  • Car washes or yard sales can always be organized by virtually anyone. Let people know why you do this and support the charities of your choice through branded uniforms and clear banner signs. 

  • Block parties or neighborhood parties – accept donations at the party. People are more inclined to donate anyway when they are having fun. 

  • Find local bands and ask for their support. Organize a charitable concert and the concert charge can be donated to your charity of choice. 

  • Organize a sports tournament. This is a little trickier but it can bring in a lot of money. 

  • Sell items on the internet and donate a part of the profit to the charity of your choice. Do the same in the event that you own a brick and mortar store. 

  • Organize shop to give charity promotions. 

Don’t Forget About Social Media Coverage

Nowadays we tend to use the internet a lot and much of our time is spent on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. If you organize any charitable or fundraising event, no matter how small it is, make sure that you include social networks into the mix. 

People might think that this is not a necessity but let us consider a very simple scenario. Let us say that you just announced donating to one of the projects that support dog rescue programs through RSPCA Choices (since we already mentioned above). A simple share on your Facebook page might lead towards some friends seeing that there is such an opportunity. Maybe they will also donate. 

When it comes to fundraising for animal charities, we have to understand that every single extra amount that can be gained counts. Animal treatment and care can be expensive, as you most likely already know by now. If we can help, it is time to do our part and join the fight. Find a charity that you support and try to raise as much for them as possible.
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dogs & Apartments: Three Sides to Every Story (Guest Post)

All images provided by guest poster.
You're not alone if the major criteria in shopping for your new apartment was two little words: "Pets Allowed." Apartments.com's recent survey found that 90 percent of renters own pets—80 percent of whom chose their apartment based on the landlord's pet-friendly policy. If you're apartment-hunting in Chicago you're in luck, check out the pet friendly meter of Chicago apartments at ForRent.com ... It's almost up to 100 percent!

Photo by Ross Gruff via Flickr

With so many renters seeking pet-friendly housing, it seems counter-productive that some landlords are still wary of renting to pet owners. The answer may lie in that old saying, "There are three sides to every story—yours, mine, and the truth."

When it comes to renting an apartment with dogs, those three sides are yours, your pup's, and your landlord's. Let's start with the landlord.

Once Burned, Twice Shy

"I've had problem with dog-owning tenants in the past. They let their dogs run unleashed through the walkways, never cleaned up after them, and when they went off to work, the dogs barked all day."

It's your job to assure him you're different. If you can, get references from past landlords. Bring your dog when you view the apartment so he can see your well-behaved pet. Discuss exactly what regulations are in place.

  • Is there a limit on the number of pets or their weight?
  • Are any breeds banned?
  • Where can dogs be walked?
  • Is there a fee or damage deposit?

As with any agreement, solidify it in writing. If no list or lease addendum is available, compose your own to be signed by both parties. You might use the policy sheet of the New York City Housing Authority as a model for writing your own.

Now for your dog's side of the story:

Empty Paws Are the Devil's Workshop

"I'm a mix of many proud breeds. Throughout the ages, my ancestors spent their day hunting, herding sheep, protecting livestock or property, or ferreting out underground creatures. Now you're expecting good dog behavior of me, but leaving me with nothing to do but twiddle my paws."

Photo by OakleyOriginals via Flickr
The third side of the story is your side. You want to live here but you're really at your dog's mercy. You do your best by pup so you can keep in the good graces of your landlord. And for this you get up early, very early. Your days of sleeping late are over.

Rise and Shine

A Tired Dog is a Good Dog: You know dogs need a morning walk of at least 30 minutes; energetic dogs like labs and hounds need at least an hour. But you also add a nightcap of Frisbee, fetch, or chasing bubbles. You want to burn up all that energy so he'll sleep most of the day.

A Sound Mind in a Sound Body: You provide mental exercise to occupy him when he wakes from his long nap. That includes rotating his supply of chew toys, and supplementing them with challenging puzzle toys. The ASPCA recommends a KONG stuffed with a treat to reward him for his mental expenditures.

A postscript to the story:

One is The Loneliest Number: If pup is depressed, a pal could perk his spirits. If you're willing to go this route, many landlords limit tenants to one dog but allow one cat in addition. Contrary to the colloquialism "fighting like cats and dogs," some form strong interspecies friendships. The key word is "some." If your dog shows aggression to every cat, chipmunk, or squirrel he encounters, he's not one of the "some."

