Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year, Cats and Dogs! Oh, And More Fireworks.

Happy New Year from Tiny Terror Shih Tzu.
The 31st was a busy day for us. Rin and Whitey are such scaredy cats that we had to take safety precautions so that they have safe houses during the fireworks. And as per my previous post, you already have an idea where Rin decided to take shelter from the fireworks.

All those preparations...from making sure that all the possible safe houses are clean to boarding up a doghouse in case we needed to confine them when they get too scared.
Yet all those contingency plans have not prepared me for this tiny dog's curiosity. Not only is Chooey fearless in the face of whistle bombs  but she also escorts anybody who lights them up and even comes close to it while sparks fly out of curiosity.

If I had 9 lives, Chooey probably had me shed 5 of them because of the many heart attacks I got from her messed up doggy instincts.

Next Agenda...

I was emailed recently by TheDogWalkingCo asking for help in sharing their new campaign. To give you guys a brief explanation of what this is, please play the Youtube video above. If you believe in their cause, kindly drop by their website (through the link above) and check it out.


  1. Yeap, we had fits over the fireworks also, had to sit in Dads lap, both of us, then lay next to him very tightly in bed later, Hope you had a most Happy New Year.

    Your Plas
    Susie & Bites

  2. Chooey sounds so much like the canine version of Tutu. Tutu isn't afraid of anything either!

  3. Hey guys! Thanks for visiting! Our Mom said the holidays were busy and kept her opposable thumbs all to herself. We like your safe houses for the the fireworks. Wish we had one of those!

    Gronk and Izzie

  4. oh, if only we could be as fearless as Chooey! Thankfully our area is pretty quiet in terms of New Year celebrations.

    The DogWalkingCo is a good idea!

    Pip, Smidgen, minie, Hollie

  5. We too are glad the boom booms are over. I took to hiding behind the sofa and the Peeps turned the TV up to drown the noise. Happy New Year. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Poor Rin! We don't like fireworks here, either. Chooey, you are like a super hero, who fears nothing. Be careful, though. You don't want to give Haopee a heart attack!

    Happy New Year, dear friends. We love you!

  7. I am a big scardy cat-- or scardy pug!

  8. I hate the fireworks, ours are all over now, thank dog :) Love the Happy New Year picture :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. Happy new year! Too bad about hte fire works we are lucky in that none of us are too afraid of them

    urban hounds

  10. Happy New Year to you alls

  11. Happy New Year :) Austin should take a leaf out of Chooey's book!! He was terrified, poor little guy!!

    Sorry we've not been around blogging and visiting much but we had a bit of a family crisis which detained me :( Hopefully will be back soon xx

  12. Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for your kind words when our mom had her surgery. They really helped her feel better.

  13. We don't like the fireworks to much...LadyBug FREAKS out! She hides under the bed and won't c ome out!!! Happy New Year! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  14. We hate fireworks! Not at all curious about them, we just want the noise and the smell to stop! Thank goodness that is behind us now.

    The Dog Walk group has a very interesting idea; I love that they want to involve rescues; thanks for sharing.

  15. Hello dear furends!!!!!! Just wanted to to say thank you so much for the beautiful Christmas card y'all sent us!!!! You have grrreat penmenship!!


  16. Wishing you a Happy New Years!!!!!


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