Monday, October 28, 2013

Mischief Monday: Shih Tzus in Crime

Shih Tzus Together Forever!!!

Sleep together
Eat together
Play together
Drink our vitamins together
Go to the vet together
Get crated together (only on vet visits!)

Mischief Monday is brought to us by the infamous Monday Mischief Crew including Snoopy, My Brown Newfies, Alfie and Luna Dogs Life!

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe and Stress-Free this Halloween! Dog Infographics

Okay, so I'm a sucker for infographics. Today's dog infographic was brought to us by The Uncommon Dog.

Oh and an advanced Happy Halloween to everybody! Don't get the pumpkin monsters scare you... they're really sweet. Wait, I meant squash!
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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Importance of Dog Toys (Guest Post)

Today's guest post is brought to you by Joy Mac and it's all about the importance of dog toys... *Cough* Like our Kong Squeakair!

No matter what breed, or how old they are, dog toys are important for dogs. People normally think toys as a plaything for leisure or passing time. Although, the fact, is that toys are very essential for dogs due to various reasons. To avoid boredom, toys serve as a past time for dogs. Normally a dog that is bored is bound to do unpleasant and naughty things. If mutt has a toy to play with, it is able to do some valuable activities with the toys. Today, dog owners will find a myriad of dog toys in Australia that are of different types, suitable for different purposes. One of those, an active type toy, is a loofah pet toy that is durable, non-toxic and capable to satisfy the chewing needs of dogs.

Image: Courtesy of Joy Mac
Loofah pet toys come in different shapes and sizes, as well. Loofah tennis balls and dog bones are among the favorites of many pet dogs. While purchasing loofah balls, dog owners need to make sure that they are not too small for the dog to swallow. It is normal for dogs to chew anything that it feels like chewing. That is why, owners need to provide toys to their dog so that their beloved mutt will chew the toy rather than anything else.

There are distraction toys available, as well. These are the toys that lure the dog away from destructive activities. Dogs certainly enjoy such toys, especially when the toys are filled with some treats. When the dogs play and chew with such toys, they also get the chance to eat the treat. Loofah pet toys with certain shapes can also act as distraction toys. Loofah pet toys in mouse, rabbit, or any other animal shape will lure the dog away from destructive activities and incite them to play and chew the toy.

Interactive dog toys are essential as well since they help create a good bond between the dog and its owner. Some of the popular interactive toys include Frisbees, balls, and ropes. Dog and its owner can both enjoy playing with Frisbee and ball in the outdoors. These toys provide physical exercise to the mutt, as well. With toy ropes, dog and its owner can play tug and pull, which many dog breeds find exciting.

To conclude, toys are essential for dogs as they affect their both mental and physical states. Besides, with toys to play with, dogs will refrain from destructive activities, such as chewing their master’s precious belongings.

Author Bio:

Joy Mac is contributor writer and guest author. She likes to write article on different topic related to pets likes cat toys, dog toys, pet accessories, pet clothing and many more.

***Removed link http://www(dot)adorable-pets(dot)com(dot)au/ from "Today, dog owners will find a myriad of dog toys in Australia" for having been flagged as a Trojan by ESET NOD 32
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

200 Million Veterinary Visits Every Year Dog Infographics

Who Will Fix Our Furry Friends?
Special thanks to Brown Mackie for providing this infographic.
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Mischief Monday: How to Torture a Kong Tennis Ball

Today, I and the pack shall teach you the ancient ways of torture used on a modern item.

Warning: Graphically morbid descriptions!

Exhibit A is a Kong AirDog Squeakair Tennis Ball. As you all know... it squeaks.

To maximize pain and suffering to this so-called sturdy, dog-safe squeaking tennis ball. You first have to break its spirit.

Exhibit B is an AirDog which has been bruised and battered both physically and emotionally. See its yellow green skin being torn from it!

Now that it has squeaked its final plea to leave this earth and cross the rainbow bridge for dog toys,  gently peel and listen to its excruciating squeal of death!

Farewell, sturdy Kong squeaker. Perhaps next time, you'll think again before promising the dogs durability.

Don't get me wrong! The ball is still intact... for 3-4 days at the most.

This blog hop is brought to your by SnoopysDogBlog!