Photo by Katlene Niven via Flickr
However if he only wants to play, there may be a cat for him, just not a kitten or elderly cat. Many shelters have visiting rooms where you, your pup, and a prospective kitty can hold a mutual interview. And when you bring the winning candidate home, assign her a room, and allow at least a two week internship with all communication taking place through a closed door.

For those who choose the kitty route, the American Humane Association has a detailed map to follow.

Remember, millions of dogs get along just fine in apartments. It just means getting into a routine that works for both your and your pet.

Author's Bio:

Mary Pettaway. Mary is a health-conscious blogger from Texas.
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Dogs Love Balls

Cheezy with Ball

PJ with Ball

Coal with Ball
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Friday, December 13, 2013

How to Care for a High Energy Dog (Guest Post)

It just so happens that I've recently received this article about high energy dogs. This morning, I was outside running around, playing with 4 rambunctious teenage dogs and getting down and dirty trying to wrestle all 4 of them. Now I feel so drained that even a senior can beat me in climbing Mt. Everest. 

Somebody messed with the garden soil again!
Here's another great article from Adam Holmes. Have a great weekend!!!

High energy dogs like Border Collies, Poodles and Cocker Spaniels are some of the most loving and obedient breeds to ever walk the planet. However, without the proper amount of attention and exercise, these curious canines can get into all kinds of trouble. 

If you’re looking to welcome a highly energetic dog into your life, you should do so with some caution. As wonderful as these particular breeds may be, it requires a substantial amount of time and effort on your part to give them the care that they need. 

Do your Research

One of the best ways to prevent a dog from getting bored and wreaking havoc on your home is by doing some research prior to purchase. Like anything else, making the right decision can require some shopping around, and if you choose hastily, it can result in chewed furniture, damaged walls and frequently toppled trash cans. 

  • First and foremost, read up on your dog’s particular breed. Although many dogs will tucker out and curl up by the fireplace, high energy breeds require much, much more than a walk and a game of fetch to get tired. 

  • If possible, take a look at your dog’s parents. If there’s a long line of energetic working dogs in his lineage, he’s much more likely to possess the same traits. 

  • Consult a veterinarian before taking the plunge into owning a dog. Veterinarians can supply you with all of the information you need and can even recommend certain breeds to you based on your lifestyle and experience with dogs. 

Be Proactive

Once you’ve completed your research, you can begin outfitting your living space for your new, furry addition to the family. During this phase, it’s important to not only be proactive, but thorough as well. Regardless of breed, adopting a dog is a big step in anyone’s life, and if you aren’t prepared, you can risk damage to not only your home, but to yourself as well.

  • Install baby gates to keep your dog from getting into certain areas of the house when he’s inside, and a wireless dog fence for when he’s romping around the yard. This will prevent him from wandering into places that he doesn’t belong. 

  • If your job requires you to be away from home for long hours, find a trustworthy neighbor or a dog sitter prior to bringing your dog home. 

  • Formulate an exercise regimen for you and your dog and keep it as consistent as you possibly can. Although many dogs are happy with random physical activity throughout the day, some appreciate a scheduled time for them to “go to work,” even if it’s just a jog or a trip to the dog park. 

Have Fun

Owning a high energy dog is certainly a lot of work, but fortunately for you, having fun with, and frequently engaging, him can curb numerous problem behaviors. Many dog owners have found success through increased physical activity, brain teaser games around the house and even socialization with other dogs. 

  • If you’re a runner, take your dog with you on your daily jaunt. More often than not, he will end up pulling you along rather than the other way around. 

  • Games such as hide-and-seek are perfect for poor weather days or days where you don’t have time to take your dog out. It not only challenges your dog’s cognitive capacity, but also teaches him worthwhile skills that can be utilized on hunting trips or in other similar scenarios.

  • Get your dog accustomed to the company of other dogs and people as soon as possible. This will teach him how to conduct himself in social situations and can even help you meet fellow high energy dog owners.  

Although high energy dogs can be a bit of a handful from time-to-time, they really do make some of the best companions an owner can have. If you live an active lifestyle and are able to give them the attention they need, there is surely no reason for you not to adopt an energetic dog. Be warned though, these dogs need a lot of love, and without it, can be difficult to maintain. 

