Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dog Adoption in Marikina City, Philippines

Pet adoption from dog pounds in the Philippines isn't something most people are aware of.
Drop by the Marikina City Veterinary Office Impounding Area if you're planning to add a dog in your family.
Did you know that you could adopt a pet from Marikina CVO's Impounding Area? According to Marikina City's website, pet adoption is best done during Fridays.

Did you know that the average cost of adoption there is at 500 php?
Did you also know that there are a lot of dogs there hoping to find their forever home? In fact, I've found a few purebred ones still waiting for someone to get them. Last I checked, there was a German Shepherd Pup, a chocolate brown Poodle and a Chow-chow who's just dying to get a chance on a second life.

Before you decide to buy from a breeder or a pet store, please don't forget to drop by your local pound.
But that's not the only interesting dog being kept in the Marikina City Veterinary Office Impounding Area, we also found a white (or cream colored) beauty who just stands up and wags its tail whenever a stranger approaches it. I couldn't explain the expression in that dog's eyes. I'm calling him/her Tuesday because that's when they caught him/her.

Now that you know... Before you go browsing through online websites for cute adorable purebreds and mixed breds, drop by your local pound. You might be surprised with what you may find.

A lot of people have posted their rants about Marikina's way of impounding dogs. Before you post your complaints, I suggest you read RA 9482: The Anti-Rabies Act, this article from PAWS titled My Dog is Taken to the Pound. Is this legal?, and a list of Philippine some local pounds around Metro Manila.
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Friday, April 26, 2013

Free Anti-Rabies Vaccination for Dogs Owned by Marikina City Residents

It's this time of the year where a number of "dog checkers" roam around the city to advise owners to have their dogs registered. Annual dog registration is mandatory in Marikina City, although there's no such ordinance pertaining to it in their website. A fee of 75 php accompanied by the dog's picture is required to complete such registration in the Marikina City Veterinary Office.
For detailed information on Marikina City's annual dog registration, let this poster be your guide.
To have your pet registered, you will have to visit the Marikina City Engineering Office.

There you'll fill up the data form and provide them with a picture of your dog. 
This is the Marikina City Veterinary Office front.
According to the annual dog registration poster, anti-rabies vaccination is required. So before you go to the office, you should either:

1. Have your dog's proof of anti-rabies vaccination with you. (or)
2. Bring your dog to have him vaccinated in the Marikina City Veterinary Office Impounding Area.

The 75 php payment is done at the cashier's office. 
Once you're done here, you may proceed to the impounding area with your dog to have him vaccinated of anti-rabies for free (except for the registration, of course.) 

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shattered Shih Tzu Dreams Sunday

I had hoped to give this post the title "How much is that doggy in the window?" 

But then, I remembered how Buchi just loves the ladies. 

Ironically, the one who's doing the humping is Chooey. And what's even more peculiar is that Rin's beginning to exhibit dominant behavior. She's peed on Ducky and one more victimized dog toy.

Need I say more?
I believe this qualifies for a Mischief Monday... Happy Sunday!
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Funny Dog Story: The Underwear Bandits

Breaking news! A number of underwear garments have gone missing ever since a group of settlers have invaded the MyDogsLove.Me pack habitat.

Translation: Our families and close relatives spent their vacation here because my sister and her husband we're about to get the house blessed. Some underwear garments have gone missing.

It was pandemonium! A chaos of of questions boggled the minds of these settlers. What have they done to have angered the gods?

Translation: They had no idea who the culprit was.

Wanted: Two Exposed Dogs Guilty of Stealing Underwear!

After fervently praying for some answers, a ray of light guided them to the truth they sought.

Translation: They caught two mischievous dogs lying comfortably on the clothes that came from the clothes line.

Tune in for more updates on the suspects that are on the run!

Translation: There's more of this story to come.
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Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Dog's One True Love...


You know how owners pour time and effort on raising their dogs right. Well, I'll be damned if I say I wasn't proud of my accomplishments in taking good care of Chooey. 

Like a mother hopes their children will love them for who they are when they grow old, I was hoping Chooey would do so too. But then again...

Ducky comes into her life... and I am but a person of the past.

Or perhaps I am just sensationalizing Chooey's ducky desires. Nonetheless, I do pray this is just a phase... an infatuation... puppy love... canine craziness...
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Guest Post: Special Requirements for Pet Nutrition – Medical and Age Related Concerns

How was your Easter, my dear bloggy friends? Did you enjoy it? Did you have fun looking for those colorful eggs?

Today, I will be presenting you with an educational guest post on dog health and nutrition.


Special Requirements for Pet Nutrition – Medical and Age Related Concerns

Animals of different ages and specie have different nutritional requirements. Very young animals may need an excess of protein to grow their bodies; and a large amount of calcium to promote rapidly growing bones and teeth. They may also require more distilled elements, for example amino acids, which are the building blocks upon which protein synthesis is based.

The choices a person makes about the food he or she wishes to feed his or her cat and/or dog (there are of course other pets available, all with their own nutritional needs, but for the purposes of this discussion it is the cat and the dog that we will look at), then, may be guided by age and known infirmities as well as by species. Some animals, for instance, have an aversion to wet or dry food and must only be fed the other. Some are allergic to the compounds that hold wet food together. Others may have specific ailments that require assistance through nutrition.

In general, it may be seen that there are two types of pet nutrition – the basic nutrition given to cats and dogs at different stages in their lives, which is designed to assist with the known nutritional requirements of the cats and dogs in question at those times of their lives; and medicinal nutrition, which is either given in supplement, or is given as a total regimen to assist an animal in an ailing state.

Diabetic cats and dogs, for instance, may be treated using special food, or food supplements, which aim to balance out the insulin deficiencies in their bodies.

There are a number of different kinds of pet food that can be used for these purposes: some brands, such as Hill’s pet nutrition, offer both medical and basic nutrients, while others are directed specifically according to the need at hand. For medical nutrition, the recommendation of the vet should always be the key guiding factor in a decision regarding brands or food types.

It is important to balance dry food with plenty of moisture. Cats, for example, have bodies that are evolved through thousands of years of hunting and killing small rodents and other small animals. As such, the cat has been evolutionary used to getting moisture from its food. If a cat is fed on dry food alone, the potential moisture content in its natural food intake may drop by as much as 65%. The thirst requirements of the animal are low in a normal behavioral state, as the setup of the body is mainly geared towards finding moisture from food (as noted) – so if more than normal water is not supplied, the cat may exist in a permanent state of dehydration.

The same calculation applies to dried dog food, which is roughly 10% moisture as opposed to the near 90% achieved by some canned food. As such, it is important to keep a dog well supplied with moisture if dry food is its only diet. It must be noted that dogs are more likely to drink in quantity than cats, and therefore that the potential problems associated with using only dry cat food may not be quite so prevalent in the use of purely dried dog food.

As noted, all pet nutritional requirements should be ratified by a qualified veterinary professional before being set in stone.

Marcia Grey is a pet lover. Click here  for more information on her research. 
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