Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Confessions of a Dog Lover: I Have Crated My Dog for SO Long

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who's sent their heartfelt condolences and comforting comments on Ginger's passing. We are blessed to have online friends like you.

Senior Dog with Aural Hematoma in Giant Crate

I've had Whitey on crate rest for a long time. Ever since he and Puppy have had major fights, I've had him crated on mornings and afternoons to avoid the usual blood shed and aural hematomas. Noon time and night time is break time from crating.

I thought crating my senior dog was the right thing, but I was wrong. 

Tiny Dog Bites and Teeth Scrapes from Buchi
These dog fights were often initiated by Whitey. In fact, he's bitten me twice because Puppy would go around us and taunt him (which I think was Puppy just being a playful and curious... puppy). To add more to the drama, Whitey had the flaps of his ear drained about 4 or 5 times because he kept on attacking Puppy, and Puppy would simply overpower him-- sending him ear first on the concrete floor. That's when I decided that these two should avoid contact as often as possible. 

But I was wrong.

Big Dog Bite from Whitey

By doing so, I think I've made the situation worse. 

I think I forgot to trust my dogs' intelligence in working as a pack-- in working things out.

I think... I've underestimated my dogs' social skills.

Of course, I preferred being safe.
Whitey, my senior love dog.
I'd rather have Whitey placed on scheduled crating than to see my senior badly injured again: the aural hematomas, the wound gashes, and the bloody bite injuries. 

But I was still wrong to crate him like this for so long.

He should have been with the others while they played.

Lounging on a cool sunny day, destroying their toys.
He should have been with them running or trying to catch up.

I was scared that he might get injured again that I have ended up isolating him from the rest of the pack. 

Even though he's free the entire evening, and it's only mornings and afternoons that he is crated, I could still see how much it has affected his muscles, his energy, and his life. 

Sometimes, I feel the people I live with are far better dog caretakers than I am. 

Yesterday, one of them decided to leave Whitey free. With a hose in one hand, she prepared herself to quench Whitey's possible rampage against the rambunctious pup.

Thankfully, there hasn't been any incidents yet. And hopefully, it remains that way for the rest of our happy dog days!


  1. It is never easy trying to decide the best way to proceed. You have to do what you think is right. Good luck. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Haopee, don't be too hard on yourself! You are making decisions with all of the dogs' happiness and physical well-being in mind. In doing so, you show a very high level of love and concern. Is there anyway the puppy and Whitey can switch places (ie. can the puppy be crated?) every other day, so that Whitey gets to interact with the others, too?

    1. Thank you for your concern everyone.

      Hi Mr. K. Yes. We actually scheduled it. During sleeping time, the 3 youngin's are crated. Whitey is free the entire night. Unfortunately, he only gets to spend his time with PJ since the other three are inside the giant cage.

      In the morning, all three and PJ are free. Whitey takes their place. So unlike the four, he can only bask in the sunlight for 2 hours tops since noon time is break from crate (where Puppy is chained so he doesn't run all over the place and aggravate Whitey's bad behavior towards him)

      It's our second day without Whitey's scheduled crating. I heard a growl and a snarl, but otherwise, all seems well. If this continues, we will be stop scheduled cratings and be rid of Whitey's imprisonment for good.

  3. You are trying to negotiate this territory the best you know how -- for all their best interests. We wish we could give you good advice but we're such kitty people over here! We do think meowmeowmans idea is interesting, would that work? Hang in there and DON'T beat yourself up!!!!

    1. Thank you. I feel like I'm overly responsible for the rest of them. I can handle two... three... dogs. When these guys came, I was overwhelmed.

      I hope I could get a hang of this soon... 9 dogs... how in the world do I still have time for people?

  4. Sometimes it is just so hard to be a pet pawrent. We just have to do our best and correct things that don't work well. It is hard to think like a doggie when you are hampered by having a human brain!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. It is so hard knowing the right thing to do,I have never had a pack so I really don't know how to advice. I would ask Ceasar LOL. Hope you can get it sorted, perhaps on the internet people are having the same problems, you could Google.
    Hugs xxxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. Don't be do hard on yourself u did the best in a tough situation. Dog fights are scary and confusing good luck
    Oh and u may want to try citronella spray it's available on amazon and can help break up fights. Dogs hate the smell
    Retro rover

  7. The learning never stops and it sounds like some progress fur sure!

  8. Oh boy, hose in hand is a good tool. I found walking two pups together that don't get along so well really works

  9. We send soft woos of sadness at the crossing of Ginger. We hope that warm memories of a full life shared with love and care will sustain you through the adjustment of her loss. May both Ginger and you know peace.

    As far as changing methods, I believe your new approach might be the key to peaceful coexistence. Walking the dogs together is a great idea that we have used and a little water therapy is a good backup. The key is patience, determination, and love.

  10. I'm sorry for what happened to Ginger. She will be forever loved.

    I never tried crating my dogs, they roam freely in front and back or the house and inside when it's time to sleep at night. The neighboring dogs are very friendly as well.



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