Author's Bio:

I’m Adam Holmes, a writer for Havahart Wireless. I love my two energetic dogs (Argos the husky and Lilly the Labradoodle) more than life itself.
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Different Ways to Stop Your Dog from Barking (Guest Post)

Chooey is a real barker... especially when there are unknown beings lurking near the house e.g. evil cat, evil pigeon, evil stranger dogs. So today's guest post is all about ways to stop dogs from excessive barking, brought to you by Mr. Dzhingarov.

All dogs bark. Some will only do so when there is a good reason while others just keep barking without any apparent reason. We have some breeds that will bark more. No matter the case, there are many situations in which we want the dog to be quiet. That is what we will talk about now. 

Some breeds are inclined to barking due to their natural instincts.
The one thing that we need to understand is that we should never stay focused on completely stopping the dog from barking. This is especially true when the bark is an alarm sign or something that would ward off a thief. What we want to achieve is having the dog stop barking in the moment we tell him to do so. In addition, the dog should bark only when there is a reason for that. 

There are many situations in which pet owners end up associating the barking with something great that happens in the pet’s life by offering affection when barking is loud or calm praising voice. 

Head Halter

The head halter is useful when the dog often barks or sports at other animals and people. Introduce the dog to the halter and when there is a bark that is not wanted, simply lift your leash. That will close the mouth of the dog and you can guide him towards sitting. 

Teach Dogs to Carry Objects

When you teach the dog to enjoy carrying various objects, he will not bark and will do so less than before. The only problem in this case is that you have to be careful so that you do not offer a toy or something to carry when a dog barks. If you do that the pet can mistake that toy as being a barking reward. 

The Doorbell Exercise

This is a pretty interesting exercise that has a lot of extra added advantage so you should consider it. You start by basically making the dog bark. You can do so by having someone ring the doorbell while you have the dog on a leash. The purpose is to teach your dog to bark when the doorbell rings and then be quiet when you give an appropriate command like “Quiet”. Have a dog bed (ZeiPet manufactures some great ones) close to the door. Teach your dog to go sit on the bed and look at the door when you give the Quiet command. The person behind the door hears the dog barking and then hears you say Quiet. When you open the door the dog looks at the door attentively so you basically let off the idea that you control the dog for possible intruders. 

The Distractions

This is perfect for dogs that bark for no reason. Whenever barking starts, you can distract the dog by slamming a drawer or a cupboard or simply throwing a can with pebbles on the ground. What counts is that the dog does not see you make the movement. The dog will stop barking and you pay no attention to what happens and just go on with your regular activities. When the pet starts to see that when loud barking happens bad things also happen around him, he will stop barking. However, you need to learn how to distinguish between the barks so that you do not stop him from barking when he needs to go to the bathroom or something like that.
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cheezy Shares his Story on Why Spaying and Neutering is Important

Remember when I said I would never allow the dogs to blog? Well, I was wrong. Seeing as I am running out of ideas, I am now passing the "keyboard torch" to Cheezy. 

My BIG Cheezy Story 
by Cheezy

Hey folks! Let me just tell you I wasn't exactly adopted. In fact, my story isn't life changing (my life- an exception, of course). 

I still can't understand how someone could abandon this smug-looking face of mine. Don't you think I'm cute?

I was a wee-puppy when I got picked up by the BIG MAN. I and my siblings were left in a box at the corner of an unknown house without our mommy or daddy with us. 

We stayed there the entire morning, but nobody wanted us. 

See, I'm uber-talented that I don't need Photoshop to edit my super cute puppy pictures.

Knowing that we would probably end up in the pound, the lady of the unkown house began giving us away to her neighbors calling out, "Who wants a puppy?". 

It was lunch time when the BIG MAN came walking from his office to his BIG HOME. He saw us in box but did not take a closer look. 

So he continues walking home until he arrives at the front door. Then he tells his BIG FAMILY and Haopee that there were puppies without a mom or dad being given away by the lady next door. 

Remember that tortured Kong ball...

Haopee was hesitant at first. Getting a dog was a really BIG RESPONSIBILITY for the BIG FAMILY. Fortunately for me, Haopee says, "Okay. One BIG HAPPY FAMILY of DOGS it is."

So there you have it, the BIG MAN picks me up from the box and brings me home to meet my new brothers.

