Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Good and Bad Veterinarian Experiences

Before I start, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to those who have dropped by send us their support and prayers when China left for the Rainbow Bridge.

The Bad Veterinarian

Okay, first topic. What makes a bad veterinarian?

A bad veterinarian is...

1. A veterinarian who doesn't seem to care about your dog's (or cat's) welfare.

e.g. Chooey's old vet was awful. She would only replace Chooey's bandages without asking how the dog actually was.

Note: This was the veterinarian who, while injecting Chooey with antibiotics, left the syringe on Chooey's leg as Chooey was wailing in pain (because of the broken jaw), screaming and squirming like there's no tomorrow. Whether it was due to frustration (of Chooey's overly uncooperative state) or inexperience, I don't know.
2. A veterinarian who is arrogant and looks down at his/her client's lack of information.

e.g. When China was admitted for erlichia, I asked her what she'd suggest because we couldn't afford all the tests to be done. She kept on insisting that all of them had to be done even when I had told her that I couldn't afford all the tests at that time. 

I was hoping she'd advise me on what the most important test was and what affordable treatment would work. Once I told her what I thought was best (to do all the tests and have China treated depending on the findings with no admission), she says, "Why don't we do this instead since I know more than you do."

Didn't I ask for her expert opinion awhile ago? Isn't the reason why I am asking too many questions is because I have no idea what to do?  Did this veterinarian really have to say what she said on my face?

3. A veterinarian who does not explain to the us why such a procedure is needed to be done and what other options we have.

This may not have have happened with this former vet. However, this was the reason we switched vets back in my hometown. That old veterinarian was also over confident saying that because Shark was a year old, it was impossible for him to get Parvo.
4. A veterinarian who makes excuses saying the dog isn't cooperating.

When Chooey was brought to the vet to have her bandage replaced, I asked that they cut the fur on her muzzle because it was gathering dirt. This veterinarian said that she couldn't cut it because Chooey was moving too much.

Dr. M is one amazing veterinarian. She's like a Cesar Milan protégé with her no-messing-with-the-vet growl to stop Chooey from squirming.
Ironically, when we brought Chooey last week to meet her colleague, this colleague cut my little Shih Tzu's fur on the muzzle in a manner that's almost effortless.

The Good Veterinarian

Some considerations when choosing a vet...

This is Dr. K. She's an awesome vet. Unfortunately. she's no longer practicing in the clinic we go to.
Choose a vet...

1. who is passionate in his/her practice.

2. who asks about your pet's welfare even when simply striking a normal conversation.

3. who practices veterinary medicine for the sake of helping pets and not mainly to make a business out of it.

4. who does his best to explain our dog's (or pet's) current situation- explaining all the options for us to consider.

5. who understands that not everybody can afford the all vet treatment.

Note: While I understand that some would say that there's no point in taking care of a dog when you can't afford veterinary care, some vet treatment costs can catch us off-guard. Other pet owners choose to bring their dogs to the vet hoping whatever budget they have will suffice (or at least get maximized to remedy the medical situation) .

6. who doesn't simply depend on what they learned in books but also considers real life situations.


  1. It is a terrible experience for us and our pets when we happen to cross paths with these bad vets. When we used to take our dogs to the previous ones, I felt so guilty that they had been put through a bad experience because of my choice.
    I'm glad you have found a good vet too, they are worth their weight in gold aren't they.
    Lynne x

  2. It is painfully clear that not all doctors (for people or animals) graduate at the top of their class. Their motivations vary, their skill varies, and so does their attitude!

    Your pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Ambassadors of Love

  3. Don't start us off on the topic. Our old fashioned vet was brilliant but now he is retiring the clinic is just like a money pit. All they want to know is are you insured and then try and shove a load of useless tests on your poor pet etc. Makes me mad. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Yea need somebody that cares, it's important to us puppers also. The Vet that cares knows how to make us feel better about the experience.

    The Mad Scots

  5. This is so true, Haopee. All the knowledge in the world does NOT make someone a good vet. It must be combined with (among other things) common sense, compassion, sensitivity and listening skills.

    How's Chooey?

  6. Preaching to the choir! We had a terrible experience, they insisted on muzzling Sampson because 'he was big' and terrified him! So we found a wonderful new vet and transferred the whole clan there!

