Saturday, January 26, 2013

A MyDogs Confession with Puppies and Dog Pregnancy

Dear Friends,

Up until now, I still feel guilty for not being true to my word. As you all know, I am an advocate of adoption, spaying and neutering. However, I myself have made one of the most irresponsible mistakes.... I wasn't able to keep Chooey from getting pregnant and at such a young age :(.

My Teenage Shih Tzu's First Born at 2 Days old
Three months ago, we brought her to the vet to have her check-up and the vet confirmed that she was pregnant. As the vet looked at me, she told me that it's ironic how most owners would want to get their dogs pregnant while I didn't look happy about it.

Chooey and her Eight-Day-Old Puppies
You must be wondering who the father is... It's freaking Whitey! I had no idea how he was able to sneak up to the second floor, but HE DID IT!

Last Weekend's Puppy Photo Shoot at the Rooftop Where All Grooming Rituals Take Place
Obviously, I did a great job steering Humping Shih Tzu (Buchi) away from Chooey. But then, I forgot about Whitey. So, not only did Chooey get ticks from the evil white dog but a bunch of... cute...adorable... smart... puppies (awwwww moment). China (the one on the left) is a super fast learner in potty training.

Good news is they're all boys so pregnancy won't be a problem. And as irresponsible as that may have sounded, I do plan to have them fixed. The Cone of Shame WILL visit us!

Furthermore, there was no doubt that we were keeping all of them. And we even added another rescued member into our pack (to be featured next time).

So, that's it... (confused feelings).
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Mischief Monday: Deworming and Spam

Say what? I'd never thought I'd discuss about dog deworming and Google's comment spam in a single post. Anyway, let us begin!


I recently had this pop-up educating me on the world of Comment SPAM. Long story short, I was finally able to go to my spam inbox and guess who's on the list...

Ugh! The nerve! No wonder I've been missing out on some great comments because Google decided it was spam! 

Worry not, dear bloggy friends! I have un-spammed all of you. LOL. It seems that the dogs need not do any mischief this week. Google has wrapped it up for them.


A reader recently emailed me regarding my post on dog deworming... and he was asking for help on what kind of deworming medicine will work best as a preventative measure.

Since I live in the Philippines, I am pretty sure that the one I am using isn't sold in the US. However, just in case you guys are wondering what it is... it's called Albendazole Microzole. This is what my vet uses and what he recommended for us to use.


Since this reader is in the US, I am unable to help him out. I was hoping that you guys could recommend a deworming medicine for him by sharing it through your comments. I would truly appreciate your help on this.

Thanks in advance.

Snoopy's Dog Blog

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas Mails...Doggy Mails...Presents in Mails

So it's the middle of January and I have now gathered all the mail I got for Christmas. Before anything else, I would like to thank everybody- dogs,cats, and polar bears-alike that has sent me Christmas cards. I would also like to thank Jazzi's mom and friends for facilitating 2012's Christmas card exchange. I truly hope that everybody participating received their cards from our pack.

See what I mean about the Sanrio Polar Bear? Thanks, Furries of Whisppy mom!

You'd never guess whose card that Golden Retriever puppy came from! LOL. Thanks, Austin and Caro of CATachresis... And lastly, the pretty red one (on the top left corner) is from Magic of Life in the Doghouse.

Here's another group.  I divided them into two groups to showcase each and everyone. ^______^

Next, we finally received our new Pet Hub tag from PetHub. We would like to thank Pam and Oskar of Pet Blogs United for sponsoring the Christmas giveaway to which we got our pretty PetHub Tag. Also, thank you, Miss Lorien  and PetHub staffies for responding to our queries and facilitating its delivery to us.

Check out their Pet Hub found me success stories.

Tune in next time for our compilation of online cards. Hopefully, I haven't left anyone behind.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Pet Express at SM Mall of Asia

I'll make this short and sweet... lots of pictures and not much text. In my last post, I had talked about the new clippers we got from Pet Express at SM MOA. Well, here's a short tour feauturing one of the biggest pet stores in the Philippines.

The SM Mall of Asia is currently known as the largest mall in the Philippines and the world's third largest  mall.

This is the Pet Express' front entrance at SM Mall of Asia.

Guess what our first stop was. Dog Toys!!! And Kongs!!! We even came across a tiny Shih Tzu pup who was quivering and barking at the latex dog toy we were squeaking.

I took a picture of their Vitamins section. I like that they have the word "Ask Our Vet" which can be very helpful for new cat and dog owners.

When I train Chooey to do tricks, this is where I often buy dog treats. Fortunately, our personal favorite, veggie-flavored doggy biscuit treats are always on sale.

Dog food and cat food, anyone?

And that's the rest of our tour... we hope you enjoyed it.
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

My First Attempt in Grooming a Shih Tzu at Home

Finally, a new Shih Tzu hairdo! Of course, please be gentle in criticizing my novice grooming skills. Apparently, Buchi loves his dirt... and rain... and wallowing like a tiny carabao in the mud.

Super Duper Dirty Shih Tzu!
It seems that living the outdoor life with Rin and the others has freed this Shih Tzu's inner dog nature. This Christmas, we finally decided to buy...