This is Coal, me and Puppy trying to mess with the landscape. We were caught red-handed.

Now I'm about a year old living the life of a BIG DOG (literally speaking) and I've been happily staying in the BIG HOUSE with my BIG FAMILY thanks to the BIG MAN and his BIG HEART. Oh, and Haopee is just fat, so she isn't categorically qualified to be in this BIG STORY.

Moral of the Story:

Spay and neuter if you want to ensure a puppy-free, accident-free life. I mean it! The initial cost is somewhat expensive, but it'll save you tons of vet visits and puppy problems.

Also, puppies are cute, but they grow into big dogs. I am about 25 kilos (or more) right now. That's 10 times my weight 11 months ago!
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Friday, December 6, 2013

5 Ways to Make Your Dog Comfortable After Surgery (Guest Post)

I've especially chosen to publish this guest post after remembering Chooey's broken mandible. It was difficult for me to take care of her-- knowing she was in pain. I had no idea how long it'd take for her jaw to heal so I counted the days worrying about her eating and drinking (since every time she moved her jaw, she would be in pain). 

A bark turned into a shrill. A bite becomes an excruciating action. She had to eat recovery food and baby food for more than a month. My heart goes to the families of dogs who are need of surgery. So here it goes...

It's always painful to see a beloved family dog have to go in for surgery, especially when the American Veterinary Medical Association reports that 63.2 percent of pet owners consider their pets as family members. Once your dog is out of the vet's and back home, you want to keep them comfortable and happy as the recovery process begins. The vet's office gives you instructions on what to do with the medication and wound care after surgery, and there are a few more ways you can keep your dog happy after such a stressful experience.

Photo by Flickr user HarshLight (as provided by Guest Poster)

Room Preparation

You don't want to throw your dog back into the fray of things immediately. Prepare a safe, quiet space with plenty of food and water, and warm, soft bedding for your dog to be comfortable on. The amount of time your pet needs this safe room varies, according to VCA Hospitals. It's possible your dog may need several weeks of recovery time, although basic procedures such as spaying and neutering won't take long for recoveries.

Don't Disturb Their Sleep Overly Much

The anesthesia and stress of being at the vet's office may lead to extended sleeping time for your dog. Allow them to sleep as much as they want and minimize distractions that may interrupt their slumber. The Assisi Animal Health company recommends taking your dog out every few hours, as IV fluids may cause them to pee on a much more frequent basis than normal. Combined with deep sleep, your dog may even have accidents while napping. Try to limit how active they are outside, however, as you don't want them breaking stitches or having other issues.

Keep an Eye on Temperature

It's hard for an animal to tell if they're too hot or cold post surgery, so it's up to you to keep them at a comfortable temperature. Bring in a fan to cool a room down or browse The Shade Store for thick window treatments to block out the sun if it's too hot for your pup.

Follow the Post-Surgery Care Instructions

If you need to give your dog medication after surgery, stay on top of the intervals. Don't give your pet any more than the doctor instructed, even if it seems like they're in a lot of pain. You also want to check on incision sites and confirm the wound is not opened.

Stop Your Dog from Licking

You may need to apply the dog cone of shame if your dog refuses to stop licking the incision sites. While the dog thinks he's helping the healing process, he runs the risk of pulling out stitches, introducing bacteria into the area or eating bandages off of a wound. He might look goofy for a bit, but it's the best idea in the long run.

Written By:

Walter Price. Walter is a property manager who enjoys taking his dog Peter to work with him.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chooey's Letter to Santa on Chew Toys

Locally-Made Dog Chew Toys and Squeakers
Dear Santa,

You must be very busy this December.
We are happy that you gave us new toys to play with last year.
But this 2013, I wish Santa would spend more time in personally inspecting them.
Please make sure that they're safe for chewing and free from melamine.
Not just the ones for me, but for all the dogs who are in the nice list.

Sincerely Yours,

Petstages Doggy Chew Pack from Haopee's Nephews
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Do Dogs and Other Animals Dream? (Guest Post)

Happy Sunday and belated Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Photo credits: epSos .de

Have you ever wondered if dogs and other animals dream when they're asleep? This is actually a question that many people have about their pets - especially when they watch them sleeping sometimes. Rather than guess on this, we've dug up some specific information 

A psychology professor at the University of British Columbia - Stanley Coren - wrote a book called The Intelligence of Dogs in which he says they dream, but their sleep cycles are a lot shorter than that found in humans. And this means that even if they dream, it's not as involved as the dreams of humans. 

