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Things to Remember Before Booking Dog Friendly Hotels (Guest Post) & Update

UPDATE: Sorry, guys. We've been preoccupied with Buchi's skin problem. A lot's been going on... and I can't seem to find the time to post about it. 

We're hoping to find a good dog food for Buchi. Anyone heard of Pro Eagle? I'm choosing between Pro Eagle and Holistic.

There are many different dog friendly locations that are available based on where you want to go with your family and the furry friend. The good news is that there are many more options available than you may believe. Just take a list at the dog friendly hotels from My Pawson to see examples from just one region. 
Saying Goodbye by Andrew Morrell, CC BY-ND 2.0 

The bad news is that travelling with a dog is not as easy as you may be tempted to believe at first glance. There are many things that have to be considered and it is quite easy to make mistakes. With this in mind, here are some things that few people consider. Consider them before you book your stay at any dog friendly hotel from around the world. 

Taking Climate into Account

The climate of the area that you travel to has to be taken into account. For instance, in Orlando humidity is heavy. In this case the pets that have some health conditions or are overweight need to be kept on watch and always remain as hydrated as possible. You need to make sure that the hotel offers AC but you have to know about climate since you want to take the dog for walks. Also, there are sometimes areas that see a lot of people and that is when you need to be sure that you know everything about the potential cool off periods that the dog may require.

Travelling with a Dog by Garry Knight, CC BY-SA 2.0
Deposits and Size Limits

Just because a hotel is labeled as being dog friendly does not mean it is friendly with all the dogs. Also, many hotels will ask you to pay a special deposit fee that is non-refundable or refundable, based on circumstances and policies. This is usually necessary in order to cover damages that may be done by your dog during the stay. There are various deposit structures that are presented and the same thing can be said about size limitation regulations. There are many hotels out there that will allow smaller dogs but that will not want to have large breeds stay inside the rooms.

Travel in a Basket by tanakawho, CC-BY-2.0
It is always a really good idea to travel with a dog crate since there are so many hotels out there that will not allow the dog to stay out of the crate while the housekeeping staff cleans the room. Before you book any dog friendly hotel, make sure that the policy is checked and place a call to see if there are some policies that changed. You really do not want to end up looking for hotels that will accommodate you at the last minute. 

Hotel Amenities

There are some dog friendly hotels out there that go above and beyond and will make sure that both the pet and the pet owner gain access to really good services while being on vacation. We thus have some that will offer extra amenities you can take advantage of. Why not do that? Checking hotel amenities may help you to find a dog friendly hotel that is affordable and a lot better than other options.


  1. Oh no poor Buchi. We send healing vibes and POTP. We so hope you find a good food that agrees with Buchi. We would so love a holiday but settled on a staycation as peeps had both shoulders out. We have missed you.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Poor Buchi!! We sure do hope that food can solve it - and wish we had advice but as kitties, not so much.

  3. We are purring and praying fir Buchi. We sure hope you can find food that will help!

  4. So sorry to hear about poor Buchi and hope you can manage to find something to help. Sending healing hugs. Thank you for sharing the information about dog friendly places too - my peeps are always looking out dog friendly places here for us to visit and it is not always very easy! Woofs and licks from Magic xx


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