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6 Calming Solutions for a Scared Dog During a Storm (Guest Post)

Today's guest post  may have great solutions on calming a scared dog, but the best part is still its interesting author's bio.

Dogs can have an extreme response to intensifying winds, plummeting barometric pressures, earthquake-sounding thunder and blinding lightning. It's called storm phobia, and it can have harmful effects on your dog psychologically and physically. Handle your pup's storm phobia and calm your pet's panic with the following suggestions.

1. ThunderShirt

Treat your pooch's storm-induced anxiety, and dress him in a ThunderShirt that applies gentle pressure for a calming effect. Once your pup starts to quiver because of house-shaking thunder, put the ThunderShirt on to help lower fear and reduce stress. The ThunderShirt gently hugs your dog while relieving anxiety and relaxing the nerves during a frightening storm, just like how swaddling sooths a crying baby.

2. Doggles

Scared Little Chi
You might as well throw on a pair of Doggles too, and put your dog into a tranquil coma that no thunderstorm could disturb. Doggles are protective eyewear and tinted goggles that a dog can wear to darken his surroundings and reduce stress. As the ThunderShirt comforts your furry pal, a pair of Doggles can help camouflage a flash of lightning that can be startling.

3. Through a Dog's Ear

As soon as your dog starts to bark and pace during a storm, hit play on "Music to Calm Your Canine Companion." Through a Dog's Ear BioAcoustic music therapy uses "resonance, tone and pattern identification" to treat your pet's anxiety. If your skittish dog is easily frightened, you may want to invest in the iCalmDog. The iCalmDog is a portable music player that can play calming compositions for up to 10 hours.

4. Consolation

Your dog barks because he's upset and scared by the storm, not because he's misbehaving. Rather than punish your dog by ignoring or yelling at him, provide consolation. You're not reinforcing bad behavior, explains veterinarian Patty Khuly, pet health blogger for and guest columnist for USA Today. Give your pet loving attention and cuddling. Distractions such as treats and toys during a monstrous thunder boom or intense lightning helps too.

5. Comfort

"Hiding (as in a cave) is a natural psychological defense for dogs," says Khuly. Animals that have been crated since puppyhood feel safe and protected "hiding" in their crate. During a storm, move the crate away from any windows or your pet door, and encourage your dog to find relaxation and security in an enclosed space away from the outdoors. You can also comfort your pup in a small dark room like a closet or bathroom where you can lay together with pillows and a blanket.

6. Natural Remedies

Cure your dog's suffering with natural remedies, such as the Comfort Zone Diffuser with D.A.P for Dogs. The pheromones released replicate natural comforting pheromones to help comfort your dog during stressful situations and reduce stress-related behavior, such as barking, anxiety and whimpering. Why not even try Back Flower Remedies for pets? The Rescue Remedy Pet includes five Bach Flower Remedies that can help settle your pooch's negative emotions. Rescue Remedy, Rock Rose and Mimulus can all help eliminate fear and restore calmness.

Author's Bio:

Joel Mccoy is a pet photographer who is scared of any dog larger than a poodle.


  1. Wonder talking about ears if ear massage works like is does for horses? Food for thought. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. When Whisky was a puppy and thunderstorms scared her, I would sit with her and hold her. She is still afraid of thunderstorms today. I was told it was my fault that she's still afraid today because I "rewarded her fear" by being with her when she was a puppy. Well, all I can say is, my baby is afraid and I will do my best to make her feel safe. And today, when she's afraid, I put her on my lap and we'll sit through the storm / fireworks together.

  3. I have a cat that is terrified of the sound of the letter carrier putting mail through the slot. I feel so bad for him. I even try to warn him when I see the carrier coming into our driveway!

  4. Only one pup in my 10-pack is really scared of rain. In fact, if there is a dark cloud in the sky and no rain, Annie trembles and shakes and tries to climb down Mom's shirt (and Annie weighs 20 pounds). The only thing that kind of works for Annie is to let her go to her crate in a dark closet with the door closed.

  5. Mollie is a lot better with thunder now, she use to bark and be all scared xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. Im lucky that none of my dogs have this issue, but I know so many that do. This is great advice

    retro rover


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