Monday, May 20, 2013

Benefits of Owning an Aspin / Askal

Chooey Update: Chooey's doing a lot better. She's recovering pretty well. I've taken off the Cone of Shame during day time as she's no longer fighting the bandage tape muzzle that was made by the vet for her jaw bone to recover. She's on strict dog soft diet and she's crated every night.

You must be wondering what I am talking about.  Seeing as most of my bloggy friends are non-Filipinos, I'll be giving  a short definition of an askal/aspin.

Brother dog is a full-fledged, 100% genuine aspin. He's been with us for a long time now. He's probably 7 or even older.

An aspin or an askal is a dog native to the Philippines.  They are often found in streets and homes of the average Filipino family.  They are independent,  cunning and street smart (literally speaking).  Askals/ aspins are often categorized as mongrels, mutts and mixes, but I still personally like calling them street dogs because of their intelligence (and persistence) in finding their own food and evasion skills as escape artists. You don't normally learn that in a sheltered environment.

Literal Translations:

Askal -  asong kalye -  street dog
Aspin -  asong Pinoy -  Filipino dog

Why should you adopt an Askal or Aspin from your local pound? 

1. Most askals/aspins are food-driven. They're not picky on training treats. 

2. Aspins/ Askals normally thrive on people food, but dog food works wonders on them. I give mine Bow Wow dog food and their coats have turned extra shiny. 

3. Aspins make great models for photography. 

The camera may have the wrong settings, but dear Ginger's pictures will always be perfect.
4. Since the askal / aspin family tree is so diverse,  the tendency for them to have genetic diseases are slim to nothing. 

5. A little training goes a long way. Food rewards are highly effective. Saver the Wonder Dog is one of Philippines' most famous askal.

Note: Don't be discouraged by their stubbornness.  You'd  be surprised how easily they learn the rest of the tricks once they've gotten the first one right.

6. Most askals/ aspins have survived without vaccinations through  the years.  This means that most of them have built an immunity against highly contagious diseases.

Note: Fortunately,  due to government programs providing free anti-rabies vaccinations,  the rate of rabies infection in cities have decreased.

7. They're far cheaper to adopt.  Some Philippine pet shelters already have their dogs and cats spayed / neutered and vaccinated. 

Note: The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) charges an adoption fee of 500 php for cats and 1000 php for dogs. These pets are all neutered/spayed, rabies vaccinated, groomed and dewormed before adopted out.

8. They require less maintenance than purebred dogs. 

Bottom line,  aspins / askals are great dogs to take care of. And some city pounds are teeming with them. So do VISIT THEM before you buy that puppy in the pet store or online ad.


  1. We completely agree with you! So many homeless dogs need a loving family. And they are always so grateful when they are rescued. The Aspin are very cute! Over here in Texas we have some mutts and pure breeds just roaming the street. Especially in the country. People dump them there because they think no one sees what they are doing. In fact we have had people dump dogs on our ranch! I think word has gotten around that we rescue every dog possible!! Thanks for standing up for the homeless dogs!

    I will plan on buying a DSLR over the holidays. I bought a point and shoot and it is practically worthless. The shutter timing (or whatever it is called) takes forever to actually take the picture. I gave up using it. Now i just take photos with my iphone.

    Kim (Ruthie's mom)

    1. Ugh! That sucks. But I guess, it's a blessing in disguise on your part. No wonder you guys seem to have strength in numbers. LOL.

      I have a point and shoot camera... so far it's okay. However, it would be nice to try a good camera once in awhile.

  2. We are so glad Chooey is better.bHave a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. What a cool breed I've never heard of them so glad chooey is better
    Urban hounds

  4. I have never heard to that breed before. He looks like a lovely dog. Poor Chooey, hope this is the last of her accidents.
    Lynne x

    1. They're not exactly a breed...however, they're what local dogs here are called by default.

      I pray it is too.

  5. Great post! We're glad Chooey's recovery is going well. :)

  6. What great dogs. Good for you to get the word out there.

    We're happy Chooey is improving and doesn't need the CONE!

    XXXOOODaisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. interesting! Askals/Apins do sound like great dogs. We are always for adopting first :) We're glad to hear Chooey is doing better. We'll continue to purr.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  8. That Ginger is adorable. :) Glad to see the local dogs getting air time and adopted. It's heart breaking, the number of dogs in shelters.

  9. Hooray for Chooey doing so much better! :) We will keep on purring and praying for her!

    Thank you for sharing about Askals/Apins. They really sound like great dogs, and we hope many people will heed your excellent reasoning for adopting them.


  10. I'm glad Chooey's feeling better, thanks for explaining about the Askals/Aspins there aa breed i hadn't heard of before.


  11. We love the idea of Native Street Dogs instead of calling them "mutts"! And you are right because they have had to survive they are clever, quick learners with lots of potential. Thanks for sharing this their lovely photos and all the info.

    Very happy that Chooey is mending well. We are still send White dog positive energies that all heals perfectly and that peace can be found.

  12. We've been bad bloggers, haven't stopped in a while. *Hang our heads in shame*.

    Purrs for Chooey's healing and recovery!

    We definitely think adoption from a shelter is the way to go, whether dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, etc. We're shelter adoptees and thankful for it! :-)

  13. Oh yes, we are big supporters of adopting homeless dogs - either from a shelter or directly from the street.

    Hope Chooey continues to feel better.

    Your pal, Pip

  14. Had never heard of them before. very interesting. Am so glad Chooey is doing better :)

  15. So glad Chooey is better and Ginger is beautiful!

  16. Oh Chooey, keep up the good works! Good thing that cone of shame is gone *shudders*

    Pee S. If you wins a copy of my book I is very happy to send it home to you with your sister. That book would be more well-traveled than me, BOL!


