Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blogging for Dogs

Inform... Support... Donate... Volunteer... Adopt

I am blessed. I have met fellow dog enthusiasts after putting up this blog. I truly appreciate the people who have visited us and shared with us their experiences with their dogs. Once again, thank you.

Meet the Mastermind!
A Purpose... 

The purpose of this dog blog is to disperse information. My aim was to inform both International and Filipino dog lovers that there's more to loving our dogs.

The Pack...

Having a pack of 9 dogs is no walk in the park. We have taken strays before and we've experienced hard times juggling finances and providing them with adequate physical care, proper structure and mental stimulation.

The Messages I've Received....

There are days that I am quite taken aback by some of the emails I receive. Some of them are from people who share their problems with their dogs, others tend to ask me where my pet store is and there are also others who ask me if I sell puppies.


I have always made it clear that I am pro-adoption and I hope that people will someday take the initiative to visit their respected shelters (and pounds) to find an adoptable dog candidate.


If you ask me medical advice, I will do my best to share my knowledge about it. However, nothing will ever beat bringing your dog to the vet for a check-up.

If you ask me about adoption, I will try to locate a shelter. However, please do not expect me to give you a purebred dog or any dog for that matter.

If you ask me about pet items, please be informed that I do not own a pet supplies store. However, I've dreamed of putting up one in the future. It'll hopefully give me a chance to interact and share my knowledge and experiences to fellow pet owners.

If you ask me about dog behavioral issues, I will try to provide you with possible solutions. However, please don't expect me to be Cesar Millan or Victoria Stilwell.

Hopes and Dreams...

Whether it is an excuse or not, I admit that my resources are limited. I might not be able to do large scale rescues, take action on an email asking me to rescue a puppy or volunteer my time in a shelter, but I want to help in ways I am capable of.

For now, it'll certainly involve blogging and information assistance..


  1. That's a nice, really clear post, thanks for all you do, we all together need to help our friends and speak out for them where and whenever we can x

  2. We agree ...you deserve a thank you for all you do. Bravo to you. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. You always give such great advice to everypup!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  4. That's a great explanation of what your blog is about, Haopee! We think your message of there being more to loving our dogs come through loud and clear. And we are so glad you are pro-adoption (we knew this already, but we are glad nonetheless). :)


  5. You do a wonderful job with the resources available...you should be proud

  6. A big thank you, Mom never has enough inform about how to care for us nuts!

    The Mad Scots

  7. I think you do a terrific job with your fur babies

    urban hounds

  8. We agree completely with others' comments - you are doing a wonderful thing with your blog and your voice and we think you should be PROUD.

  9. You do very good work with your blog! Thank you - we really enjoy reading your stories, advice and information. We hope you and all your furry family are well and happy - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  10. Great explanation of why you post, how you help, and what your limitations are. We all wish we can do more...but as long as we do what we can...we will make a difference. :-)

  11. Haopee, you certainly inform and illuminate and I don't even have a dog :)))

  12. Kudos to you, for your blog, and informative posts. I cannot imagine managing nine dogs.

  13. We appreciate everything you share with us!!!

  14. You DO make a difference! By sharing and interacting you help others understand their furry loves better and more intelligently make decisions regarding their best interests. thanks for what you do.

  15. You are fantastic and we thank you for all the great information you share with us xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  16. Great post! We have an award for you at http://dogsnpawz.com/follow-up-friday-this-dog-is-feeling-much-better.html

  17. Good deeds have their rewards, and helping those who can not speak for themselves is very good karma. Keep up the good work!

  18. My salute to your kind-hearted appeal to adopt and not simply buy a pet.

  19. Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is pawesome! It's ok if you fall asleep while meditating. Then you can meditate in the dream world! Me-Ommmmmm

  20. Good initiative for one who loves dogs to encourage others to adopt or find a dog that needs a new home versus buying them from pet stores.

  21. Well done! May there be more bloggers who blog for dogs.

  22. Rescue Dogs are the best Dogs. I know, because I am one. And so is Ojo! Everyperson needs a Rescue Dog (or two)!



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