Sunday, February 24, 2013

Power of Paw for PJ

Dear Friends,

We haven't blogged for the entire week due to my 5-day seminar. And that's not all that happened. I came home to hear that they brought PJ to the vet hospital. He tested positive for the Parvo virus.

Please pray for PJ's recovery. Today is his 4th day in the vet clinic. And so far, we haven't got "THE CALL". We visited yesterday and the vet said it was good that he was sitting already. He's survived the first 24 hours which is good too. He's still not eating but he's dextrosed.

I have pictures of him but it just breaks my heart to see him so weak.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Doggy Grooming for Valentines Day?

I think my second attempt in grooming Buchi is worse than my previous one.

Sorry you had to face the flashy beast, my sweet Buchi.

After lasting 10 minutes in the bathroom with a sprinkler in one hand and a Bay-O-Pet Tick and Flea Soap in the other, I bathed, lathered and praised my cooperative little Shih Tzu into a bath.

Shih Tzu with towel, anyone?

Then Buchi was toweled and blown dry courtesy of my sister's hair dryer and the dog's white fluffy towel.

The blower is so sexy.

Finally, I made use of the clippers (but more of the scissors) which made the experience easier for Buchi and harder for me.

Yet another work in progress in the free Shih Tzu grooming parlor.

P.S. Happy Valentines Day. Have a great day at the Valentines Day Ball.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What Puppies Do...

That's simple... puppies play, feed, look cute and walk clumsily. I forgot to mention they poop and still look cute.

Update: I haven't done much blogging due to the busy schedule. I would like to thank everyone who have left me messages. I am hoping to have everyone vaccinated this month. Having 10 dogs to tend to is no easy business. Both adult and youngins are due for their vaccination except for Chooey.

Good news!I have found a cheap neutering and spaying program in our locality. I also asked permission from the real dog owners (my sister and BIL) if it were okay to have Whitey and the pups neutered (and Chooey and Rin spayed) and they said yes ^___^. But I  can't risk doing it along with the vaccination. I also read that spaying/ neutering should take place just before the 5th-6th month. I plan to finish the vaccination first... then we go Coney Island ^___^.

Puppies... wow, they're cute. They're clumsy and cute. I just had to share our puppy adventures.


1. Puppies eat.

Puppies eat... in some of the laziest positions.

More often than not, they exhibit "dog pack"sharing behaviors while eating... or maybe the other one has fallen asleep.

2. Puppies play.

Puppies play with toys you let them play with. Sometimes, you catch a glimpse of serenity amidst the puppy chaos. As you could see, Timothy the Turtle is still alive!

Other times, puppies play with something they're not suppose to play with. *Cough... whose slippers are those?!?

3. Puppies are innately curious.

Cherish the days a dog looks at your camera innocently because someday, you'll never get opportunities like these.

4. Puppies are smart!

Beneath that puppy facade is a cunning, sleuthing, super genius canine. So beware the days following their first "sit" trick!
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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Puppy Deworming and Administering Medicine to Dogs

I just realize how much I admire people who provide the very best care for their special-needs dogs. Imagine how hard it is to deal with a puppy or dog who doesn't like to drink their medicine. Owners have to devise ingenious ways in order for these dogs to take it in.

Deworming China is effortless. He just loves seeing Albendazole Microzole's blue color being fed to him.
I am blessed to have pups that are quite cooperative when it comes to drinking vitamins and deworming medicine just like their mom.

Not only does PJ, Chooey's first born Shih Tzu mix, enjoy drinking from the syringe, but he expects to be given more. I guess Microzole (the dewormer I am using) does "taste" good.

Administering Medicines to Dogs Orally
Having problems with giving your dogs medicine? Here are some techniques you should try.

1. Putting the liquid solution in a syringe and injecting it inside the pocket of your dog's mouth slowly.
2. Slathering it with peanut butter or cheese spread to conceal the medicine's scent from your dog.
3. Putting it inside his food or doggy treat (*cough* hotdog) or sprinkling the crushed contents in your dog's food.

So which is it?

Older dogs require something more creative. I stuffed the Canex deworming tablet into a piece of hotdog. Whitey came back asking for more. ^____^
Deworming your pup or dog is very important. The first time I had Peanuts, I was really surprised how many canine worms she had. I can still recall how those little white things wriggled their way out. 
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