A Wahl U-Clip Dog Clipper Kit from Pet Express SM MOA orignally costing 4,249.75 php. We got it discounted at 20%.
This is what I used to clip the newly bathed (YEAH! Smells good...) Shih Tzu's (e.g. sounded a lot better than Buchi) chrysanthemum and the occipital area (dog's back).  Jargon-y!

Viola! Better looking but still subject for improvement!
So Buchi isn't the most cooperative grooming model YET... Neither am I the a good groomer at the moment... but I do hope I'll eventually get it right in due time. By the way, Buchi doesn't like treats or toys (he just wants to hump so I'm still trying to figure out what could motivate him for good grooming behavior).

I'd like to thank the Furries of Whisppy's Mom for inspiring me to get my own dog clippers and groom the two most adorable Shih Tzus of my life.

Having a hard time picking a good pair of clippers, I found this site listing the pros and cons of the best shears for dog grooming. You might want to check it out.  
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Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year, Cats and Dogs! Oh, And More Fireworks.

Happy New Year from Tiny Terror Shih Tzu.
The 31st was a busy day for us. Rin and Whitey are such scaredy cats that we had to take safety precautions so that they have safe houses during the fireworks. And as per my previous post, you already have an idea where Rin decided to take shelter from the fireworks.

All those preparations...from making sure that all the possible safe houses are clean to boarding up a doghouse in case we needed to confine them when they get too scared.
Yet all those contingency plans have not prepared me for this tiny dog's curiosity. Not only is Chooey fearless in the face of whistle bombs  but she also escorts anybody who lights them up and even comes close to it while sparks fly out of curiosity.

If I had 9 lives, Chooey probably had me shed 5 of them because of the many heart attacks I got from her messed up doggy instincts.

Next Agenda...

I was emailed recently by TheDogWalkingCo asking for help in sharing their new campaign. To give you guys a brief explanation of what this is, please play the Youtube video above. If you believe in their cause, kindly drop by their website (through the link above) and check it out.
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fireworks, Dogs and Adaptil Guest Post

Today, we are featuring a two part special in our first 2013 post. So with no further ado, here's just one of the many pictures of doggie drama in our household. More to follow this January!

Chooey, the tiny terrorizing Shih Tzu, barking mad because Rin's in her dog house.
I decided to bring Chooey's dog house down to the second floor just in case she wanted to hide from the booming noise of the fireworks. I also placed a box in it because I know for a fact that Chooey likes boxes just like the Woos.

Rin hasn't been desensitized from the noise and she's such a scaredy cat. So, while trying look for a hiding place, she decides to seek shelter in Chooey's small dog house. And this drove Chooey crazy because it was her house! Fortunately for Rin, the tiny dog terror was preoccupied during the night's events.

Okay, for our second part... This post is brought to you by Vet Medic.

Adaptil For Dogs

Adaptil is simply a product that has been developed to help support dogs through various challenging situations. These challenges include fireworks, first night of puppies away from their mother, training; specifically puppy classes and agility. In addition, a dog or puppy travelling on a car for the first time, having to stay away from home,  and loud noise among other reasons. These factors can cause stress to the dogs. 

Most owners do not recognize these stresses and hence they worsen going unnoticed. This behavioral change can lead to a few problems which may become harder to deal with in the future. Your dog can, therefore,  stop playing, become more nervous, shaky or even hide.

Many dog organizations use Adaptil on their rescues. The product come with a money back-guarantee because of its effective and positive results. It is, however, not advisable to use this product on hyperactive dogs. It can be used under the advice of a vet or behaviorist alongside proper training so as to help in the management of the dog’s behavior  This management helps in clinical-behavioral problems like separation anxiety, fear, noise and many more.

The effects of Adaptil can be realized within 14 days for the Adaptil Diffuser and improve further over a month. The total duration for use depends mainly on the condition being treated but normally, it is up to a maximum of three months. It is easier to use Adaptil which is available in three common convenient forms. It is available in a diffuser, discrete plug-in which releases odorless pheromone, and a spray that can be applied directly to the object-areas. There is also an Adaptil collar that is normally used to encourage the diffusion of pheromones into the local environment and to help the dog adapt more comfortably.

Adaptil for dogs has no side effects. It has been scientifically proven that it is about 75% effective in dealing with problems that relate to behavioral changes such as anxiety, fear and help in establishing pets into a new home. However, despite these many advantages, Adaptil requires to be left in an active power point for about 24 hours a day and at least for a month to be effective. Pheromones are also always not a certain cure for some target behaviors. It is also a costly product and you will have to depart with some extra money.

Adaptil is a non-prescription product that has been proven to control signs of stress in dogs. It helps to reassure them comfort so that they are able to cope with the new changes of environment or hypersensitivity. Many trials have proven that Adaptil has positive results especially on helping puppies to settle into a new home, and more so in puppy socialization. For adult dogs, trials show that Adaptil helped adult dogs stay in kennels, settle in a new home,  deal with fireworks and during car travel. It is important to monitor your dog’s behavior so as to determine when to get Adaptil. This is especially important when you have recently relocated to a new area or are travelling with your dog among other signs.

Have a Happy New Year, everyone. We plan to see you in your bloggies very soon!
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