Tuesday, July 30, 2013

If Only Phone Hotlines Were This Cute...

Whether it's Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T in the US or Smart, Globe and Sun in the Philippines, nothing beats Dog Mobile in terms of customer satisfaction.
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Keeping Your Canine Cool and Comfy in the Dog Days of Summer

Tammy Sexton messaged me with regard to this wonderful dog infographic that focuses on dog safety during the hot summer months from The Uncommon Dog.

I personally like the cute dog drawings and the super smiley sun!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hmmm... Best Dog Food?

Back when Chooey had her mandible broken because of Rin, we had to change her diet from hard kibble to soft baby food with canned dog food.

Royal Canin Recovery Food plus Cerelac equals Soft Diet to feed the dog with a broken mandible.
It was hard for me to decide what dog food brand to buy because of the fact that I'm not an expert on dog food analysis.

Ingredients, Ingredients... So Many Ingredients

With so many ingredients being used in dog food- from filler-filled to the grain-free type- it figures that owners who aren't aware of these will either choose what their dogs love best, the cheapest among the bunch, or the most advertised in TV.

Dog food selection in Pet Express Cubao.
I asked the sales person what people usually go for and he said that most pet owners choose Pedigree or Alpo. I asked him out of curiosity as I was already eying Petcurean Go! Natural Grain Free Chicken, Turkey+ Trout Stew  and Solid Gold.

Included among the wide variety of dog food displays were Holistic, Orijen, Royal Canin, Optima,  Purina Pro Plan Robust, and a lot more. Honestly, what's a pet owner got to do? Of course, CHECK THE INGREDIENTS.

We've just finished a can of Go! Natural dog food... It had trout in it and Chooey's breath smells like it!
So finally, I decided to juggle between cans of Solid Gold and Go! Natural since the rest were usually kibble packs. 

P.S. I know I must be boring you with these silly dog rambles of mine. I promise to post something interesting on my next one.

Update on Chooey

Chooey's doing fine. We dropped by the vet's office for a check-up. The vet even said that she's one tough cookie. That's after Dr. M reviewed her file thoroughly. Indeed she's super Chooey! After the wart removal and the Rin war, I'm thankful that her mandible's healing is going pretty well.

Update on Buchi

Buchi was due for his second visit to the vet today. We had him groomed there due to the non-functioning clipper. Then, he was treated for the mange which involved a shot of Ivermectin. So far, we're on the path of recovery. And he's such a handsome bald boy now (hihi).

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blogging for Dogs

Inform... Support... Donate... Volunteer... Adopt

I am blessed. I have met fellow dog enthusiasts after putting up this blog. I truly appreciate the people who have visited us and shared with us their experiences with their dogs. Once again, thank you.

Meet the Mastermind!
A Purpose... 

The purpose of this dog blog is to disperse information. My aim was to inform both International and Filipino dog lovers that there's more to loving our dogs.

The Pack...

Having a pack of 9 dogs is no walk in the park. We have taken strays before and we've experienced hard times juggling finances and providing them with adequate physical care, proper structure and mental stimulation.

The Messages I've Received....

There are days that I am quite taken aback by some of the emails I receive. Some of them are from people who share their problems with their dogs, others tend to ask me where my pet store is and there are also others who ask me if I sell puppies.


I have always made it clear that I am pro-adoption and I hope that people will someday take the initiative to visit their respected shelters (and pounds) to find an adoptable dog candidate.


If you ask me medical advice, I will do my best to share my knowledge about it. However, nothing will ever beat bringing your dog to the vet for a check-up.

If you ask me about adoption, I will try to locate a shelter. However, please do not expect me to give you a purebred dog or any dog for that matter.

If you ask me about pet items, please be informed that I do not own a pet supplies store. However, I've dreamed of putting up one in the future. It'll hopefully give me a chance to interact and share my knowledge and experiences to fellow pet owners.

If you ask me about dog behavioral issues, I will try to provide you with possible solutions. However, please don't expect me to be Cesar Millan or Victoria Stilwell.

Hopes and Dreams...

Whether it is an excuse or not, I admit that my resources are limited. I might not be able to do large scale rescues, take action on an email asking me to rescue a puppy or volunteer my time in a shelter, but I want to help in ways I am capable of.

For now, it'll certainly involve blogging and information assistance..
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Monday, July 8, 2013

What If My Dog...? by Jim Evans Dog Book Review

I guess like parenting, dog raising doesn't have a perfect manual. This is the reason why I find it important to read books such as What If My Dog...? by Jim Evans. Just like Dr. Bruce Fogle's book, it aims to teach us dog owners how to enjoy our life with our four-legged friends to the fullest (armed with information to prepare us for canine mishaps and dog issues).