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Dog Sketch

As much as I want to take the credit for this photo, this was originally sketched by my niece

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Monday, October 14, 2013

The Secret Brilliance of Letting Your Business Go to the Dogs (Guest Post)

Today's guest post is brought to us by Mr. Stoddard. He has a lot of good things to say on bringing dogs to the work place.

Creative Commons image by seanhagen
Dragging in to the office on Monday morning, you hear someone bark out an order from a neighboring cubicle. You nearly spill your coffee in your zeal to return the sentiment in person. After scratching the cubicle dweller under the chin and tossing him that bit of bacon you saved from breakfast, you walk back to your desk a little happier, a little less stressed, and a little less likely to take another “mental health day” when Friday rolls around.

Your office has gone to the dogs, and you couldn’t be more pleased.

From Fortune 100 behemoths to the mom-and-pop shop on the corner, the list of businesses embracing the benefits of a pet-friendly workplace continues to grow. Enhanced employee health, increased productivity and ramped-up creativity are just a few of the substantial benefits of establishing a pet-friendly workplace. Allowing your business to go to the dogs may be the smartest move you make this year.

Leaders of the pack

Top dogs Google,, Replacements, Ben & Jerry’s, Printing for Less and other forward-thinking businesses are incorporating pet-friendly workplace policies. If you want to run with the big dogs, consider following their lead.

Jeff Bezos, visionary and new owner of the Washington Post, knows a thing or two about running a successful company. Though the Internet bust of the late 90s once prompted him to cut down on arguably meager employee benefits, employees today rave about their pet-friendly workplace policies, praising the increased peace of mind and increased productivity the policy affords pet owners.

Sick as a dog

The CDC, American Heart Association, and other leaders in medical research have all heralded the health benefits of pet ownership. In a quantitative study published in the International Journal of Workplace Management, researchers found that the presence of dogs in the workplace significantly reduces employee stress. The effect was particularly pronounced by the end of the work day.

Not only is stress strongly associated with a wide variety of health concerns, it is also a creativity killer. Stressed out, barking mad employees don’t generate brilliant ideas to increase profits by discovering how to print a business card for less. Unleashing the creativity of your employees may be as simple as establishing a workplace where Fido and Fluffy are part of the team.

Barking up the right tree

In a challenging economy fraught with uncertainty, retaining your best employees is vital. Health insurance based “job lock” is fading to obscurity, and employees are freer than ever to seek greener pastures. Silicon Valley level perks such as in-office massages or yearly trips to a private island may be far-fetched for your employee retention plan, but instituting a pet-friendly workplace policy is likely within reach.

Though OSHA has no prohibition against pet-friendly workplaces, it is important to be sensitive and responsive to any employees who might have concerns about such a policy. In addition, OSHA recommends contacting your state and local health department for further guidance concerning any regulations specific to your business.

Before embarking on a pet-friendly policy, familiarize yourself with some of the basics. Instituting trial periods, requiring up-to-date vaccinations, and ensuring there are no serious barriers to implementation, such as allergies or severe phobias, are all important considerations.
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Caring for Your Senior Pet Dog (Guest Post)

Today's guest post is brought to you by Ms. Felisa Marino. It's all about taking care of our seniors--something I am currently preoccupied with.

Whitey Update: Good news! Whitey's Aural Hematoma has healed. Surgery isn't necessary anymore. Unfortunately, he became really picky with his diet. He won't eat dog food anymore. He even starved himself for two straight days. I decided to change his diet to rice, Cerelac and Royal Canin's recovery food. To my relief, his appetite has been rekindled... but this dog food combination can be very expensive.

So with no further ado...

May pet owners are challenged with the realization that their pet is getting older. It is extremely important to know the different signs of aging in pets and to take necessary action to make sure the quality of life of your pet doesn’t change in any way. As pets get older, the amount of care and attention that is required grows even more, making them completely dependent on their owner. Let us take a look at some ways in which you can ensure that your pet leads a normal life even during old age.

Feed your pet a healthy and nutritious diet

Healthy nutrition is essential and very important for pets of all ages, but according to special health care experts and doctors, feeding your aging pet the proper food with the best nutrients is extremely critical as it would not only keep them fit and active, but it would also aid in fighting the signs of growing old. Deciding what would be the best diet for your pet should be left up to a vet. He or she can suggest and recommend quality branded food with the best ingredients and formulas that a senior dog requires to survive.