    Have a great week


  7. I am so, so, so glad that the practice we take Neeko and Bruce to is awesome!

  8. Finding a good vet is getting increasingly difficult even here! I think especially if you live in rural areas In UK, the vets don't care much for small animals, they rather do the farm animals. They think cats and dogs are beneath them!! Bit stupid really, as more people have pets than farm animals!

  9. We have an hour drive to our vet and the care quality is worth it. Our mom does not care for the doc at our home town office. purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  10. Good vets are worth their weight in treats!

  11. We cry when we hear about bad vets. We like the good vets a whole bunch.

  12. We are so sorry to hear of China's passing and we're really sorry you've been having such a rough time with your vet :-(

  13. That is awful, we are lucky we have a nice vets..Wish I could say the same for my dentist..LOL xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  14. So sorry to hear about China. RIP little one.

    We agree 100% on what you said about vets. The only time we even consider a rude vet is when it is an emergency and even then it's hard to handle! Luckily, most of the vets hu-mom has come into contact with over the years are the good kind.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie, Mack and Mario

    PS: Whe hope Chooey is doing well.

  15. The main vet we go to is someone who's seen Whisky since she was a puppy. Mommy's very comfortable with him and most of us have met him. Mommy does "shop" around for vets just to have a back up.

  16. Even here in the states where there are so many vets, it's not always easy to find a vet that is easy to work with. That's why when I do find one, I stick with them. Take care!

  17. Im very glad you found a vet you like. Ive tried several vets at my practice and am so relieved to find one I love. In the states we are lucky to have a wealth of specialists too

    urban hounds

  18. These is some very good points. I gots a very good vet, but also the practice costs many green papers, which sometimes we no has. When is we going to has health insurances - that is what I would like to knows!


  19. Hi Haopee,

    I am so sorry to read of China's passing and I am so sorry I did not know sooner. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers. *hugs I do hope you are doing and feeling better.

    Very good blog post. It is difficult to find a good Vet. I have had too many bad Vets and agree that it is difficult to find a good, caring, compassionate, intelligent Vet. Bad Vets make me mad because we pay them good money and end up having them treat our beloved pets with indifference. Good luck in finding and keeping an excellent Vet. Your gorgeous dogs deserve the best. And extra hugs to Chooey, we hope she gets well soon!



  20. We have had the same vet for 30 years. I feel lucky that we have him even though at times I wonder if he might not be up-to-date on some things. I'm sorry you have been having such a hard time. Hopefully, things will start to get better and I am so sorry about China.

  21. Stopping by to thank you for your kindness and friendship. We understand how raw your own paid and sadness still are for you.

    We want to thank you so very much for your kind words of comfort and friendship after our very sudden loss of Thunder. We are all still very sad, but the support and love from all of our friends from all over the world is helping to heal our broken hearts. We are sure that Thunder Dunder is now in a very happy place and also very thankful to have so many wonderful friends.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, Lightning, and Mom Kathie

  22. So sorry to hear about China crossing the bridge.
    We have had a few 'less desirable' Vets along the way, but are so fortunate to have found our current clinic. We love the entire staff.

    Wyatt and Stanzie's mom

  23. We agree that being a good vet is a calling, not a business choice. The WDA is blessed to have a healer that is practical and is a good listener. She empowers us to help our pack with affordable options and by taking the time to show us how to handle a lot of issues on our own.

  24. I'm so sorry to hear about this bad experiance you had with this vet. Sadly, this is not the first time we've heard stories like this. We've had our fair-share of not-so-awesome vet visits as well. I would say that being a vet is NOT just a career choice, it's about loving animals and using your talents to help them get well.

  25. Ugh. Finding a good vet isn't easy, like finding a good doctor. And different people seem to expect or accept different behavior from healthcare. Thanks for the heartfelt, comprehensive list.

  26. I also had a bad experience with a vet, he told me that I can give my puppy milk and he got sick. I found reading on the internet and after i asked other opinions that not all milk is good for dogs.

  27. @clinica veterinara That depends on the milk you give the puppy. Cow's milk isn't good for puppies which is why we need to look for milk that's specifically made for dogs. Milk such as Cosi, Lactol and the one from Royal Canin should be a start.

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  29. Check out and follow the Veterinary Abuse Network on Facebook for the latest in BadVet news and how you can protect your pet at the vet's. -- https://www.facebook.com/veterinaryabusenetwork

  30. Read this nightmare vet story here at www.regretavet.blogspot.com

    And for more dirt on "dirty veterinarians" VISIT: www.facebook.com/regretavetveterinarynegligence


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