Do Dogs Dream? The Proof

Here's a look at all the major and specific signs that point to the fact that dogs dream - probably of chasing cats and other small forest creatures. 

  • Brainwaves - The first sign that dogs do really dream is that their brain continues producing neural activity. In fact, these brainwaves are very similar to what is seen in humans when they enter the dream state during sleep. This is very specific information. For example, scientists have been able to read the brainwaves of rats so clearly, they know the section of a maze the mouse is dreaming about! 
  • Movements - It's known what area of the brain inhibits the body from acting out specific body movements in dreams. The pons - as this area is known - can be turned off so that scientists have been able to see what dogs are dreaming about - usually doing common dog activities. If you look closely at the dog's eyes, you'll see that they are moving because the dog thinks they're looking at real images while dreaming - like humans. 
  • Research - Studies have shown that animals below a dog in intelligence dream, which is another very good sign that there's something going on in your canine's mind when they close their eyes to rest. Further research will be done, but there's a good chance the dogs will all receive treats and won't be harmed while more information is sought about how and why dogs and other animals dream. 

Looking at the facts above, it's easy to see that dogs - and other animals - likely dream. What they're dreaming about is still a mystery, but seeing them move their legs when sleeping helps us put together a picture of what they're probably dreaming about. Dreams are mysterious for humans but perhaps even more so for animals like dogs. 

One thing that should be pointed out is that toddlers are known to dream more because it's thought that it helps strengthen neural connections. And if this is true for human babies, it's probably likely true for puppies as well. So make sure you let them dream as much as they need when they're growing up. 

Written by: 
Gustavia Heffner knows a lot about Parquet because he's been working with it a while. He loves to read infographics about home maintenance. 
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mischief Monday: Christmas Delays!

It's pure coincidence that I recently found out that it is during this time that I should be sending out all my mails for Christmas.

Last year, we joined our first Christmas Card Exchange. Coincidentally, 364 days ago, I had done all these already.

LAST YEAR: A Whole Lot of Dog Christmas Postcards to Send Out

This year, I haven't even designed our post card yet. -___-

These are the days that I am glad that I write my posts as myself and not as Chooey. Because if it were up to her, you'd probably be reading a whole article of disgruntled dogs and an irresponsible Haopee.

So for those who will be receiving our cards late, I am now sending out my apologies for the delay.

We've joined the Monday Mischief bloghop.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Holiday Safety Tips for Pets (Guest Post)

Image Provided by Guest Poster
You've made all of your holiday plans, baked your famous fruitcake and sent out invitations to your annual holiday festivities. But, in the rush of the holiday spirit, have you forgotten your four-legged friends? Dangers to your feline and canine companions abound when holidays and festivities come around.

Keep 'em secure

Keeping your pets safe over the holidays, especially when you are traveling or visiting relatives can be a bit easier if you have a reliable home security system. Securitycompanies.com is a valuable resource to compare what different home security companies can provide. Whether you are worried about a water pipe break, a fire or break-in, there are many ways to protect your home and pets when you're busy with holiday events.

Keep 'em safe

A lit Christmas tree is a fire hazard whether you have pets or not. There is always a risk the tree could be toppled, or an electrical cord could be chewed. Setting your tree in a corner, and having a secure base for the trunk will reduce the risk of damage. According to PetMD, you should tape any exposed indoor or outdoor wires to a wall or side of the house to prevent electrocution. The U.S. Fire Administration claims that 230 fires a year are caused by Christmas trees.

Keep track of 'em

Keeping track of your pets when you're out of town is something that will make most homeowners rest easier. While having a collar and tags is essential in case your furry friend wanders while you are out of town, microchipping your pets is the best way to ensure your lost pet returns home safely.

Other considerations

Other dangers to pets over the holidays include:

  • Holly, mistletoe and poinsettia are favorite holiday plants that are poisonous if ingested. Keep all of your holiday foliage out of reach of pets and children.
  • Resist the urge to put edible Christmas tree decorations on your tree. Your pet may not understand they're not to be eaten.
  • Never leave lit candles in your home. One wag of your cat or dog’s tail can send a candle tumbling and light your house on fire.
  • Keep pets away from your holiday present wrapping activities. Ribbons, bows and strings can be ingested and cause veterinarian assistance to remove.
  • Chocolate. Do not give your dog chocolate, even in brownies or cookies. While your cat probably wouldn’t care, your dog could get poisoned.