Daily exercise

By Teles (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Just because your dog is growing old and slowing down, it doesn’t mean that he or she should be curled up on his blanket on the floor in some corner. It is extremely essential for every pet to exercise and stay healthy. Daily activities would help the pet both physically as well as mentally. Going on long walks and hikes may not be possible for your aging dog, but short walks in the park would definitely keep him active and fit. Exercise is also another factor that prevents health issues, so it is very important to keep your pet fit and lean.

Regular Check ups

There is a liability that a lot may happen to your pet in between visits to the vet. Senior and older aged dogs must visit the vet at least once in every 6 months to make sure if they have caught any diseases or have any serious health issues. If so, then these can be treated early. Kidney problems, arthritis, diabetes are different problems that can be faced by a senior dog. One should ensure to take their dog to the vet regularly to be on the constant lookout for such health issues. For any emergencies, if ever, the RSPCA phone number should be kept handy.

Proper care of the teeth

Senior dogs require a lot more can than younger dogs when it comes to their teeth. Neglecting aged dogs' teeth is like a ticking time bomb. Many experts and veterinarians have reported that the tartar that is formed can cause harmful bacteria to enter your pet’s blood stream, causing many problems on the dog’s organs. A great way to ensure your senior dog is taken care of properly is to make sure his teeth and gums are clean. Regular brushing at home and professional cleaning done by the vet are very important.

Keep your pet at a proper weight

Overweight older dogs would only mean stress and burden to their bodies. This would also lead to pains and aches in joints as well as the organs.

It is very important to keep your dog lean and fit to make sure his bones are sturdy and strong enough to carry him. Yes, older dogs do have less energy, but they can definitely be helped if their weight is kept in proportion.

Joseph Mischyshyn [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
As our dogs age, they tend to need our attention much more. Proper monitoring of their health and proper care and safety measures must be taken to keep them happy and healthy. Special dog care is always there to help during emergencies with sick and ill pets, so it is very important to carry the RSPCA phone number at all times. After all, our pets are our best friend; it is our duty to keep them happy and well.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Most Famous Dogs from the Movies (Guest Post)

Today's guest post was brought to you by Adam Prattler. This brings back a lot of memories. The first movie I've seen starred Benji. I really loved that tiny dog's big adventures.

A Look at some of the Dog Stars in Cinema

Lassie Photo by Screencap
It's hard to talk about canines in cinema without mentioning one of the most famous dogs of all time. While different dogs played the character of Lassie, they were all related over the years. When it comes to dogs in the movies, it's hard to create a list without including Lassie.

Beethoven is probably the most famous St. Bernard - at least when it comes to movies. The first movie had Beethoven as a puppy. After escaping from a pet store, he wanders into the home of the Newtons. The rest, as you know, is history. Many people love this St. Bernard for one reason or another.

Old Yeller
This film from 1957 is probably one of the most memorable dog movies made in the last 100 years - or at least since movies have been made. The movie takes place in the 1860s - after the Civil War. The notable thing about this canine movie is that it's a family tragedy. The dog dying in the end is one of the most memorable scenes in all of cinema.

Benji was a dog star during the 1970s. Similar to Lassie in some ways - heroic dog saves the day - Benji was a lot smaller than Lassie - at least in size. When it comes to popularity, he was as big as any of the other dogs on this page. One of the things that sets Benji apart is his ability to act really well.

The star of The Adventures of Milo and Otis, this dog is another popular one in the movies. While he didn't do as many films as Lassie or Benji, the one he did do was very popular in the 1980s. What many people don't realize is that the film was originally a Japanese production. When it hit screens in America, it was just as popular.

Two dogs played the part in the Winn-Dixie movie. Their names were Lyco and Scott, and they both did a terrific job of stealing almost every scene they were in. The movie came out in 2005. It's about a girl who moves to a new town and is befriended by the dog - who goes on to help her make friends.

Who can forget this huge dog from Turner and Hooch with Tom Hanks. The dog is a French Mastiff, which are known for their slobbering. This actually made for a lot of laughs in the movie. This isn't your typical family dog film, but it's still worth a look if you like animals, especially big and messy dogs.


Bryan knows a lot about dog symptoms because he's worked as a veterinarian before. When not taking care of animals, he enjoys writing guest posts online to share his knowledge about pets with others.

What was your favorite dog movie?
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