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Traveling with a Pet: 5 Things I Need to Remember a Week Before Departure

I'm not a big fan of traveling. There's a lot to prepare, and it can be a stressful event for our dogs. Honestly, if we could just have them sleep while they travel, it'd be a whole lot easier. This isn't the case however.

The first time Chooey and I traveled, I browsed through a lot of websites to prepare Chooey for our first plane ride.

Chooey's first plane ride got her all stressed up.
Taken last July 2012
Things I have to prepare a week before departure...

1. A sturdy crate your dog's already used to staying in. Make sure you've introduced the crate at least a week before your departure. Better yet, start crate training early.

The only trip these two are going to is the V-E-T!
Note: Avoid using the crate as a tool for punishment. A crate should only be used for the following purposes: 

a) potty training (so the puppy can learn how to hold it in while he's in the crate);
b) some quiet time (so the puppy knows that the crate is a bed where he can either relax, sleep, or just have some good ol' privacy); and
c) security and safe transportation.

2. His vaccination card and documents. Before getting a clean bill of health for travel, most city veterinary offices will require owners to present their pet's vaccination card. This is to ensure that the pets are updated in their vaccinations and fit to travel.

Author's Note: Let's face it, different places have different pet traveling requirements. That's why we decided to participate in DogFenceDIY's 2014 Safety Tips Round Up.

3. Quarantine papers or clearances. Some countries and states may require the traveler's pets to undergo a quarantine program. 

Looking for destinations to bring your dog with, drop by our Best Destinations for a Dog Getaway post.

Trivia: Did you know that Hawaii, for instance, have a quarantine program to ensure that the state remains rabies-free?

4. If available at your local vet, get your pet microchipped. 

My sister once shared with me the story of a dog who got out of her crate while she and her owner were traveling. For some unknown reason, the dog got out of her crate and ran across the runway. The ground personnel came after her. Fortunately, after a long chase, they were able to confine her in one of the airport's transport vehicle.

Now, had she escaped the airport, without a collar or a tag, there'd be no other way to determine who her owner was. The owner would be devastated, especially if he/she were just passing through via connecting flights.

5. Learn your airline's pet policy. If there's anybody knowledgeable enough to provide you with your airline's pet policy, it's they themselves. Before pouring your precious time, asking blogs, forums, and other websites, make sure to contact their customer service.

Some Pet Policies According to Airlines:

Is the airline you're looking for not in the list above, visit

So, there you have it. Happy traveling!


  1. We NEVER get to travel. But when Macdui arrived last week, he came Airmail. A professional dog transporter provided for him. He travelled like a pro.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  2. Good list but sadly we never go anywhere. Have a serene Sunday and let us all partake of some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Same as Molly, I never go anywhere. Have a super Sunday and great advice for those going on their trips xxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. Good to know. Hopefully, we'll never have to travel with our crew, but it's good to know these things if we ever do! Big hugs to you, Haopee!

  5. Such a lot to think about. Thank you for the information. Luckily we have not needed to travel by air as I think it would cause my peeps quite a headache with six of us :-) Take care - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  6. Its good to know all this stuff- isn't it!!! We need to plan ahead- just like you!


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