  17. AND, thank yous for the good informations about Askals/Aspins, I no has ever heared of them before.

  18. Very interesting post. We're all for adopting the homeless too. They make wonderful pets.

  19. i just wanna ask for your help guys. i love my new pup and he's about 3 months old. my housemates are not really used to having a dog inside the house and they hate it when she just simply bites. maybe she wants to play with us but they are scared of being bitten so they put her in a cage but i want her to be freely roaming around the house. what should i do to reduce her biting and restlessness. thanks.

    1. Hi. I'm real sorry for not responding so soon. Biting, nipping and unwanted behavior can come from a lot of things. For one, you should ask yourself these following questions:

      1. Do I provide her proper exercise? Do I allot 15 minutes twice a day for games? Do I walk her for 30 minutes a day? Do I give her enough mental stimulation to get her tired? Does she have toys to keep her preoccupied. Invest on sturdy toys. Good, durable squeakers have kept our dogs preoccupied for quite some time.

      2. Do I correct her behavior? If she nips at me, do I sternly say no? Does she understand when I say no? If she doesn't know good from bad, then you need to correct the behavior. Use a squirt bottle and spray it on her face. It's better than hurting or spanking a dog.

      Timing is very important. If you do correct the behavior, makes sure you catch them in the act or it should be seconds after the act.

      3. Unfortunately, people who never had pets always assume the worst. They're so scared that sometimes their reaction will elicit an unwanted behavior. The only way to show this people that your dog can be trusted is ensuring that your dog acts properly. In due time, they will appreciate it.

      4. Make sure your dog is vaccinated and is updated with her shots. It's a big deal.

  20. Are you sure its 1000 php for dogs and 500 php for cats? The city pound in Cebu only charges 150 for the adoption and that already includes:

    *Rabies vaccine for an adopted pet
    * Spay and Neuter
    * Deworming
    * Cebu City Dog Collar

    I haven't had the chance to visit the pound yet but I have been dreaming about going there and adopting a kitty to my already big family of aspin dogs :)

    But I have to disagree on the prices though that's really over priced compared here. O__O

    1. Hi Aihia. Thank you for sharing the information about the Cebu City Pound. People should be aware of adoption in their locality.

      That's according to their page at And I quote: "6. RELEASE DAY

      On the day of the release, pay the adoption fee. That's Php 500 for cats and Php 1,000 for dogs. The following will be covered:
      The dog/cat will be spayed or neutered upon adoption
      Rabies vaccinations are up to date
      Deworming is up to date
      Flea and Tick preventives are up to date
      Most adult dogs have already undergone basic obedience training "

      True. It's definitely cheaper to adopt a pet from the city pound. That's what I've been sharing in another article.

      Good luck on your adoption plans!

  21. "A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor,big or small,young or old.He doesn't care if you're not smart,not popular,not a good joke-teller,not the best athlete,nor the best-looking person.To your dog,you are the greatest,the smartest,the nicest human being who was ever born.You are his friend and protector. "- Louis Sabin.

    @Kathy Brooks.

  22. I came here just to see if we have the same thoughts about aspin /askal - WE DO! I agree with everything you said about Aspin. I own 7 dogs 3 purebreds, 2 mixed, and 2 askals. One I adopted because if I didn't he would have been left behind by his owners in an empty home to starve and the other baby I saw outside a public church watching people eat street-cart foods and he was just waiting for scraps. Now they're about 2 and 3 yrs old, and I notice something so great about them. All my dogs are amazing to me, but the 2 askals it's like they know too well they have one purpose on earth and that is to protect their owner. I'm so grateful I have them :)

  23. I have two male aspin dogs both of them are two years old
    . Its white and brown their are so photogenic. I love them and smart too. Now we have four aspin dogs because we adopted two male and female puppies. They love eating dog food �� even we have an option to adopt some big dogs we still chose aspin dogs because its our nations dog ����

  24. Hi, our family rescued an aspin/stray dog last December 2017, we named him Sam. He was so skinny and full of rushes. We patiently feed him until we got his trust. He was not a happy dog when we rescued him. We brought him to the veterinary clinic and have him vaccinated. Now, he is so smart, full of energy and happy for he has a family- us and we love him so much.

  25. If only i'm financially wee off, i really have a big heart and wanted to rescue every single aspin/stray dogs i come across the street, this is my biggest and greatest heartbreak. So sad i can't rescue them all. I just rescued recently two puppies (aspin/stray) brought them to animal clinic, took care of them for almost a month but both got sick and died. One was rabid infected and the other of distemper. My heartbreaks until now, i really miss both of them specially the one died of distemper.

  26. Hi im new at taking care of my pet puppy and I want to feed her dog food since only her tummy has fat and not in her other parts also her tummy easily thins out after not feeding her another few hours shes really thin and I want to put some meat on her and human food isnt doing it like those dog recipes I've researched on the net there are so limited choices in philippines. She's an askal but she's a small breed and im not certain which breed she is. Ive done my research but purina and pedigree has a lot of bad reputation and the good brands aren't available here. Only Cebican, Sm bonus, Petone or pet one, and bow wow I dont which is good for her. I would really appreciate it

  27. While wandering around SM north I met on the way a caucasian lady carrying cuddling her aspin dog, i cant understand why some filipinos looked down on aspins?they are dogs with a heart too! They are easy to love their bosses

  28. Last Valentine's Day I came across a dog adoption event at Robinsons Galleria in Cebu by the Wild Rescue Crew. I fell in love with an brown Aspin puppy. My Cookie has been the sweetest little angel and a quick learner too! I believe all dogs regardless of breed deserve a good home and loving fur parents :)


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