Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Peke, The Shih Tzu, and the Askals

A whole lot of dog luvin'...
The Canine Groomer by Rin and Domex
Rin and Domex are just fine. Rin is an amazing mom. She grooms Domex like crazy. We've never had tick infestations with her.

Waiting by the White Pekingese

This is one of Asti's favorite past time. Doesn't she look sad? She's actually waiting for Puppy, Coal, PJ, and Cheezy to show up so she can bark at them and drool on the windows.

Peked Curiosity by Puppy
Puppy (Yes, it's his freaking name. Blame it on my niece!) is Domex's twin brother. Although all of them have been neutered, we've separated the girls from the boys. Asti is harness because she's not accustomed to their presence yet. The boys are just dead curious about her.

Bloody Scratchies by Buchi
So I've already mentioned how Buchi is immunocompromised. Even the tiniest scratchies, will have him end up like this. Yes, this bloody mess happened in a single day. It's like everything in him is on haywire, so I end up getting asked if he picked a fight with a big dog.

The Doggy Stash by Haopee
Yet again, a brand new stash from Haopee's shopping spree. 

The orange squeaker bone is from Pawsize. I love their products because they're cheap, affordable, and very durable. Kongs get peeled and tortured in an hour. Pawsize squeakers live!

We use Advantix to quell the tick infestation. It's pretty effective, too.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Our New Addition to the Family: A Peke Like No Other

Never Ending Story's Mini-Falkor
You must be wondering why we've been offline for so long. Having so many dogs (and so many happy hearts) is a blast, but with Whitey's passing and Buchi's skin problems, it's just utter chaos.

This is four-year-old Asti. She was given to us by a family who had to leave for the US. She's a white Pekingese who just loves the her blue bone squeaker.

The pekingese is an ancient breed. They are large barkers and independent thinkers. This white pekingese loves have her belly rubbed. She also likes having her fur combed, and she enjoys being bathed.

Yes! She LOVES baths...
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Monday, June 2, 2014

First Aid Techniques Every Pet Owner Should Know and Sneak Peek

Before we begin talking about the new family member, let me just share with you an article I've recently read online. It discusses about the first aid tricks every dog or cat owner should learn.

Thirsty for more information, visit Huffington's article on Pet First Aid. It gives 5 scenarios ranging from Poisoning, Cuts, Punctures and Bites, Car Trauma, Choking, and Seizures. Pet First Aid: 5 Simple Tricks Every Owner Should Know.

Note: In case the video doesn't show up, you can visit it in the link above.

Please check the video above. It discusses how to determine a dog's pulse as well as teach the owner how to use CPR on a dog.

Finally, just in case you don't have this Pet First Aid app from the American Red Cross, download it now via iTunes, Google Play or Amazon Marketplace app stores.

Here's another sneak peak of our new pack member. She's soft, white, and adorable.

Where have all the good dogs gone?
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