If you do decide to travel during the holidays and leave your pets at home, consider hiring a professional pet-sitting company. Organizations like the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters screen pet sitters to ensure your pet is cared for while you are enjoying your holiday activities.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Selfie Dogs

PJ Selfie

Cheezy Selfie

World Vets Responds to Philippines Typhoon
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to Choose the Right Food for Your Pet (Guest Post)

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for their compassionate comments last week. We are touched and blessed to have friends like you.

Today, I am posting a long due guest post from Devika who's also a pet lover. I think it's important for us to understand what we feed our pets.

A couple of years ago, I would just have assumed that buying any pet food is better than feeding them rice and vegetables my family normally eats... Now that I see the amount of fillers that some pet food companies use and the amount inorganic stuff that go in to preserve it longer, I am more aware of what I feed the dogs.

01 Jedes Josera-Krümel ist kostbar...

The pet owners usually feel satisfied when they provide commercially manufactured pet foods to their adorable companions. They are convinced about the food being complete in every respect. A balanced diet would ensure a healthy and happy pet and that is what every pet owner wants.

They are guided by the smart marketing strategies that various pet food brands employ. Also it’s more convenient to feed the ready-made varieties of food to the pets.

The pet food market has increased drastically over the years. And as per some surveys, the increase is much more than the relative (estimated) increase in the number of pets. This shows that pet owners have become more and more dependent on them.

The blind trust doesn’t let people observe that the more mechanical stages a food item travels through, the more its quality gets affected.

Animal lovers, veterinary doctors and nutritionists have often pointed out the nutritional insufficiency of the popular pet foods.

It was only in 2007 that people were literally shaken out of their peaceful slumber. On March 16, 2007 the biggest manufacturer of wet cat and dog food recalled all its products from the markets. It was followed by further recalls by other pet food companies. 

This happened because reports of pets having kidney failures surfaced from across the world. Upon testing it was found that an organic base chemical called Melamine was present in the wheat gluten. Melamine is not poisonous on its own, but its synthesis with another contaminant - cyanuric acid may lead to kidney failure.

World over, people were shocked and they started questioning the standards and processes of manufacturing pet food.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) failed to regulate the pet food segment properly. 

There is an Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) which sets the - standards of nutrition, rules for conducting feed-trials and label requirements. This non-governmental association too failed in performing its duties efficiently. Another fact which came to light was that some very prominent brands outsourced the manufacturing of their products. This made the entire operation more cost-effective as the individual brands didn’t have to invest in costly machines. Also, the raw materials and other supplies could be purchased in bulk and this further lead to more savings.

A stricter regulation and examination process need to be implemented by the FDA on the manufacturing of pet foods. 

Chatuchak Weekend Market P1100759

As a responsible pet parent how should one ensure the health of one’s pet? It is difficult for people to read the food labels on the packages of pet foods. Also, the label generally doesn’t mention the actual source of the ingredients. However the source determines the quality of the food. 

What the pet food makers never want you to know: Find out

One may find words like meat meal, animal digest and meat by-product on the list. Meat by-product consists of the meat which is actually the trash of a slaughterhouse. In other words, it is the meat which is not considered fit enough for human consumption.

There is a category called ‘generic pet food’. The generic ‘meat meal’ comes from animals that have been killed in a road accident or euthanized..

A pet owner should be on the lookout for the best dog food available in the market. One can buy pet foods online in India as well as in most parts of the wo rld. But one should not completely depend on them. There are many home-made nutritious recipes which can be easily made to supplement the diet of your loyal companion. One’s little efforts will prove to be a blessing for one’s pet. 


Devika Sharma is a pet lover who loves to share interesting pet related stuffs. She is very enthusiastic to acquire and share knowledge about pet food & accessories etc. Follow her on Google+ to find variety of dog food, products and accessories etc.
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Please Spend a Moment of Your Time to Pray for the Victims of Typhoon Yolanda

I apologized for remaining silent during these times. Before anything else, I would like to thank everyone who have personally emailed, twittered and messaged me to check on me, my family and our pack. We are, fortunately, lucky to have been spared by Typhoon Haiyan's wrath. Unfortunately, a lot of Filipino families have lost their loved ones, their homes and their pets because of the devastation it has caused.

