Saturday, March 22, 2014

Run Free, Whitey.

Dear Friends,

Today, we buried Whitey in our backyard. We couldn't just bear tossing him in a place where he will be forgotten.

 He used the rest of his strength to stay near the pond that afternoon. We hesitated moving him even when it started to drizzle. 
Yesterday, he refused to drink or eat anything. He closed his mouth shut whenever we tried to force feed him. Night came, and he could barely swallow. I brought him to our door and told him it was okay if he left. 

Our poor senior crossed the rainbow bridge today, March 22, 2014 at the age of 10 (or 11).

Run free, Whitey. Run free!
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dogs in Action: Ball Acrobats and Whitey Update

Whitey's update is at the bottom of this post.

Cheezy the Dog vs. Squeaking Ball in the Air

Coal vs. Puppy vs. Cheezy vs. PJ vs. Squeaker Ball.
Squeaker ball loses from the start.


Thank you for all paws and prayers sent our way, everybody. We had Whitey admitted at the vetties for two days.

He's still emaciated and dehydrated, so we're taking care of him with round the clock care. He gets force-fed water 4 times a day (because he's not on IV drip), and he eats 3-4 times a day, too. You'd think he's just pretending to be sick because he's grown picky. He hates recovery food and will only eat liver, chicken meat or beef meat-- oh, and cream cheese, too!

The vet says he has Chronic Renal Failure. I'm still researching on ways to manage it. We're now on kidney care and iron supplements, diuretics, and Doxycycline. I'll be talking about this another time, though. 

For those who's dealt with kidney failure before, could you share your experiences with us.
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

POTP for Whitey

After being away for a week, I'm afraid I have to ask for POTPs for Whitey.

He hasn't been eating well these days. 

At first, we just thought that he was getting picky again-- hoping he'd pick up on his appetite eventually.

Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case. I wasn't here to observe it first hand, so I didn't pick it up soon enough. It seems that his condition is worsening by the day.

Whitey, our Senior White Dog.
He's only consuming enough for him to have energy to wake up, walk a little and move a little. On the bright side, he still has enough spunk to get mad at the boys when they mess with him, but he's worryingly old. Also, because he's a senior (about 10 to 12 years of age), he has muscle atrophy, too. 

Should I be expecting his health to rapidly deteriorate like this? Two weeks ago, he was slowly but surely gaining weight. This week, he's just getting thinner by the day.

I'm started feeding him our recovery formula (Royal Canin's Recovery Food and Cerelac). We pray that he'll get better soon, but it'll really help if you could pray with us.

Update: We had Whitey admitted to the vetties today. He will be staying in their clinic for 24 hours with a drip.
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Special Type of Shih Tzu

Meet my dirty little Shih Tzu... She's adorable;she's cute; and she's a messy little thing.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Canidae
Genus: Canis
Species: Flatypus (it's lupus, actually)

Presenting... The Canine Flatypus

"Yes, Haopee. I love you, too!"
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Feeding Your Puppy: The Ins and Outs

Now that's we've talked about raw food *cough* Mr. Giant Rat in our previous post titled 'Whose Blood is It?', 'time to discuss other matters.

When it comes to feeding your puppy, there are many different feeding routines you can choose from. There are dry complete diets, semi-moist diets, canned diets, and even homemade dog food diets. With each different option there are pros and cons, which we’re going to go into a little more detail about. Above all else, you need to make sure that your dogs diet is stable, as this will make sure he has good digestion. If you plan on making any changes, this should be done over the course of a week in order to avoid any tummy upsets. Read on to learn more:

Puppy's Dream by smerikal, CC BY-SA 2.0
A Puppy’s Diet

Puppies grow 20 times the rate of adult dogs so it’s important that they have a special diet to help them develop physically. They need to be fed at evenly spaced intervals, otherwise you can stretch their small stomachs. You should take the advice your breeder has given you about your puppy’s diet. Your puppy should have 4 meals up to 4 months, 3 meals up to 6 months, and then 2 meals a day for the rest of it’s life.

Dry Complete Foods

The quality and range of dry complete foods out there vary widely. To get the most out of your dog’s food you should buy the best you can afford for them. ‘Premium’ foods based on chicken or corn tend to have the highest quality ingredients. Puppy food from Wuffitmix is a great choice.

Semi Moist Canned Foods

When it comes to quality, the same goes for semi moist canned foods. A good quality food with good quality ingredients is essential for your puppy.

The Difference Between Dry and Fresh

The difference between dry and fresh foods is the water content. It’s up to you which you choose to feed your dog - choose the kind he responds best to!

a dog eating bananas by, CC-BY-2.0
Home Made Food

It’s difficult to get the balance right with homemade food, so it’s important you only decide to feed them homemade food if you know what you’re doing. A tiny imbalance could throw your puppy’s whole digestive system out of whack!


You need to take a careful look at the ingredients when it comes to treats too, as the ingredients in them can include sugar, milk, and fat. Even food described as ‘puppy chocolate’ can contain these ingredients, so make sure you check it out. All treats should be given in moderation to avoid obesity, and never feed your dog human food!

Feeding Tips

  • Don’t feed your dog before travelling, as this can cause sickness.
  • Always make changes gradually in a dog’s diet to avoid tummy upset.
  • Leave your dog alone while they’re eating from their bowl.
  • Never feed your dog from the table or your plate, as this will make them beg in future and sit by you and drool (gross!).

It’s important that you’re prepared to do everything it takes to keep your puppy healthy and happy - follow our advice and you can’t go wrong!
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