Friday, June 12, 2015

Rommel & Badgi: A Tale of True Friendship Between a Filipino Boy and his Dog.

Dear Friends,

I know I have not been actively participating on keeping with your blogs. For this, I am truly sorry.

To be honest, I only check my email to see what Anne usually sends us for POTPs and friends that have pass through Rainbow Bridge.

However, sometimes, there are just stories that are worth telling, and this is one of them.

Rommel & Badgi's story is a bittersweet one. Rommel's father eloped with a housemaid while his mother left them for her drunkard boyfriend. His company is his pet dog named "Badgi". 

According to him, Badgi protects him from Rugby boys (boys who take his money just to pay for an addictive inhalant like Rugby).

Sometimes, we tend to disregard the good things we have in life... Food, shelter--enough money to pay the vet... This kind of story reminds us how blessed we are.


  1. We are so privileged. Dogs can be so comforting....

    Hope that young fellow gets some help to follow his dream.

  2. No kidding. It does remind us about the good we have in our lives.... We're so glad he has his sweet companion to comfort him and to be there for him!

  3. Your words are exactly true!

  4. You are so right, Haopee. We are glad that Rommel and Badgi have each other, and the love they share. How very fortunate we are...

    Hugs to you, dear friend.


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