Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Funny Dog Story: The Underwear Bandits

Breaking news! A number of underwear garments have gone missing ever since a group of settlers have invaded the MyDogsLove.Me pack habitat.

Translation: Our families and close relatives spent their vacation here because my sister and her husband we're about to get the house blessed. Some underwear garments have gone missing.

It was pandemonium! A chaos of of questions boggled the minds of these settlers. What have they done to have angered the gods?

Translation: They had no idea who the culprit was.

Wanted: Two Exposed Dogs Guilty of Stealing Underwear!

After fervently praying for some answers, a ray of light guided them to the truth they sought.

Translation: They caught two mischievous dogs lying comfortably on the clothes that came from the clothes line.

Tune in for more updates on the suspects that are on the run!

Translation: There's more of this story to come.


  1. Run guys! You is innocent! You was framed by the cat! The cat did it! A squirrel did it! No, I's pretty sure a cat did it.


  2. We hope the "more to come" doesn't include ripped up underwears. LOL.

  3. Underwear? And clean underwear to boot! Where's the fun in that?

  4. No, No, No, Some Doggy did it, not them, they were laying on them to make sure they didn't disappear!

    The Mad Scots

  5. Don't you have squirrels there? You know those tree rats are always trying to get us dogs in trouble!!! Blame it on them.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. I, Daisy, just love sleeping on laundry...clean or dirty, but I'm too short to help myself to the clothesline! Great work, guys.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Socks seem to disappear here regularly.

  7. Have you heard of Somedoggy...? I bet it was him!

  8. Bawahhaaaa busted! I'm the sock thief in our pad. Have a wonderful Sunday xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. This is serious!!! But of course you always wear underwear under where you sit!! ;)

  10. Wait, just because you were laying near the underwear that had been missing doesn't make you doggies guilty! Maybe you were just GUARDING the underwear, right? ;)

  11. PAWSOME! I think meowmeow might be on to something with the two dogs guarding the underwear. Maybe they chased off the real culprits and should be rewarded.

  12. Never admit to matter how many cookies they try to bribe you with!

  13. Remember innocent until proven guilty, the said items where planted on you.


  14. our norbert is a total underwear bandit

    urban hounds

  15. Say they blew off the line and you are heroes for gathering them together and lying on them until help came! Humans will believe that, especially if you give them "the look!"

  16. We received your postcard! We were so excited:) Thank you and we posted about it at!!!!! Have a great weekend!

  17. Mua haha...Underwearz disappearing iz such a fun game


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