Have you ever asked yourself, "What if My Dog... pulls.. won't eat... barks... is aggressive... jumps up... is shaking... soils the rug?"
This is also one of the first books I've bought as dog lover. It's an easy read as it goes straight to the problem rather than provide brief histories and backgrounds before going to the canine nitty-gritty.

It's not that Dr. Jim Evans skimped on dog behavior and its causes. In fact, he reserved an entire chapter on how dogs learn, how dogs act, how dogs communicate. 

Number 55 says, "What if my dog gets into a fight with another dog?"
So as for the question, is it a good dog book for novice and existing dog owners? Yes, Indeedy! The way the scenarios were presented (with pictures and interesting canine comic drawings) makes it easier to read and more convenient.

Preventing Inappropriate Behavior takes an entire page. Its second page elaborates the advantages of crating. 
The pictures are entertaining and the color coded chapters keep it categorically organized. This dog book is divided into four chapters. Pink is for chapter 1,  green is for chapter 2, yellow is for chapter 3 and green is for chapter 4.

What If My Dog...? chapters are as follows:

Chapter 1- Understanding Dog Behavior and How It can be Shaped
Chapter 2- Mishaps and Problems Around the House and Outdoors
Chapter 3- Preventing and Coping with Ilnesses
Chapter 4- The Aging Dog- Maintaining Quality of Life in Old Age

So there you have it! Another dog book to entertain and educate at the same time.
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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Good and Bad Veterinarian Experiences

Before I start, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to those who have dropped by send us their support and prayers when China left for the Rainbow Bridge.

The Bad Veterinarian

Okay, first topic. What makes a bad veterinarian?

A bad veterinarian is...

1. A veterinarian who doesn't seem to care about your dog's (or cat's) welfare.

e.g. Chooey's old vet was awful. She would only replace Chooey's bandages without asking how the dog actually was.

Note: This was the veterinarian who, while injecting Chooey with antibiotics, left the syringe on Chooey's leg as Chooey was wailing in pain (because of the broken jaw), screaming and squirming like there's no tomorrow. Whether it was due to frustration (of Chooey's overly uncooperative state) or inexperience, I don't know.
2. A veterinarian who is arrogant and looks down at his/her client's lack of information.

e.g. When China was admitted for erlichia, I asked her what she'd suggest because we couldn't afford all the tests to be done. She kept on insisting that all of them had to be done even when I had told her that I couldn't afford all the tests at that time. 

I was hoping she'd advise me on what the most important test was and what affordable treatment would work. Once I told her what I thought was best (to do all the tests and have China treated depending on the findings with no admission), she says, "Why don't we do this instead since I know more than you do."

Didn't I ask for her expert opinion awhile ago? Isn't the reason why I am asking too many questions is because I have no idea what to do?  Did this veterinarian really have to say what she said on my face?

3. A veterinarian who does not explain to the us why such a procedure is needed to be done and what other options we have.

This may not have have happened with this former vet. However, this was the reason we switched vets back in my hometown. That old veterinarian was also over confident saying that because Shark was a year old, it was impossible for him to get Parvo.
4. A veterinarian who makes excuses saying the dog isn't cooperating.

When Chooey was brought to the vet to have her bandage replaced, I asked that they cut the fur on her muzzle because it was gathering dirt. This veterinarian said that she couldn't cut it because Chooey was moving too much.

Dr. M is one amazing veterinarian. She's like a Cesar Milan protégé with her no-messing-with-the-vet growl to stop Chooey from squirming.
Ironically, when we brought Chooey last week to meet her colleague, this colleague cut my little Shih Tzu's fur on the muzzle in a manner that's almost effortless.

The Good Veterinarian

Some considerations when choosing a vet...

This is Dr. K. She's an awesome vet. Unfortunately. she's no longer practicing in the clinic we go to.
Choose a vet...

1. who is passionate in his/her practice.

2. who asks about your pet's welfare even when simply striking a normal conversation.

3. who practices veterinary medicine for the sake of helping pets and not mainly to make a business out of it.

4. who does his best to explain our dog's (or pet's) current situation- explaining all the options for us to consider.

5. who understands that not everybody can afford the all vet treatment.

Note: While I understand that some would say that there's no point in taking care of a dog when you can't afford veterinary care, some vet treatment costs can catch us off-guard. Other pet owners choose to bring their dogs to the vet hoping whatever budget they have will suffice (or at least get maximized to remedy the medical situation) .

6. who doesn't simply depend on what they learned in books but also considers real life situations.

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