Sunday, April 26, 2015

Like- Suki (Learning Japanese with Dogs)

Today's word is suki. It's pronounced as "ski".

According to JED (Android's Japanese-English Dictionary), the term suki means fondness, love, or liking. So, if you've come across a few Japanese drama or anime  series, when a person is in-love with another, he/she says "Daisuki desu" (silent u) or "Suki desu" (again, with a silent u). The term love is barely used.

 マンゴ が すき です。 - Mango ga suki desu.- I like mango. More correctly put, I like mangoes.
Unlike the English language, suki is used as noun rather than a verb. So, when they say Inu ga suki desu (いぬ が すき です), it roughly translates to "I like a dog." or "I like dogs." It can also mean "I love dogs!"

Breakdown of Definitions:

Inu (いぬ) -dog
ga (が)- particle used to denote ability or preference.
suki (すき)- like
desu (です)- is/are/be/am; polite filler

So, to create a sentence where you want to express liking/ loving something, just pick a word and add "ga suki desu" after it.


バナナ が すき です。- Banana ga suki desu. I like banana(s).
チョウィ-ちゃん が すき です。-Chooey-chan ga suki desu. I like/love Chooey. 

Note: The suffix -chan or -san is added after a name just like Mr. and Ms. is added before a name in the English language. However, chan is added after a child's name while san is added to an adult's name.
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hiruyasumi (Learning Japanese Words with Dogs)

ひるやすみ - Hiruyasumi - (n.) Lunch Time

The term hiruyasumi means lunch break/ noon time recess. Hiru means "noon" and yasumi means "rest". Often, it is depicted by a person eating their lunch or relaxing under a tree. 

Since the dogs only eat twice a day, lunch time means nap time for the pack. Asti works 24/7. Just like any good employee, it is imperative that we provide our hardworking pooches their well-deserved hiruyasumi to recharge.

P.S. Please feel free to correct/ augment me on this description, Mr. K.
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Doggy-gram: Dog Telegrams

Telegram from Haopee
To my dearest and ever-understanding bloggy friends.
Life's picking up.
Chooey and the pack have my hands full.
Chooey and Baby Girl resumed rigorous tricks and treat training.
Puppy Brown and Asti have a new best friend--who isn't me.
Asti's A Smiling
Need another living, breathing Haopee to split the jobs.
Telegram from Chooey
Dear Bloggy Friends,
We need to report a case of neglect.
Haopee is busy with offline work.
Dogs are the best travel companions!
She's missing out on keeping up correspondences with you.
She's learning Japanese when she should be learning Doginese.
Japanese Kakana Characters with her Daily Corgi Fix
We need tender love and affection.
We demand treat support and lots of cuddles.
Please help us tell Haopee she's being irresponsible.
She will be put in puppy prison if she fails to meet our demands.
Her undivided attention belongs to us.
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