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Improve Your Dogs Health: Exercise with Your Dog

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Different dogs - different activities

You feel lazy and you do not wish to go anywhere, you just want to lie in bed all day, but a wet nose pokes you and licks your hands, your dog wants to go for a walk. Just because you do not have enough time does not mean your dog does not want to go outside and run around.

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Before you decide what you can do together with your dog, consider your dog's build, whether the little guy will be able to keep up. Also, do not forget to get a good quality leash and a comfortable collar for your dog.

Outside fun

The best way to get exercise and have fun is to go to the park, get some toys you can use to play with your dog outside. But the easiest solution is to go for a long walk or a jog with your dog, mutually beneficial. Alternatively, you can play follow the dog, instead of you walking your dog, let your dog walk you.

Playing fetch with your dog is an activity that will put the fun into exercise. Using a frisbee or a ball and playing fetch is an excellent way to bond with your dog and have fun. If you do not have any toys you can always use a stick.

You do not need toys to have fun with your dog. Just going to the park and wrestling can also be fun and at the same time, the both of you get excellent exercise. Making up new games is also fun and rewarding. Just remember, the bigger the dog the more exercise they need. However, do not overexert your dog.

Image provided by Catherine
Inside is fun too

If the weather does not allow it and you cannot go to the nearest park for recreation or to walk your dog, have no fear, there are a lot of fun activities you can do inside your comfy home as well. Just be extra careful to teach your dog to be lean and agile, you do not want any accidents or broken vases around your home.

If you have a staircase you can have a race who can get to the top first, or who can get down first, when your dog wins, do not forget the obligatory victory wrestling. We all know that a laser pointer can keep anyone entertained for hours, well look no further, use one and let the hours just pass by. (Just make sure you don't hit their eyes with it.)

Having a big room means you have lots of space to play a decent game of tug of war, get a sturdy toy and let the best one win. However, be careful as this game can bring out the beast in your dog, unless you have established an excellent relationship and have great trust in each other, play with care.

Exercise machine for dogs

Your dog needs regular and daily exercise, and if otherwise not possible, you can always use a treadmill. First let your dog get accustomed and then let the wild run begin, because you have multiple settings, you can set up different exercise difficulties. While your dog runs, you can always have fun and tag to change, so you get to exercise too.

Author's Bio:

-Catherine Daniels, huge animal lover, loves writing about them in spare time, enjoys hiking with her dog Cookie and cuddling with her cat Zoe. Catherine recommends that you see what kinds of dog toys are available nowadays. You can do that by visiting: Petsmart or Petco.


  1. No sitting around at home here. Unless it is pouring with rain we are out to the park for a lark every day. Keeps me fit and her indoors as well. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Walking my dog is just like a part of my life. Most days for certain period of time I try to spent some time with dog mostly walking to nearby park . Even if some day I am unable to spent time with him if I am busy or I am away, I use services of a doggy day care near by who take care of him. Though he misses me when he is with them, he understands my problems and stays a good doggy.


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