Source: Philippines Star IN PHOTOS: Typhoon Yolanda's Trail of Destruction
My mom's house wasn't as lucky. A part of her roof flew and a wall had split in half. The strong winds and rains hit the island where my hometown is and the damage was overwhelming. Some friends and schoolmates of mine have had their homes wiped out because they lived in the area where the typhoon struck.  

For this, I am asking everyone to please pray for the victims and survivors of Typhoon Haiyan (Typhoon Yolanda) that they may find the strength and courage to rebuild their lives and battle the hunger, sickness and loss they are currently going through.

I would also like to thank the countries who have provided the Philippines with foreign aid and assistance to get through this ordeal.

For those who wish to view the degree of devastation Typhoon Haiyan has caused in Tacloban City, please visit this ABC News Aerial Photo Compilation on Before and After Pictures Typhoon Yolanda.

To visit Philippine Star's full slideshow / album on Typhoon Yolanda's Aftermath, just click on the link.

If you wish to make a donation, kindly drop by Unicef, Philippine Red Cross or ABS-CBN Foundation (Sagip Kapamilya).
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Dog Goes Everywhere with Me: Camping Edition (and Halloween Greetings!)

Today's guest post is all about camping with our furry friend. 

Here's is last year's Halloween Wordless Wednesday picture

Before that, let me greet everyone a belated Halloween. We're currently busy with office stuffs and I hardly have the time to visit bloggies and check out your spookies.

According to DogFriendly.com, about 14 percent of Americans have traveled with their pet on a trip of more than 50 miles. At least 10 percent of those individuals travel by RV. Camping trips are among the friendliest ways to travel with dogs because more campgrounds accept pets. To ensure your camping trips are more successful, always call the campgrounds you will be using to make sure they allow pets.

Don't forget to travel safely with your dogs using award-winning dog travel products from Kurgo.

Before You Go

A trip to the veterinarian is essential before you take your dog on any trip. Make sure your dog is up-to-date on all his vaccinations and is in good health for the trip, as Dr. Foster Smith recommends. You will need to take along a copy of your dog's vaccination records. Your dog will spend a significant amount of time outside on a camping trip so be sure to ask about flea and tick prevention. It can often be difficult for pet owners to understand which flea and tick prevention treatments are best. Your vet can give you a solid recommendation. You should also purchase a dog tag that includes your cell phone number, name and address in case your pet is separated from you. Microchipping can also be ideal if it hasn't already been done.

What to Pack

As you pack your own luggage, equip your RV or prepare essentials for your tent, keep your dog in mind. Collapsible bowls can be the best option to save space. Bring plenty of food and fresh water, especially if you will really be roughing it. Thanks to helpful tips from Paw-Rescue.org, here some other essential items to pack:
  • One or two leashes
  • Poop disposal bags
  • Brush
  • Dog-friendly sunscreen
  • Tweezers for removing any ticks
  • Extra blanket or pet bed
  • Favorite toys
  • Lightweight crate
  • Dog life jacket for swimming and boating

Depending on the type of camping you will do, you may want to invest in a dog backpack so he can help carry a few items to your campsite. If there is anything else that comforts your dog, take it along to help reduce the stress, especially for a first trip.

You & Your Four-Legged Friend

Sitting around the campfire is a lot of fun, but you don't have to restrict yourself to your campsite while Fido is with you. It's no surprise that your dog loves walking. You can have a great time hiking with your pet with the proper precautions. Make sure you take plenty of water for you and your dog and keep him on a short leash. You may want to equip your him with hiking boots if he isn't used to long walks or if there's rough terrain. Always follow the trails to ensure everyone's comfort. Don't forget to pick up any waste along the trail.

20% off dog harnesses, car seat covers and more

Water activities can be thrilling for many dog breeds. If you'll be boating, you will need to complete an online boating exam before you go, to ensure that you have the right licensing for countries like Canada. Keep your dog on a leash on the boat as well to keep him from jumping into the water. Swimming is another popular activity for dogs and their owners, so don't forget to pack a life jacket for each of you, to reduce the risk of accidents.

Author's Bio:

Carol Pash

Carol considers herself a free spirit who's passionate about animals, fashion, cupcakes, and traveling.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Mischief Monday: Shih Tzus in Crime

Shih Tzus Together Forever!!!

Sleep together
Eat together
Play together
Drink our vitamins together
Go to the vet together
Get crated together (only on vet visits!)

Mischief Monday is brought to us by the infamous Monday Mischief Crew including Snoopy, My Brown Newfies, Alfie and Luna Dogs Life!

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe and Stress-Free this Halloween! Dog Infographics

Okay, so I'm a sucker for infographics. Today's dog infographic was brought to us by The Uncommon Dog.

Oh and an advanced Happy Halloween to everybody! Don't get the pumpkin monsters scare you... they're really sweet. Wait, I meant squash!
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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Importance of Dog Toys (Guest Post)

Today's guest post is brought to you by Joy Mac and it's all about the importance of dog toys... *Cough* Like our Kong Squeakair!

No matter what breed, or how old they are, dog toys are important for dogs. People normally think toys as a plaything for leisure or passing time. Although, the fact, is that toys are very essential for dogs due to various reasons. To avoid boredom, toys serve as a past time for dogs. Normally a dog that is bored is bound to do unpleasant and naughty things. If mutt has a toy to play with, it is able to do some valuable activities with the toys. Today, dog owners will find a myriad of dog toys in Australia that are of different types, suitable for different purposes. One of those, an active type toy, is a loofah pet toy that is durable, non-toxic and capable to satisfy the chewing needs of dogs.

Image: Courtesy of Joy Mac
Loofah pet toys come in different shapes and sizes, as well. Loofah tennis balls and dog bones are among the favorites of many pet dogs. While purchasing loofah balls, dog owners need to make sure that they are not too small for the dog to swallow. It is normal for dogs to chew anything that it feels like chewing. That is why, owners need to provide toys to their dog so that their beloved mutt will chew the toy rather than anything else.

There are distraction toys available, as well. These are the toys that lure the dog away from destructive activities. Dogs certainly enjoy such toys, especially when the toys are filled with some treats. When the dogs play and chew with such toys, they also get the chance to eat the treat. Loofah pet toys with certain shapes can also act as distraction toys. Loofah pet toys in mouse, rabbit, or any other animal shape will lure the dog away from destructive activities and incite them to play and chew the toy.

Interactive dog toys are essential as well since they help create a good bond between the dog and its owner. Some of the popular interactive toys include Frisbees, balls, and ropes. Dog and its owner can both enjoy playing with Frisbee and ball in the outdoors. These toys provide physical exercise to the mutt, as well. With toy ropes, dog and its owner can play tug and pull, which many dog breeds find exciting.

To conclude, toys are essential for dogs as they affect their both mental and physical states. Besides, with toys to play with, dogs will refrain from destructive activities, such as chewing their master’s precious belongings.

Author Bio:

Joy Mac is contributor writer and guest author. She likes to write article on different topic related to pets likes cat toys, dog toys, pet accessories, pet clothing and many more.

***Removed link http://www(dot)adorable-pets(dot)com(dot)au/ from "Today, dog owners will find a myriad of dog toys in Australia" for having been flagged as a Trojan by ESET NOD 32
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

200 Million Veterinary Visits Every Year Dog Infographics

Who Will Fix Our Furry Friends?
Special thanks to Brown Mackie for providing this infographic.
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Mischief Monday: How to Torture a Kong Tennis Ball

Today, I and the pack shall teach you the ancient ways of torture used on a modern item.

Warning: Graphically morbid descriptions!

Exhibit A is a Kong AirDog Squeakair Tennis Ball. As you all know... it squeaks.

To maximize pain and suffering to this so-called sturdy, dog-safe squeaking tennis ball. You first have to break its spirit.

Exhibit B is an AirDog which has been bruised and battered both physically and emotionally. See its yellow green skin being torn from it!

Now that it has squeaked its final plea to leave this earth and cross the rainbow bridge for dog toys,  gently peel and listen to its excruciating squeal of death!

Farewell, sturdy Kong squeaker. Perhaps next time, you'll think again before promising the dogs durability.

Don't get me wrong! The ball is still intact... for 3-4 days at the most.

This blog hop is brought to your by SnoopysDogBlog!

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